How to WhatsApp Not Working on Android or iPhone?

It is needless to mention the importance of WhatsApp in our day-to-day lives as of today. Every day, plenty of conversations (voice, video, and textual) take place through this app. Since it is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, there is a massive crowd gathered around WhatsApp. That said, there are many complaints about ‘WhatsApp not working on Android‘ and ‘WhatsApp not working on iPhone.’ In this article, we explain how to overcome this issue for good and use WhatsApp once again.

Part 1: How to fix ‘WhatsApp not working on Android’

In fact, there can be several reasons behind ‘WhatsApp not working on Android’ issue. In this section, we explain those issues and the best solutions to address them.

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Issue 1: You cannot download WhatsApp on Android

You cannot download WhatsApp on Android

Download issues are one of the most common issues related to WhatsApp. It is true that many smartphones today come with a pre-installed WhatsApp version for the convenience of the user. However, some of the smartphones still require you to download it through the Play Store. In general, the installation of WhatsApp is not that difficult for a regular Android user. However, due to some reason, some users may experience difficulties in downloading WhatsApp, and it is so frustrating.

If you’ve tried to download it several times with Play Store and failed, you should look for an alternative. In fact, there is a manual way to download the WhatsApp APK file from a third-party source. However, downloading apps from third-party websites is not the most recommended method. Those apps may contain different types of malware that can even steal your personal information. So, leave third-party APK to be the last resort and try the fixes mentioned below.

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01. Check if there is proper connectivity

Check if there is proper connectivity

The most basic thing to check is the internet connection of the respective device. Without a proper internet connection, you cannot download anything. So, just check if you have a solid connection with enough speed.

02. Check if the date and time is correct

If your device is configured with incorrect date and time, that can prevent you from downloading apps like WhatsApp. So, be sure to check if the date and time are set correctly and download the app again.

03. Check if the SD card is ready

If you download apps on the SD card, be sure to check if it is ready to use. If it is not formatted correctly and doesn’t have enough space, you cannot download any app on it. This is applicable, especially if the SD card is set as your default storage device.

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Issue 2: WhatsApp has become unresponsive

WhatsApp has become unresponsive

With Android devices, you are likely to experience unresponsive apps at least once in a while. This can happen due to a lack of memory, faulty firmware, malware attack, corrupt cache, etc. Interestingly, with WhatsApp, unresponsive apps have become a pretty common instance. When ‘App not responding‘ message prompts with WhatsApp, it can either stay for a long time or go away. If unresponsive WhatsApp is the case with you, here are the fixes you should try.

01. Force close WhatsApp

The most basic way to fix this issue is by force closing the app and restarting it. To do that, you should go to ‘Settings‘ first and choose ‘Application.’ Then, go to ‘WhatsApp‘ and tap the option called ‘Force Close.’ Then, launch WhatsApp to see if it works.

Force close WhatsApp

02. Restart your device

If the above option doesn’t work for you, you can simply try and restart the device. In fact, restarting the device can be the solution to many issues that occur during your daily life. Here is a general method that can be used to restart your Android device. Press and hold the power button of the device and choose ‘Restart.’ Try to launch WhatsApp once again.

Restart your device to fix whatsapp not working on Android

03. Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp

If none of the above options hasn’t worked, you should try a reinstallation of the software. You can uninstall the app and reinstall it through the Play Store.

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Issue 3: WhatsApp not working on Android because it keeps crashing

WhatsApp not working on Android

Many users say that their ‘WhatsApp not working on Android’ because it keeps crashing frequently. As a result, you will face poor user-experience. There can be various possible reasons behind a crashing WhatsApp app. Regardless of the cause, it can be fixed if you follow the steps mentioned below.

01. Update WhatsApp

In most of the cases, WhatsApp can crash if you have not updated it recently. In other words, outdated WhatsApp versions tend to crash often. So, you can solve this issue very easily just by updating your WhatsApp app. Mentioned below are the steps to update WhatsApp.

  • Launch Play Store on the Android device.
  • Then, tap on the three-lined icon and go to ‘My Apps and Games‘.
  • You will see a list of updatable apps. Tap on the option called ‘Update All.’
Update WhatsApp to solve whatsapp not working on Android

02. Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp

Another way to fix ‘WhatsApp not working on Android’ is uninstalling and reinstalling it. You can simply uninstall the app and then download its latest version from Play Store. Then, you can check if it works without crashing.

03. Delete unwanted files and free up space

If you have unwanted files and unused apps on your device, just get rid of them. This will free up storage space on the device. If WhatsApp were crashing due to a lack of free space, this solution would fix it.

04. Restart your device

If you still experience ‘WhatsApp not working on Android’ issue, you can perform a restart as well. As we have mentioned before, restarting can fix plenty of issues associated with Android devices.

Issue 4: WhatsApp doesn’t work on Wi-Fi

It is true that apps like WhatsApp require a stable and strong internet connection to function. So, if you have any problem with the internet connection, your WhatsApp is likely to fail. Even if your Wi-Fi seems to work fine, WhatsApp may not work if the internet connection is poor. So, below is some guidance for you to check it and fix the potential issues.

01. Turn off and on your Wi-Fi connection

This is the most basic fix you should try. Just turn off your Wi-Fi connection, wait for a couple of seconds, and turn it on.

02. Switch on Airplane mode and disable it

This is another super-simple solution. You can turn on Airplane mode, wait for a while and turn it off. As a result, the connection will be refreshed.

03. Try using cellular data

If the problem persists even after the previous methods, you should try to use cellular data. But before that, you should ensure you have good data coverage.

04. Try to use WhatsApp over a different Wi-Fi connection

You can connect the same device to a different Wi-Fi connection and see if it works. If it works now, the issue is definitely with the Wi-Fi connection, not your device or WhatsApp.

05. Restart your Wi-Fi router

Another basic fix to address this issue is restarting your Wi-Fi router. As a result, the connection will be reset, and you can see if it works.

Issue 5: WhatsApp doesn’t recognize your contacts

WhatsApp doesn't recognize your contacts

In general, WhatsApp is supposed to recognize the contacts on the device easily without any issue. However, in certain cases, WhatsApp can fail to identify the contacts. That can be a serious issue, and here’s how to fix it.

01. Check if the contacts are using WhatsApp

If a particular contact doesn’t have a WhatsApp account linked to it, you cannot see it in WhatsApp. So, before getting panicked, make sure if the person you are trying to contact through WhatsApp has an account.

02. Make sure if the phone number is saved to contacts

If a particular number is not saved to contacts, you cannot see it in your WhatsApp contacts. So, save it to contacts and check if it works.

03. Check for contacts permission

It is important to have your WhatsApp to access the contacts saved in the device. This can be done through the settings app of your phone.

Issue 6: WhatsApp not working on Android due to Facebook

Interestingly, many individuals say that they have troubles using WhatsApp when Facebook is installed on the same device. Here’s how to fix if it is the case.

As the first step, you can log out of your Facebook app and check if WhatsApp is working. If not, you can even uninstall Facebook and relaunch WhatsApp. If that trick works, reinstall Facebook. In addition to that, you can either update both the apps or reinstall both of those apps.

Issue 7: WhatsApp doesn’t work because you are using an older version

WhatsApp doesn't work because you are using an older version

For people who are using an older version of WhatsApp, you can experience this issue due to that. The best and only solution to address an outdated WhatsApp is updating it. Please follow up below the guide and update your WhatsApp app.

  • Go to Play Store and tap on the three-lined icon.
  • Then, choose ‘My apps and games‘.
  • When the updatable list of apps shows up, tap on the ‘Update All‘ button.
Update WhatsApp

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The best option: Use Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android to fix WhatsApp issues

If all the above methods are not worked for you so far, Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android would be your savior. In fact, you can use this software if you don’t have time to find the root cause. Basically, ReiBoot is capable of fixing all the issues associated with your Android device. That means the same tool can be used to fix ‘WhatsApp not working on Android’ issue as well. In a nutshell, Tenorshare ReiBoot is a powerful one-stop solution to address all the Android-related issues.

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Here’s how to use ReiBoot for Android and fix this issue.

01. Download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android on your computer. Then, launch the software and connect the troublesome device into the same computer using an original USB cable. Click on the option called ‘Repair Android System.’

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

02. Then, on the following screen, you should click on ‘Repair Now.’

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

03. You should choose the information related to the device now. For instance, you should choose the brand, model, carrier, series, etc. as required by ReiBoot. Then, click on the option called ‘Next‘ and download the firmware package that suits your device.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

04. After the firmware package downloaded, please click on the option called ‘Repair Now.’ Then, click on ‘Continue‘ when prompted.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

05. You should follow the on-screen instructions and take the required actions. This is a very convenient process. Then, you will see a message saying, ‘The repair process is completed.’

Fix whatsapp not working on Android with Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android

Well, that’s how to address any potential issue associated with your Android device and get it back to normal. Some individuals say that they have lost their WhatsApp data due to some reason (due to repairing attempts). If you experience such an issue, you can use Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Tool and recover lost files.

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Part 2: How to fix WhatsApp not working on iPhone issue?

If you are an iPhone user and frustrated with WhatsApp not working issue, this section explains fixes to it. So, keep reading and learn how to fix WhatsApp not working on iPhone issue.

01. Restart your iPhone to Fix ‘WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone’

The simplest fix you should try to fix ‘WhatsApp not working on iPhone’ issue is a restart. In fact, restarting can resolve this issue for many users. Moreover, restarting an iOS device can fix a variety of other minor glitches pretty easily. Mentioned below are the steps to follow and restart your iPhone.

Restart your iPhone to fix WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone
  • Press and hold the ‘Sleep/Side‘ button of your device to see the slider screen.
  • Slide the slider towards the right side and shut down the iOS device.
  • Once the device is shut down, wait for a couple of seconds. Then, press and hold the ‘Sleep/Side‘ button again to see the Apple logo.
  • Once the device is switched on, relaunch WhatsApp and see if it works.

02. Check if your internet connection is working

Check if your internet connection is working

Many individuals say that their WhatsApp starts to give troubled during a voice or video conversation. This can happen particularly because of a poor or unstable internet connection. Even if you are connected to a Wi-Fi router, the data connection can be poor. As a result, you will end up experiencing a poor or interrupted WhatsApp experience. As the first fix, you should restart the router and see if WhatsApp is working. If the problem is persisting, try to use cellular data and use WhatsApp to check it. If not, you can even connect to a different Wi-Fi network and check if WhatsApp works smoothly.

03. Update your WhatsApp app to Fix ‘WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone’

Most apps tend to experience various issues if you don’t update them in a timely manner. This is true with WhatsApp as well. As soon as you notice a new update, you should download it. This can be a solution to various issues pertaining to your WhatsApp and other apps. In addition to fixing issues, installing updates allows you to experience a smooth user experience as well. Mentioned below are the steps to update WhatsApp on your iOS device.

Update your WhatsApp app to fix WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone
  • Launch ‘Appstore‘ on your iOS device;
  • Go to the option called ‘Update,’ which is located at the bottom-right corner.
  • You can see all the apps that require updates. Tap on the option called ‘Update All.’

04. Reinstall WhatsApp on your iOS device to Fix WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone

If the problem doesn’t go away after trying the above options, you can reinstall WhatsApp. This option will fix various glitches related to WhatsApp. Mentioned below are the steps to get it done.

  • Tap on the ‘WhatsApp‘ icon until you see a wobbling effect.
Reinstall WhatsApp on your iOS device
  • Then, tap on the ‘X‘ icon located towards the top-right of the app icon. Now the app will be deleted.
  • You can now launch ‘Appstore‘ and search for ‘WhatsApp.’
Reinstall WhatsApp on your iOS device
  • Once the app is found, tap on ‘Get‘ so it will be installed back on the device.
Reinstall WhatsApp on your iOS device
  • Launch the app once again, and see if it works fine.

Bonus Tip: Use ReiBoot to Fix ‘WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone’ in 1-Click

Although iOS devices are regarded as stable and smoothly operated devices, they can experience some issues occasionally. Finding the root cause of all those issues and fixing them can be a tiresome task for a user. Examples of those issues are mentioned below.

  • Frozen iOS device
  • Stuck apps
  • Stuck iOS system
  • DFC stuck
  • Black Screen of Death
  • Stuck on Apple logo
  • Recovery stuck etc.

The best way to address all those issues is to use a professional tool like Tenorshare ReiBoot. This tool can fix all those iOS-related issues with a couple of clicks without causing any data loss.

Get Tenorshare ReiBoot

  • Download, install and launch ReiBoot on your computer.
  • Connect your iOS device to the same computer using an original USB cable.
Tenorshare ReiBoot
  • Once the device is detected automatically, click on ‘Enter Recovery Mode.’
Tenorshare ReiBoot
  • Wait for about 20 seconds so the device will enter the recovery mode. You can notice that once the iTunes logo and a USB cable are visible on the screen.
  • Click on the option called ‘Exit Recovery Mode‘ so the device will reboot automatically.
Exit Recovery Mode with Tenorshare ReiBoot
  • Wait for some time so that the process will be completed correctly.
Fix whatsapp not working on iPhone with Tenorshare ReiBoot

Your iOS device should work perfectly without any glitches now.

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Above, we explained how to resolve ‘WhatsApp not working on Android‘ and ‘WhatsApp not working on iPhone‘ issues. If you have any questions pertaining to this matter, please leave us a comment below. Good luck!