Registrar office



Issue Date : 20/03/2017

>  NOC for  Md. Abdul Hamid, Assistant Professor, ME, BUET  [RE-3854]

Issue Date : 20/03/2017

NOC for  Md. Showkot Osman, Guard, Legal & Estate Office, BUET  [RE-3828]

> NOC for  Jamal Hossain, Sr. Office Attendant Gr-2, CSE, BUET  [RE-3829]

> NOC for  Rezaul Alam, Accountant, Comptroller Office, BUET  [RE-3830]

>NOC for  Md. Chand Ali, Sr. Security Guard  Sr. Gr, Legal & Estate Office, BUET  [RE-3831]

NOC for  Md. Tanvir Sobhan Shishir, UDA, CE, BUET  [RE-3325]

>  NOC for  Dr. Tanvir Manjur, Associate Professor, CE, BUET  [RE-3832]

>  NOC for  Dr. Md. Shah Alam Khan, Professor, IWFM, BUET  [RE-3833]

Issue Date : 14/03/2017

NOC for  Miad Al Mursalin, Lecturer, NAME, BUET  [RE-3772]

Issue Date : 13/03/2017

> NOC for  Md. Jabir Ahmed ,Lecturer, EEE, BUET  [RE-3735]

> NOC for  Gobinda Shaha ,Assistant Professor, EEE, BUET  [RE-3736]

NOC for  Dr. Md. Liakot  Ali, Professor, IICT, BUET  [RE-3748]

> NOC for  Sumaiya Afroz, Lecturer, CE, BUET  [RE-3750]

Issue Date : 12/03/2017

NOC for  Imtiaz Ahmed,  Assistant Professor, EEE, BUET  [RE-3727]

> NOC for Nesar Ahmed, Assistant Technical Officer, EEE, BUET [RE-3724]

Issue Date : 11/03/2017

NOC for  Md. Akter Hossain Khan, Sr. Guard Gr-2, Estate & Legal Office, BUET  [RE-3701]

Issue Date : 08/03/2017

NOC for  Boishakhi Bose, Lecturer, CE, BUET  [RE-3687]

Issue Date : 28/02/2017

NOC for  Kaniz Fatema, Lecturer, ChE, BUET  [RE-3555]

Issue Date : 27/02/2017

NOC for  Abdullah Al Miaraj, Data Entry Operator, Registrar Office , BUET  [RE-3543]

Issue Date : 26/02/2017

NOC for  Sumon Mia, Lecturer, NAME, BUET  [RE-3524]

Issue Date : 25/02/2017

NOC for  Profulla Barua, Sr. Pharmaceutical Officer Sr. Grade Scale, Medical Centre, BUET  [RE-3507]

NOC for Md. Abu Sayed, Instructor, Machine Shop, BUET  [RE-3502]

Issue Date : 11/02/2017

> NOC for  Mr. Sk. Md. Mashrur, Lecturer, CE, BUET  [RE-3333]

NOC for Dr. Muhammad Ashikur Rahman, Professor, ME, BUET  [RE-3332]

Issue Date : 07/02/2017

> NOC for Mominur Rahman, Associate Professor,Che,BUET  [RE-3311]

Issue Date : 06/02/2017

NOC for Son & Daughter of Md. Shahnewaz Karim, Sr. Superintendent Instructor, Metal Shop, BUET  [RE-3280]

Issue Date : 05/02/2017

NOC for Md. Mostafizur Rahman, Sr. AC cum Generator Technician Sr. Grade, Engineering Office, BUET  [RE-3259]

Issue Date : 04/02/2017

> NOC for Md. Shahjahan Pramanik, Sr. Lab Attendant, EEE, BUET  [RE-3225]

Issue Date : 31/01/2017

NOC for Md. Golam Rabbani, Sr. Lab Attendant Gr-2 Sr. Grade, CE, BUET  [RE-3215]

>NOC for  Muhammad Mirjahan Miah, Professor, WRE, BUET  [RE-3219]

Issue Date : 28/01/2017

NOC for  Mobasshera Sayema Haque, Assistant Instrument Engineer, GCE, BUET  [RE-3168]

NOC for  Bazlur Rahman Akand, Executive Engineer, Engineering Office, BUET  [RE-3169]

NOC for  Dr. Bayezid Kabir, Assistant Professor, Che, BUET  [RE-3170]

>NOC for Mohammad Hossain, Sr. Lab Attendant Sr. Grade, IICT, BUET  [RE-3180]

 Issue Date : 25/01/2017

NOC for Md. Moinul Islam, Sr. Technician Gr-2, CE, BUET  [RE-3145]

Issue Date : 24/01/2017

NOC for Md. Al-Mamun, MLSS, IPE, BUET  [RE-3120]

Issue Date : 23/01/2017

NOC for Md, Alauddin, MLSS, Engineering Office, BUET  [RE-3112]

NOC for Mohammad Tazul Islam, Sr. Library Assistant cum Documentation Assistant, CE, BUET  [RE-3111]

Issue Date : 22/01/2017

NOC for Abdul Mannan Khan, Assistant Director, WRE, BUET  [RE-3098]

Issue Date : 21/01/2017

NOC for Md Hazrat Ali, Sr. Guard Gr-2, Legal & Estate, BUET  [RE-3085]

Issue Date : 18/01/2017

> NOC for Rokib Uddin Ahmed, Information & Documentation Officer, ITN, BUET  [RE-3067]

NOC for Dr. K. M Ehtesham Hossain Raju, Assistant Professor, WRE,BUET  [RE-3056]

NOC for Sakib Hasan, Lecturer, EEE, BUET  [RE-3060]

NOC for  Md Khairul Anam, Sr. Technical Officer, CIW, BUET  [RE-3066]

Issue Date : 14/01/2017

> NOC for Dr. Md. Jahurul Haq, Professor,ME,BUET  [RE-2969]

NOC for  Md. Bazlur Rahman Akanda, Executive Engineer, Engineering Office,BUET  [RE-2975]

NOC for  Dr. Mir Tareq Ali, Professor, NAME,BUET  [RE-2976]

NOC for  Dr. Abu Siddique, Professor, CE, BUET  [RE-2977]

NOC for Dr. Hossain Mohammad Mamun Al Rashed, Assistant Professor, MME,BUET  [RE-2990]

NOC for  Md Masudur Rahman, Sr Intrument Engineer, ME, BUET  [RE-2991]

NOC for  Md. Golam Mustafa , Sr. Lab Attendant Gr-2, WRE, BUET  [RE-3022]

Issue Date : 09/01/2017

NOC for Shahnewaz Karim, Sr. Superintendent Instructor, Metal Shop, BUET  [RE-2898]

Issue Date : 04/01/2017

NOC for Ms. Nabila Naz, Lecturer, NAME, BUET  [RE-2866]

Issue Date : 03/01/2017

> NOC for  Sayed Ehsanul Karim, Sr. Technical Officer, CSE, BUET  [RE-2836]

NOC for  Dr. Abdul Matin, Professor, WRE, BUET  [RE-2837]

>NOC for  Dr. A. K. M. Saiful Islam, Professor, IWFM, BUET  [RE-2838]

Issue Date : 31/12/2016

NOC for  Md. Omar Faruq, Sr. Driver, Auto Shop, BUET  [RE-2775]

Issue Date : 27/12/2016

> NOC for  Dr. S. M. Lutfor Kabir, Professor, IICT, BUET  [RE-2727]

NOC for  Rifat Shahriyar, Assitant Professor, CSE, BUET  [RE-2733]

>NOC for Md. Shahjahan Mia, Sr. Lab Attendant Gr-2, IPE, BUET  [RE-2741]

Issue Date : 26/12/2016

> NOC for  Most. Rashida Khatun, Sr. Pharmaceutical Officer, Medical Centre, BUET  [RE-2699]

Issue Date : 21/12/2016

> NOC for  Mr. Md. Joz Miah, Groundsman, DSW Office, BUET  [RE-2664]

Issue Date : 20/12/2016

> NOC for  Md Imam Hasan bin Asad, Assistant Professor, IICT, BUET  [RE-2634]

NOC for  Ishrat  Jahan, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Math, BUET  [RE-2631]

NOC for  Dr. A. A. Md Rezaul Haque, Professor, Dept. of MME, BUET  [RE-2630]

Issue Date : 19/12/2016

> NOC for  Dr. Taifur Ahmed Chowhury, Professor, Dept. of EEE, BUET  [RE-2611]

Issue Date : 18/12/2016

NOC for  K M Ashrafuzzaman, Instrument Engineer, INPE, BUET  [RE-2583]

Issue Date : 17/12/2016

NOC for  Dr. A B M Harun-ur-Rashid, Professor, Dept. of EEE, BUET  [RE-2578]

 Issue Date : 05/12/2016

NOC for  Dr. Kazi Muhammad Sohrawardi, Associate Professor, Dept. of MME, BUET  [RE-2435]

> NOC for Hamidur Rahman, Associate Professor, Dept. of EEE, BUET [RE-2436]

Issue Date : 03/12/2016

NOC for  Md. Yusuf Mia, Office Attendant, Dept. of CSE, BUET  [RE-2397]

Issue Date : 29/11/2016

> NOC for Ayesha Siddiqa Zakia(Wife) & Md. Ihsanul Haq Nakib (Son) of Md Aminul Haq, Pesh Imam, Rashid Hall, BUET  [RE-2383]

Issue Date : 28/11/2016

NOC for Dr. Md. Shahjahan Ali, Chief Medical Officer, Medical Centre, BUET  [RE-2366]

Issue Date : 26/11/2016

NOC for Rashida Khatun, Sr. pharmaceutical Officer, Medical Centre, BUET  [RE-2317]

NOC for Hasina Begum Lipi, Head Assistant cum Computer Operator, Central Library, BUET  [RE-2321]

Issue Date : 23/11/2016

NOC for Md. Harunar Rashid, Ex-Sr. Lab Attendant Gr-2, Dept. of Chem, BUET  [RE-2306].

Issue Date : 22/11/2016

> NOC for Syed Moshiuzzaman, MLSS, Comprtoller Office, BUET  [RE-2290].

Issue Date : 21/11/2016

>  NOC for Afifa Rahman, Lecturer, Dept. of WRE, BUET  [RE-2280].

 NOC for Mohammad Delwar Hossain, Senior Programmer, IICT, BUET  [RE-2281].

>  NOC for Mrs. Nasrin Aktar, Assistant Registrar, Audit Office, BUET [R-2282]

Issue Date : 14/11/2016

 NOC for Taiba Tabassum (Daughter)  of Dr. A. K. M. Monjur Morshed, Associate Professor, Dept. of ME, BUET         [RE-2170].

> NOC for Ms. Lumaya Ahmed, Lecturer, Dept. of Mechanical, BUET [RE-2171]

> NOC for Md. Shamsul Hoque, Ex Senior Pump Driver Gr-1, Engineering Office, BUET [RE-2176]

Issue Date : 12/11/2016

 NOC for Rafida Farhin (Daughter) & Md. Mertazul Islam (Son) of Mrs. Mehnaz Sharmin, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, BUET [RE-2113].

Issue Date : 09/11/2016

>  NOC for Dr, Shaikh Reaz Ahmed, Professor, Dept. of ME, BUET [RE-2100].

NOC for Shourav Ahmed, Lecturer, Dept. of IPE, BUET [RE-2081]

Issue Date : 07/11/2016

>  NOC for Mohammad Manirul Islam, Technical Officer, Dept. of IPE, BUET [RE-2045].

Issue Date : 06/11/2016

>  NOC for Sitara Hasan, Wife of  Dr. Abdul Malek, Professor, Dept. of Math, BUET [RE-2006].

 NOC for Mr. Makbul Haque, Senior Technical Officer, Machine Shop, DAERS, BUET [RE-2007].

 NOC for Mr. Abul Kashem Mia, Senior Assistant Director, Comptroller Office, BUET [RE-2008].

>  NOC for Mr. Nazmul Haque, Assistant programmer, Dept. of CSE, BUET [RE-2009].

 NOC for Dr. Ahsanul Kabir, Professor, Dept. of CE, BUET [RE-2010].

 NOC for Dr. Abu Sayed Md. Latiful Hoque , Professor, Dept. of CSE, BUET [RE-2011].

>  NOC for Mr. Rezaul Karim Khan, Senior Assistant Registrar, DSW Office, BUET [RE-2034].

Issue Date : 25/10/2016

> NOC for Sajid Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Math, BUET [RE-1805].

NOC for Md. Abdul Karim, Sr. Lab Attendant Gr-2 Sr. Grade, Dept. of ME, BUET [RE-1808]

> NOC for Imam Uddin Mia, Sr. Lab Attendant Gr-2 Sr. Grade, Dept. of MME, BUET [RE-1811]

Issue Date : 15/10/2016

 > NOC for  Dr. Md. Rubaiyat Hossain Mondal, Associate Professor, IICT, BUET [RE-1650]

Issue Date : 08/10/2016

 > NOC for  Dr. Manirul Alam Sharkar, Professor, Dept. of Math, BUET [RE-1605]

Issue Date : 26/09/2016

> NOC for  Md. Abdul Hamid, Sr. Assistant Registrar [PRL], Sher-E-Bangla Hall, BUET [RE-1408]

Issue Date : 25/08/2016

> NOC for Md. Shahin Aktar, Sub-Assistant Engineer, Engineering Office, BUET [RE-1034].

Issue Date : 23/08/2016

> NOC for Mr. Richard Baroi, Assistant Technical Officer, Dept. of CSE, BUET [RE-969].

Issue Date : 27/04/2016

> NOC for Azizunnesa Begum, Medical Centre, BUET [RE-6595].