Yowhatsapp Download and How to Use It

Yowhatsapp has become pretty popular among the users. If you wonder what Yowhatsapp is and how to perform a Yowhatsapp download, this article has the answers. So, keep reading if you are curious about this modded WhatsApp version.

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An Introduction to Yowhatsapp

Probably, none of our readers might need an introduction to WhatsApp. Currently, more than one billion people are using this app, and you could probably be one of them. However, some of the users want to go beyond the conventional WhatsApp features and experience more. As a result, they have added more features that are not available in the authentic WhatsApp app. App geeks across the globe tend to do various modifications to popular apps and make things even exciting. These modified apps are generally known as modded apps in the software development industry. An app can have several different modded versions as you might understand. In that case, Yowhatsapp is a popular modded version of WhatsApp. Basically, Yowhatsapp comprises of a variety of features that are not available in WhatsApp APK.

If you have already tried WhatsApp and seek more excitement, Yowhatsapp can be a superb suggestion for you. There are plenty of features in this modded WhatsApp version, so a curious user can hardly resist it. By the way, here is everything about FMWhatsApp and Fm WhatsApp Download APK for your info too.

Features of Yowhatsapp

Before we move on, let’s get an idea about the features associated with Yowhatsapp.

  • It provides an unlimited number of themes.
  • Yowhatsapp allows you to hide your online status.
  • It also hides the bluetick (sender won’t know if you have seen the message).
  • Comprises of an app lock feature as well.
  • Call blocking feature to assure your peace of mind.
  • Share pictures with other parties without necessarily losing quality.
  • It lets you apply Fingerprint.
  • It lets you send any file without any restriction.
  • You are allowed to change the font family.
  • It allows you to send messages without saving the number of other users.
  • The anti-delete feature that prevents others from deleting the messages you send.
  • Hide aspects like bluetick, second tick mark, typing and recording (and others).
  • It allows you to hide the media from the gallery.
  • You can customize every page of the app.
  • It allows you to hide the name of the other person when chatting.
  • You can hide your profile photo.

And, many other features.

What are the Limitations Associated with Yowhatsapp?

Just like with any other software, app or modded app, Yowhatsapp comes with some drawbacks too. One of the most significant drawbacks associated with Yowhatsapp is weakened privacy. That means Yowhatsapp leaks your message information to third-parties. Although the developer will not see your message, there are companies that willing to peek into your private messages. By reading your messages, they get an idea about your interests and then use that information for marketing purposes.

In addition to that, you may install some functionality issues with Yowhatsapp if WhatsApp is already installed. Under such a situation, you will have to uninstall the original WhatsApp version from your smartphone.

Yowhatsapp Review

Here’s a review of Yowhatsapp so you can get a clear idea about it.

Functionality of Yowhatsapp

This modded app comes with excellent features ranging from translating, locking, DND, and many others.

Ease of use

When it comes to ease of use, Yowhatsapp is pretty much as same as original WhatsApp. However, it has more features than the original one.


As a matter of fact, privacy is the main concern associated with Yowhatsapp. However, even the original WhatsApp platform has some privacy issues. With Yowhatsapp, the issues are worsened.


When it comes to the security of your chats, Yowhatsapp is better in a way. That means, it hides chats, applies locks on WhatsApp and those features aren’t available with WhatsApp.

Pros of Yowhatsapp

  • Ability to schedule messages
  • Auto-reply functionality
  • Download status display
  • Ability to send larger files
  • Ability to share zip files

Cons of Yowhatsapp

  • Relatively slow performance compared to WhatsApp
  • Privacy concerns
  • Occasional conflicts may occur with genuine WhatsApp version

Yowhatsapp Download and Installation

Now that you have a good understanding of Yowhatsapp. Let’s learn how to perform a Yowhatsapp download.

01. First of all, you should perform a Google search with the keyword ‘Yowhatsapp APK.” This will lead you to a long list of results. Choose a good download link and have the Yowhatsapp APK downloaded.

If you need a MediaFire link, you can consider this: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bg19zmtnowc9lj0/YoWAV7.81.apk/file

However, we still suggest you perform your own search and download the APK. When you download the APK, you might be warned about it. If you are not concerned about privacy, you may opt to download it.

02. At the completion of the download, you will be able to open the app. When prompted, make sure that you provide permission to install the APK from unknown sources. Then, click next and hit the install button.

03. Once the app is successfully installed, you will see a confirmation message. Now, agree to the terms and conditions and then hit continue.

04. Provide the mobile number correctly and tap on ‘Next.”

05. As with WhatsApp, you will see that Yowhatsapp too verifies the mobile number automatically.

Using Yowhatsapp

Here is a guide to using the newly added features of Yowhatsapp after Yowhatsapp download.

01. Activating ‘Show blue ticks after reply’ feature

In fact, this is a very handy feature if you are really busy to reply to the messages instantly. To activate this feature, go to ‘Menu’ and select ‘YoMods.” Then, go to ‘Privacy.” Then, under the ‘Privacy’ section, you will have to tick the option ‘Show Blue tick after reply.”

Yowhatsapp - 'Show blue ticks after reply' feature

02. Changing the colors

For every page, you can use a different color with Yowhatsapp. This feature can be accessed through ‘YoMods’ just like the previous option. Apart from just the color, you can change the style as well. When it comes to photos, Yowhatsapp allows you to resize the row and photo corners. Go to ‘YoMods’ and select ‘Universal.” Under this option, you will find the settings related to customization.

Yowhatsapp - Changing the colors

03. Customizing the conversation screen

When it comes to the conversations screen, it is possible to change the styles as well as the colors. This can be altered using ‘YoMods’ and then selecting ‘Conversation’ screen. The settings under this option will let you customize the settings accordingly.

04. Theme changing

If the current style of the Yowhatsapp doesn’t fit your desire, you can get the themes changed. In fact, it allows you to personalize pretty much everything on the screen. If not, you can simply go for a different theme. This is available under ‘YoMods,’ and you already know how to access it.

Yowhatsapp - Theme changing

05. Font

Yowhatsapp - Font

Yes, Yowhatsapp lets you change the font as well. To do this, you should directly go to ‘Universal’ and select ‘Yosettings’ and then go to ‘Style’ and ‘Feel.” Then, you can pick a font family to match your desire. Although this is not a miracle, it will add some spice to your Yowhatsapp interface.

06. Restart

Yowhatsapp comes with a restart feature as well. If Yowhatsapp operates slowly, you will be able to restart the app with a single-click operation. This feature will be exceptionally handy for those who use Yowhatsapp throughout the day. Whenever Yowhatsapp gets slowed down, just use this feature to restart the app and start fresh with better performance.

07. View log

Yowhatsapp allows you to view logs too. These log files comprise of aspects like who is online now, last seen of specific users, etc.

08. Sending larger media files

As you might know, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to share media files larger than 16mb. However, with Yowhatsapp, the limit is extended, and you can send files as large as 700mb. To do this, you should go to ‘YoMods’ and select ‘Other Mods.” Then, select the video size limit accordingly.

09. Delete protection

In WhatsApp, you are allowed to delete messages that are sent. However, in Yowhatsapp, you can prevent others from deleting the messages you have sent. This is called anti-delete.

Well, that’s all about Yowhatsapp and Yowhatsapp download. This is available for Android, and you may download it knowing the privacy issues it causes. If you are concerned about the privacy, make sure that you stick to WhatsApp without taking a risk.