Registrar office


  1. Reg-1 and Reg-2 forms

  2. Template for Higher Study Leave Extension

  3. Restructuring Rules For Teachers

  4. Degree Equivalence Application Form [B.Sc. and M.Sc./Ph.D.]

  5. NOC Form

  6. Application Form for Permission to Higher Studies

  7. Recreation Leave Form for Teacher/Officer

  8. Name Correction Application form pdf/ word

  9. Recruitment QT for Teachers

  10. Application form of financial assistance for the attending foreign conference [Pdf /Word]

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    Gao Zhan and Natasha are already chatting happily.According to Chen Goodnight, it really meant that the two walgreens pokemon mystery box for sale of them got off the car and went out for an appointment.Goodnight Chen held his mind and started to mystery box universal standard open his computer to scan the travel blog.I basically leave a new photo Weibo on it everywhere I go.A lot of updates and records of many beautiful scenery.Because he signed a What is Hypebeast Mystery Box Monthly Subscription contract with Leo before, Chen Goodnight, strictly speaking, has an identity, that is, the blogger of a travel blog.As a blogger, his own photos and posts will often create a lot of revenue, but Chen Goodnight didn t care about it.

    Basically every quality Hypebeast Mystery Box Monthly Subscription two Gao Bao share a private bathroom, of course, this bathroom has two doors.If you use it from your private room, remember to also lock the opposite door, or else the strange guy in the next room will also go to the toilet.Isn t it embarrassing At this time, Chen Goodnight could only take his toiletries to the public bathroom and line up to brush his teeth and australian hypebeast mystery box wash his face.After washing, Chen Goodnight Hypebeast Mystery Box Monthly Subscription specially changed into a set of SpongeBob squarepants yellow pajamas specially prepared by Gu Naier.

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    and many more What s the latest news Generally, the messages that cause waking up are useless advertisements and prompts.Today s reminder turned out to be that the host you are following Goodnight is starting the live broadcast.Damn it What is this mystery box guns bastard doing live broadcast in the middle of the night What can be broadcast live in that poor country What to broadcast Do you build a snowman in the middle of What is Hypebeast Mystery Box Monthly Subscription the night Lin Qingchen thought this in her heart, but she unconsciously turned on her mobile phone.

    Chen Goodnight explained.Lin Qingchen nodded, as if looking at the map with his mobile phone.You don t need to read the map, it s all in my mind.Chen Goodnight said with a smile.I m thinking about where we are staying tonight, and what the hell is it I m really scared to live in the hot kang living in the northeast Lin Qingchen said helplessly.Obviously all have sequelae.Hahaha, don t worry, this is completely assured.Sanya is the only tropical ocean resort for our 1.3 billion people.It is one of the cities with the largest number of five star hotels in the world and also one of the most concentrated.

    In this extreme exploration of Heilongjiang.Xuexiang s scientific name should be Shuangfeng quality Hypebeast Mystery Box Monthly Subscription Forest Farm, Hailin Changting in Mudanjiang.This forest farm is very magical.The snow period is long and snowfall is frequent, and the snow accumulation period is as long as seven months.The blood volume is the highest 1000 dollar mystery box shoes in China, and the snow quality is high and the viscosity is high, so it is called Xuexiang.Chen Goodnight may not be familiar with other places in Heilongjiang, but after all, some tourists in the previous life often chose to travel to Xuexiang.

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    Lin Qingchen seems to have a deeper understanding of the word travel.Let s go, let s start from these crowded places.After all, we haven t studied Sanya yet, how can we talk about Wanning Chen Goodnight pulled Lin Qingchen off the plane.Standing at the airport in Sanya, you can clearly feel that it is completely different from Harbin or Mohe when it took off.So we finally escaped from the northeast to the far south Lin Qingchen was finally excited.You Formal packaging Hypebeast Mystery Box Monthly Subscription are so happy too early, and then welcome you to the second Northeast of China Sanya Chen Goodnight said with a big smile.