How to Fix Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working?


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Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working

Windows 10 keyboard not working” can be frustrating for any user. Some features of Windows 10 computers can indeed be used through a mouse or touchpad.

However, your keyboard must be working correctly to gain full access to those features. If you have encountered any computer issues, you can fix them using the fixes mentioned here.

Assume that you are working on a very important project, and its deadline is approaching. What if your laptop’s or PC’s keyboard starts to become unresponsive? In that case, the amount of frustration you will start is huge.

So, what can make your Windows 10 keyboard not work? Is it because of a hardware failure? Could it be a bug? Could it be malware?

No matter what the reason is, there are solutions to it. The purpose of this article is to explain how to fix this issue and get your keyboard working.

Part 1: What Can Make Your Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working?

We intend to explain the potential reasons behind this issue before looking at the solutions. That will give you a better idea about the type of issue you are dealing with. Listed below are the most common reasons behind it.

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01. Hardware Faulty in the Keyboard

When your keyboard has a physical error in it, the computer cannot detect it. Even if detected, no signal will be sent to the system when you press keys. This scenario is applicable when it comes to laptops as well as PCs.

02. Connection Issues

Sometimes, the PC’s keyboard can have trouble connecting to the system. For instance, your PC’s USB port can malfunction, or the cable might be damaged. In such instances, your system might not be able to recognize your keyboard and cause some trouble.

03. Corrupted or Missing Keyboard Drivers

Sometimes, your keyboard can stop working if its drivers are corrupted or missing. Drivers become crucial for the operating system to detect and communicate with the hardware. So, if keyboard drivers are corrupted or missing, there can be malfunctions.

04. Software Conflicts

In certain cases, some software applications on your system can create various conflicts on the computer. And a malfunctioning keyboard can be one of those issues.

05. Keyboard Settings of the Computer

The system may not detect if you have applied the wrong settings to the keyboard. So, you will have to reset the settings.

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Part 2: The Solutions if Your Windows 10 Keyboard is Not Working

In this part, we will explain the possible solutions you should try. These solutions come with different levels of difficulties, and some of them are super-easy and may sound like a brainer. So, we suggest you try these solutions one after the other from the first one.

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Solution 01: Try the Same Keyboard on a Different Port and then on a Different PC

The first solution is actually a way of identifying the issue precisely. As per this solution, you should plug the same keyboard into a different USB port on the same computer. If it works, the problem is related to the PC’s USB port.

So you don’t have to worry about fixing your keyboard. Just plug it into a working USB port and continue working until you fix the USB port. If that doesn’t work, use the same keyboard on a different PC. If that works fine on the other PC, the problem is related to software, not hardware.

And if the issue is related to a laptop, you should restart it and press “F2”, “F8”, “F12”, or “Delete.” One of those keys (depending on the type of laptop) will take you to the BIOS settings. If you cannot enter the BIOS, that’s a hardware failure.

In that case, you will have to look for a professional to handle your laptop’s hardware-related issues. Nevertheless, does it let you enter the BIOS but start to malfunction when the system is booted? If so, that’s a software-based issue.

After determining the type of issue, you can move to the next solutions and fix them.

Solution 02: Disable the Filter Keys of the Keyboard

When you use Microsoft Windows OS, there is an option called filter keys to provide accessibility options. It allows you to avoid using repeated keystrokes.

On your laptop that operates in Windows 10, those filter keys can be a reason for keyboard errors.

In other words, the “Windows 10 keyboard not working” issue can also occur due to filter keys. If that is the case with you, disabling the filter keys would be the solution.

If you are to do it, here are the steps to follow and get it done.

01. First, you should click on the “Action Center” located at the lower-right corner of the screen. It appears like a callout icon.

Disable the Filter Keys of the keyboard to fix Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working

02. Then, please click on the “Ease of Access” option, which is located inside the Windows settings.

Disable the Filter Keys of the keyboard

03. You should click on the option “Keyboard” on the menu.

Disable the Filter Keys of the keyboard

04. You can scroll down the menu and see if there is an option called “Filter Keys.” If the toggle button of the option is “ON,” you should turn it “OFF.” As a result, the issue is supposed to be resolved.

Disable the Filter Keys of the keyboard

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Solution 03: Update the Keyboard Driver

If the above methods don’t work, you can update your keyboard’s drivers. In general, Windows 10 OS is supposed to update drivers automatically. So, the drivers are supposed to be updated all the time.

However, due to various reasons, you will have to update the drivers manually and get the corresponding devices working. So, giving your drivers a manual update is always a good approach and seeing if they work. There are two methods to get the drivers updated.

Method 01: Manual Update

The manual update of the drivers is somewhat harder and more complex than the automatic method. As per this method, you should download the drivers manually to get the issues fixed. In this case, you should try a USB keyboard or a wireless keyboard on your laptop.

You can also try the onscreen keyboard on the laptop. If your laptop supports the touchscreen feature, you can also easily use it. You can download the drivers on a different computer if none of those options are possible.

Then, you can transfer it to the faulty laptop, so the keyboard should work. That said, finding and downloading the drivers manually is a time-consuming, complex process for many users.

Method 02: Automatic Update

As mentioned before, manual updates require a lot of effort and time. You can consider an automatic driver update and get it done easily as a perfect alternative. Several tools can download drivers automatically, and Driver Easy is one of those tools.

This special tool can search and download drivers without any hassle. The best thing about it is that it can download any driver on your computer.

If you use Driver Easy, you don’t want to worry about searching and downloading drivers. As a result, you can eliminate the risk of downloading the wrong drivers or malware. Driver Easy has two versions – Driver Easy FREE and Driver Easy PRO for your use.

Driver Easy Pro comes with better features and faster performance. It allows you to download all the drivers with two clicks. In addition, Driver Easy Pro also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Follow up on the steps below to update your drivers using Driver Easy.
  • Download Driver Easy on your computer and install it.
  • Then, you should launch the software and click on the option “Scan Now.” It will scan the PC and see if it has any issues with the drivers.
Fix Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working with Driver Easy
  • Now, Driver Easy will detect outdated drivers and display them on the screen. Then, next to your keyboard device, you will see a button called “Update.” Just click on it so the drivers will be updated automatically. Do you want to update all the drivers on the computer automatically? If that is the case, upgrade to the Pro version of Driver Easy.
Driver Easy

Solution 04: Check USB Controllers Menu

If the above options have not worked and Windows 10 keyboard is not working yet, try this one.

  • Launch Device Manage using the “Windows” and “X” keys simultaneously.
  • Expand the menu called “Universal Serial Bus Controllers.”
  • Then, double-click on the option that may appear as “USB Root Hub” or “Generic USB Hub.”
  • Go to “Power Management.”
  • There’s a box next to “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.” If it is checked, just uncheck it.
Check USB Controllers Menu to fix Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working
  • Restart the laptop to see if the issue is gone.

By the way, here are the different types of motherboards for your information.


1. Why is my Windows 10 keyboard not working? There could be various reasons behind a non-working keyboard on Windows 10, including loose connections, outdated drivers, software conflicts, or enabled accessibility options. This article provides step-by-step solutions to help you fix the issue.

2. Can I use an external keyboard with my Windows 10 device? Yes, you can connect an external keyboard to your Windows 10 device via USB or Bluetooth. This allows you to continue using your computer while troubleshooting or fixing the built-in keyboard.

3. How often should I clean my keyboard? It is recommended to clean your keyboard periodically to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris. Aim to clean it at least once every few months or more frequently if you notice any performance issues.

4. What should I do if my keyboard issue persists after trying all the solutions? If the problem persists, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance. Contact the manufacturer’s support or consult a computer technician to diagnose and resolve the underlying cause of the keyboard problem.

5. Are there any alternative input methods I can use if my keyboard is not working? Yes, Windows 10 offers alternative input methods such as the on-screen keyboard, speech recognition, or using a mouse or touchscreen. These options can be accessed through the Ease of Access settings on your computer.


So, those are the solutions to try if your Windows 10 keyboard is not working. If none of the above options worked, you could restore the laptop or the PC to an earlier stage.

If that fails, you have to call for help from an expert to see what’s happened. We strongly suggest you not disassemble your laptop’s keyboard unless you are an expert.

Otherwise, you will end up causing more harm than good. Handling hardware-related issues should be done only by a professional. Should you have any questions, leave your feedback below.


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