What Does It Mean When a Man Hides His Phone?

When a man hides his phone, it is obvious to question his faithfulness.

So, is your partner cheating, or is it something else? If you encounter changes in your boyfriend’s behavior, it could be cheating.

However, hiding a phone does not necessarily mean your partner is cheating on you. It could mean they value their privacy too much and do not want others to know everything about them.

So, when a man hides his phone, he does not want the other person to see it.

Still, when a man hides his phone, it is suspicious. Also, it indicates that there is something wrong with the relationship.

This is because hiding something from your lover is not healthy. In a healthy relationship, people do not usually hide their smartphones from one another.

So, is your partner cheating on you? Maybe not, but a man hiding his phone can damage the relationship.

So, let’s look at what the other person is doing on their phones while hiding them from you!

Warning Signs He Is Cheating on You When A Man Hides His Phone

When a man hides his phone, it could mean he is having an affair. However, you should not rush to any conclusion. It is better to look for other signs to confirm whether they are cheating on you or not.

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1. He Pays More Attention to His Phone Than You.

When a man hides his phone, He pays more attention to his phone than you.

Today, everyone has become pretty obsessed with their smartphones. This is quite unhealthy, but it is very rude when a man hides his phone from you. If you go on a date with your man and he spends all the time on his phone, it is obvious to become suspicious.

In that case, you need to talk to them. It is better to tell them you are not fine when they neglect you. This is not something that makes you destitute, as you have all the right to demand their attention.

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2. He Leaves His Smartphone Face Down.

When a man hides his phone, He leaves his smartphone face down.

It is completely fine when your partner leaves his smartphone face down a few times. Sometimes, many people unconsciously do this. However, if this happens all the time, your partner is hiding something.

This could mean that they are expecting texts or calls from someone. That’s why they are afraid that you may view it. So, when a man hides his phone, he usually expects a call or text message.

3. He Becomes Angry when You Touch His Smartphone.

When a man hides his phone,  He becomes angry when you touch his smartphone.

Is your partner always upset when you take his smartphone to check out something or take up a call?

When a man hides his phone off-limits, he is hiding something from you. It is better to ask them politely why they are acting so weird whenever you try to take their phones.

4. He Does Not Like when You See What He is Typing.

When a man hides his phone, He does not like when you see what he is typing.

It is strange when your partner tries to keep his phone screen out of your sight. This is done to not let you see what he is typing. It is indeed impolite to see what he is typing. However, when a man hides his phone, it could be a sign.

In healthy relationships, couples do not keep secrets from one another. That’s why they do not mind when their partners look at the device while typing.

5. He Changes the Lock Screen Passcode of His Phone.

He changes the lock screen passcode of his phone.

When you date someone for a long time, it becomes common to have access to their smartphone. Healthy relationships should indeed be built on trust. However, it is a sign of trust when you give your smartphone’s passcode to someone you love.

It turns ugly when you know the passcode of their phone, but they change it without any reason. So, you have the right to become suspicious when a man hides his phone.

6. He Becomes Very Mysterious About Whom He Texts.

He becomes very mysterious about whom he texts

When he hides his phone from you while texting someone, he tells lies by asking with whom he is chatting. You should not believe their lies or other lame excuses. They cannot text their friends all the time. So, you need to find out the truth.

7. He Does Not Reply to You on Time.

He does not reply to you on time.

You sense they are always on their smartphones while you are together. However, they do not immediately reply to your text messages.

Now, this could be frustrating. This clearly shows that you are not their priority anymore. When a man hides his phone and texts others immediately, his priorities have changed.

8. He Uses Two Smartphones Without Your Knowledge.

He uses two smartphones without your knowledge.

When a man hides the phone he recently bought, it is a red flag. This is suspicious if they do not need another phone for their work.

It is better to confront them about this. Directly ask them why they need two devices and have not informed you about the other phone themselves.

9. He Does Not Post Pictures with You.

He does not post pictures with you.

When your partner does not post pictures of you anymore on his social media, there’s a problem. Also, it becomes suspicious when they even tell you not to do the same. In that case, it is better to find the truth. Ask them directly if they can justify this kind of behavior.

Indeed, there are people who do not like to expose their personal life on social media. However, they will clear it to you right at the start of the relationship. The problem can arise when they used to upload pictures with you and then suddenly stop.

10. He Deletes His Call History, Always.

When a man hides his phone, He deletes his call history, always.

It is something to worry about when you cannot find anything in checking your boyfriend’s texts and calls. In that case, it is no anymore about whether your partner gives his phone to you or not.

So, if they delete their messages and call history every time they meet you, they hide something. When a man hides his phone calls and texts, you should look for why he does so.

11. He Receives Phone Calls Often from Unknown Numbers.

When a man hides his phone, He receives phone calls often from unknown numbers.

If your boyfriend gets calls from an unknown number frequently, then confront him. If they avoid giving you an answer, something is going on. It is better to search for that number on some tools to find out whose phone number.

12. He Goes Outside to Receive Calls All the Time.

When a man hides his phone, He goes outside to receive calls all the time.

If he does not like answering calls around you and always leaves the room, he is hiding something. This is something that you should be worried about.

There mustn’t be secrets between your partner and you. However, it makes sense if those calls are related to their work.

13. He Cannot Be Reached for Hours.

When a man hides his phone, He cannot be reached for hours.

When he is unavailable for some hours at night, check out what is happening. If something like this happens all the time, it is better to find the truth. If their smartphones are not set to Ghost Mode, check their location on apps like Snapchat.

14. He Switches off His Smartphone When You Are with Him.

When a man hides his phone, He switches off his smartphone when you are with him.

Does your boyfriend switch off his smartphone when you two spend a night together? This could be strange. It is fine if they switch off their phones, like when going on a trip. At that time, they may want to relax and not want others to disturb them.

However, if this happens all the time, even when you spend a night with them, there’s something wrong.

15. He Uses a Dating Application.

When a man hides his phone, He uses a dating application.

Well, there could be no explanation for this. Finding a dating application on your boyfriend’s phone is a sign of his infidelity. While snooping through their phones, if you come across a dating tool, it says everything.

When a man hides his phone and finds a dating app (married dating sites) on it, you should end that relationship. If someone loves you, they will not chat with others online.

Even when they have not gone on a date with anyone, this shows that they were thinking about doing so. Now, this is something that you cannot forgive.

What Should One Do When a Man Hides His Phone?

What Should One Do When a Man Hides His Phone?

Before finding out the truth, it is recommended not to do anything reckless. There is a possibility that you may regret your decision later. So, it is better to give your partner a chance to explain things before jumping to conclusions.

When a man hides his phone, there’s a chance he is planning some surprise for you. That’s why he is protective of his smartphone. It could hurt their feelings when you come to conclusions regarding their unfaithfulness without credible proof.

So, try to look for possible reasons why they are doing what they are doing.

Snoop Through His Device When a Man Hides His Phone

Snoop Through His Device When a Man Hides His Phone

It is not appropriate to look into someone’s mobile device without asking for their permission. You should go for this only if you are confident that the other person is cheating on you. Take the opportunity to check their smartphone if you find one. Then, just go through their phone calls and text messages.

On finding something fishy, it is better to confront your partner. Ask them if something is happening in their life that they would like to talk about. If no good, tell them that you looked into their phone and found some messages.

So, when a man hides his phone, it is advised to give him a chance to explain. If they keep telling you lies, then move out of that relationship. Be careful when you snoop through his device. He might not trust you again if he caught you red-handed.

Check out Their Body Language when You Confront Them About Your Qualms

Check out their body language when you confront them about your qualms

Body language tells you if someone is lying to you about something. So, when a man hides his phone, talk to him about your suspicions. While doing so, pay attention to their every move and behavior.

If they begin behaving nervously when you confront them, something is going on. Look for signs, such as avoiding eye contact while they deny everything, starting shaking legs, and so on. So, these signs show that they are guilty of something.   

Look for Posts on Social Media or Check out Tweets

Look for posts on social media or check out tweets

In the first place, check out their posts from last week on different social media platforms. Now, try to find out if anything suspicious is going on.

Have they shared quotes or songs that are not meant for your relationship or you? Have they tweeted about how they were feeling or what they were doing? Is anything sound weird to you?

If you find something like that on their social media accounts, it is better to talk to them about the same. You can ask for their relevance and meaning. It is possible that they posted something only because they liked it so much. However, there could be other possibilities too.


Now, you know what it means when a man hides his phone. Here, we tried to examine every aspect of why and when a man hides his phone. Look at all the possible reasons.

However, you should not jump to a conclusion without talking to your partner once. There could be many reasons why a man hides his phone. It is better to look for other signs if you seriously believe your partner is cheating on you.



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