WhatsApp Spy Online | How to Use a WhatsApp Spy Hacker

Finding a spy tool that can get you access to someone’s WhatsApp messages is difficult.

It’s not an impossible thing to do, but it requires you to find the most effective programs and, in some cases, you need the victim’s device too.

Now, we understand that some people are completely against all forms of hacking. Most people associate hacking with evil although there are some situations where it’s beneficial and you’ll need a WhatsApp spy hacker online tool.

Perhaps you have some concerns about your child, and you want to make sure they’re safe. Alternatively, you could be worrying that your spouse is cheating on you.

Regardless of why you need WhatsApp spy online, this article will explain everything you should know.

1. Getting Started with WhatsApp Spy Online

There are a few basic things that you’ll need to get before you start. Likely, you’ll already have all of these, but here they are.

  • Monitoring software for accessing the target’s WhatsApp. This is the hardest part as you must make sure you find software that fulfills your needs. Furthermore, the software must be reliable to prevent getting caught.
  • Direct access to the target’s device. Again, this can sometimes be hard to get as most people keep their smartphones nearby. To ensure anonymity, you can try taking their device while they are asleep or in the shower when they don’t realize it has been taken.
  • An active internet connection. Downloading the software that you’ve chosen, and installing any necessary firmware on the target device, will require an internet connection.

After you have each of these things, you are ready to begin. Getting access to their WhatsApp device and checking your internet connection is fairly easy. The real difficulty is selecting a WhatsApp spy hacker, and as such, we’re going to detail some of the choices you have.

Besides, you will learn more about how to fix WhatsApp not working on Android or iPhone and how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone.

2. KidsGuard Pro – Best WhatsApp Spy Online Solution

First on the list is the best account hacker – KidsGuard. When it comes to hacking tools, we couldn’t recommend KidsGuard Pro enough: it’s simply the best hacking tool that you can get your hands on.

KidsGuard provides a lot of different hacking utilities. Aside from WhatsApp, you can also monitor a target’s Facebook messages, keystrokes, and GPS location. Here are some of KidsGuard’s key features.

  • Monitor and spy on photos, videos, voice memos, SMS text messages, and much more data.
  • Access the KidsGuard browser from any location via the online dashboard.
  • Complete anonymity is a guarantee; the target won’t find out that you are spying on them.
  • This best Cell phone tracker is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • 24/7 customer support is on offer to help anyone who needs it.
  • Track the live GPS location of your target.

Even though this is just a handful of the features that KidsGuard offers, you can see that there are clearly a lot. Try out the free demo to get a better insight into each of these features and many others.

How to Use KidsGuard Pro

So, we’ve caught your interest, and you want to start using KidsGuard as a WhatsApp spy online? Fantastic! Use the short guide below to find out about installing and setting up the powerful hack tool – KidsGuard.

Step #1 – Start by signing up for a free KidsGuard account. For access to all of KidsGuard’s features, you must purchase a premium subscription.

Create KidsGuard WhatsApp Hacker Tool Account

Sign up KidsGuard

Step #2 – Fill out the form that is shown on display. Make sure that you select the correct device type (we’ll be using iOS).

Step #3 – You’ll now see a prompt to verify an iCloud account. Please note that the iCloud account must be the same one signed in on the target’s iPhone.

Note: To complete the verification, you may have to confirm the iCloud sign-in on their device.

Step #4 – Once you’ve finally set up KidsGuard, you’ll be able to access the dashboard. We suggest taking a few minutes to explore the dashboard and get a feel for some of the features.

KidsGuard Pro WhatsApp Spy Online

Step #5 – After signing into the KidsGuard dashboard, click “Social Apps” from the menu on the left and then on “WhatsApp“.

WhatsApp Spy Online with KidsGuard Pro

Step #6 – Whenever the device receives or sends a message on WhatsApp, you will be able to view it here.

For this guide, we chose to use an iPhone as an example. It’s worth noting that if you want to WhatsApp spy online on an Android device, then you’ll need to install the KidsGuard APK on their device.

Download KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Online Demo

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3. Using WhatsApp Hacking Tool

Another spy tool that you can consider using is WhatsApp Hacking Tool. This spy tool has a reputation for being undetectable, and safe to use, and it is compatible with any WhatsApp device. Click here to view this website and read the guide below to use the WhatsApp spy online solution.

Step #1 – On your computer, open the WhatsApp Hacking Tool website.

WhatsApp Spy Online Using WhatsApp Hacking Tool

Step #2 – Enter the target’s phone number into the entry box. Make sure that this is the same number they are using with WhatsApp.

Step #3 – Select the data that you want to hack. You can choose from messages, photos, videos, and call information.

Step #4 – After you select each data type, click on “Hack”, and after about a minute, the target’s WhatsApp information will be shown.

In comparison to KidsGuard, this WhatsApp spy hacker has more limits. Mainly, this hacker is only capable of hacking WhatsApp, whereas KidsGuard is more flexible.

4. Using HackingADDA

The final solution for hacking into a WhatsApp account is HackingADDA. HackingADDA is a WhatsApp spy online solution that is completely free to use and that can monitor virtually any WhatsApp account.

If you want to start hacking a WhatsApp account, then go ahead and follow the guide below.

Step #1Click here to go to the HackingADDA website.

WhatsApp Spy Online using HackingADDA

Step #2 – Enter the details of your target. This will include their phone number, the data you are hacking, and a timeframe of the history.

Step #3 – After you type this information into the according boxes, click “Start”. The hacking process can take a few minutes to complete but click on “Generate” after it is over.

Step #4 – A ZIP file will start downloading. Decompress the file once it has finished downloading, and you can freely browse the information.

To Conclude for WhatsApp Spy Online

Out of the three solutions that we’ve chosen for this article, KidsGuard is the best. Aside from offering many more features than the other two WhatsApp spy hackers, the easily accessible panel makes it easy to navigate and track a wide range of data types.

Take your pick. We’ve shown you just three of the top WhatsApp hacking solutions and how to use them too. We recommend that you try at least two of them to help you find out which WhatsApp spy hacker satisfies your needs the best.

On the other hand, try the demo version of KidsGuard. One of the great things about KidsGuard is that it’s not limited to WhatsApp. Snapchat, text messages, and all of the features that we spoke about before.

All in all, as long as you choose a solution that keeps your identity anonymous and does the job, you can monitor your target with ease.

View KidsGuard Demo


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