What to Do When Your iPhone Won’t Restore

Today, we are set to talk about a quantity of the most common problems in regard to the iPhone device. In instances when iPhone won’t restore, users tend to come to a blank.

In case you too have experienced the message of “iPhone won’t restore from iTunes backup”, you may have felt extremely baffled as well, regarding its appropriate solution. More often than not, the reason for feeling and showing panic comes from a deep-rooted idea of losing the entirety of all your data and files. On the other hand instead of panicking, it is more convenient to think about the possible way outs that you can make use of in this particular unique case.

There may be a number of reasons why your iPhone won’t restore. In most cases, it is usually attributable to the very fact that the iPhone device is running out of the required space, or the on-hand iOS version being obsolete, and so forth. You can now face and learn about the right reasons as to why your iPhone won’t restore, iPhone won’t turn on.

Follow the segments below carefully, for learning the answer to this very dilemma and apt ways to fix it without any difficulty.

PART 1: Checking the Internet Connection When iPhone Won’t Restore

In order to restore your lost data from an iTunes back up, you will require a stable running internet connection. As a result, take care to test out that your router is normally working and that none of your router cables have got unplugged. In addition, you can test out the internet connection itself, in addition to the wireless set up of your system for ensuring that the internet is indeed connected.

Check Wifi Connection to fix iPhone X Won't Restore

PART 2: Checking Space on the Disk When iPhone Won’t Restore

More often than not, the iTunes back up files are liable to be somewhat bulky. You must always make sure to check that there is indeed, free available space on the iTunes system. In case your given device, along with the system does not include a sufficient amount of space, an error message could pop up. To solve this problem, just clear out some of the account space, and from there, the restoration can be resumed.

Check space on the Disk to repair iPhone X Won't Restore

PART 3: Downloading the Right Firmware When iPhone won’t Restore

In case the specific firmware that you have downloaded on the given device is not correct, the iTunes app will not be capable of completing the restoration procedure. It is in fact, better to allow iTunes to make automatic downloads of the firmware instead of making it download just any iOS firmware data files.

Download firmware to fix iPhone X Won't Restore

Consequently so, in this case, just permit the iTunes app to download the correct firmware option for your mobile device.

PART 4: Checking the USB Cables

Now and then the USB cables have a propensity for acting up. This may be the grounds for the failure of your iTunes back up restoration. In case you are making use of a third-party cable, check that it is indeed Apple certified and if it is not so, just switch to using Apple cables instead.

From time to time the PC may crop up with a flawed USB port as well. In this case, you must attempt to shuffle the given port and then connect the iPhone device to a different port on the equivalent device.

Check USB Cables

You must make certain that the USB wire that you are making use of is not out of order in any way as this can definitely disrupt the communiqué. Attempt to avoid the USB hubs, in addition to the accessory port and make certain that a straight connection of the iPhone device to the PC.

PART 5: Check Your Router Source When iPhone Won’t Restore

You must make sure to test out if your router is indeed choking the iTunes app. consequently, keep a check on its internal firewall and make out if the internet is connected thoroughly or not.

Check router

PART 6: Updating iTunes to Its Most up to Date Version

You must always possess the newest iTunes version for completing the restoration procedure. Tap on ‘About’, then ‘Check updates’ for ensuring that one is running the newest updates, or else, download new versions and restart the progression.

Update iTunes to lastest version to fix iPhone X Won't Restore

With the availability of these diverse ways, you will find your answer when iPhone won’t restore.


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