WCW Meaning | What Does WCW Mean & How to Use It?

We have noticed that many individuals wonder what WCW means. We have also noticed that most of them don’t get a satisfactory answer to this question.

So, we thought of composing an article explaining WCW’s meaning and how it is being used.

In simplest terms, WCW is an acronym. Although there can be many phrases represented by WCW, our article explains the popular hashtag name WCW. In this case, the acronym represents “Women Crush Wednesday.”

Well, if truth be told, WCW is a very popular hashtag initially used on the Twitter platform. This hashtag was used as a method that enables you to tag posts about women who are admired by people.

It is also used to tag attractive women. Gradually, the acronym WCW was embraced by other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

WCW Meaning

As we mentioned before, #WCW will represent different meanings. For instance, WCW is used to abbreviate the phrase World Championship Wrestling very often.

In addition, the same is used to abbreviate “Woman Crush Wednesday” or even “Wonderful Crush Wednesday“. With that said, we intend to explain Women Crush Wednesday.

Since the WCW hashtag is a very short abbreviation, many individuals use it on Twitter. Using such hashtags becomes exceptionally handy when it comes to Twitter posts. That is because Twitter allows only 280 characters per post. Using hashtags is a way to make your Twitter posts more concise.

However, we have noticed that some users still prefer to use it as a full tag instead of #WCW. In that case, the tag looks like #WomenCrushWednesday.

That is particularly on social media platforms such as Tumblr and Facebook. The length of the posts on those social media platforms is not a huge concern.

In addition to that, other individuals prefer to make some changes to the tag. For instance, they use the term ‘woman’ instead of ‘women.’ As a result, you can find plenty of related content tagged under #WomanCrushWednesday.

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The Use of WCW Hashtag

When it comes to the usability of the WCW hashtag, there are a couple of important things to consider. For instance, there is a trend to post #WCW content, especially on Wednesdays.

In fact, the meaning of the last letter (second W) of the hashtag WCW represents Wednesday. So, there is a logical reason behind the approach of posting #WCW hashtags on Wednesday.

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So, you can choose a photo to tag and tag it using any of the hashtags we have mentioned. You can use #WCW, #WomenCrushWednesday, or #WomanCrushWednesday with the selected photos.

WCW is more of a cultural (and virtual) honor (which’s also an unofficial honor). Those who use this tag can make use of it to honor any person they admire or appreciate.

Also, when it comes to the language factor, there is something you should remember. That means it has become more of a trend to use some specific words with this honorary hashtag. “Goes out to,” “has won my #WCW,” “I would like to offer my,” “earns,” and “deserves” are some examples.

You should also know that WCW is often used in various ways, and there are plenty of purposes behind it.

Mentioned Below Are Some of Those Purposes So You Can Have a Better Idea About WCW Meaning.

  • Boys use this #WCW tag very often whenever they post pictures of their beloved girlfriends.
  • Men generally use this tag when they post pictures of the women with whom they have a crush. It doesn’t matter whether they have already dated these women. As long as they admire or appreciate particular women, this tag is appropriate to describe the expressions.
  • Not only boys and men but also girls and women use this hashtag to accomplish various aspects. For instance, girls can post pictures of their close buddies and use this hashtag to show admiration and respect.

All individuals, despite their genders, use this hashtag to express their feelings about someone special. They use simple posts and share them for everyone to see their feelings about the special ones.

These posts typically come up with something that means “thanks for being there for me,” which is undeniably WCW. If not, it might say something like, “here’s my WCW, the best ever.

In addition, many other individuals use this hashtag to post all those photos of their favorite celebrities. Models and other famous women will be admired using this hashtag too.

In this case, the use of this tag is mainly directed to those who are attractive. We have noticed that the WCW hashtag is seen very often when someone needs to admire sexy and admirable photos. In general, it can be said that these hashtags are more common when it comes to admiring people.

As you might notice, some parties or individuals encourage others to support some local women due to various reasons. For instance, it can be a woman who has excelled in her social activities.

If not, it can be about a woman who has saved someone’s life or something similar. If a woman has done something heroic, she is eligible for such a scenario. Also, it can be a woman doing great in her business and becoming an exemplary entrepreneur.

In a nutshell, think about a woman who stands out from the rest due to some good reason. Such women might be nominated and supported by local agencies and news outlets in various ways.

So, they will encourage readers to nominate those women using this hashtag. We bought up this story just to mention that WCW is not all about outer beauty or sexiness. Those who do good things for their communities and cities deserve this hashtag.

Some individuals and parties, however, use this hashtag for advocacy causes as well. For instance, one can use it to advance a woman or women in various positions. This situation applies to charitable organizations in general.

Through this hashtag, they can nominate and elect women to their respective positions through social media. Since social media is a norm, such a strategy is absolutely effective as opposed to conventional methods. Some would combine both conventional methods as well as social media to make it even better.

People generally post photos of women together with the reasons for them (women) to be admired. Also, it should be thoroughly remembered that these situations are not related to the outer appearance of the people.

Instead, it can be about their good work, smartness, intelligence, generosity, bravery, kindness, charity work, or other things. In other words, it is all about how they act but not how they look.

You should also remember that some individuals post pictures that even show the faces of women. Instead, they might post photos with cartoons, silhouettes, objects, abstract images, logos, drawings, or something similar. Whatever it is, that should represent feminism, however.

Although these images don’t show the faces of women, they relate to respective characters one way or another. Then, the hashtags will be used with the respective image and have them promoted or nominated.

There are plenty of examples of women who are tagged with #WCW. To get an idea about these women who were tagged with #WCW, you can just perform an internet search. You can use the keyword #WCW on any search engine and see the women figures attached to it.

Don’t forget the fact that these tags are sometimes used for funny purposes as well. One might use this tag with an image of a dollar bill and say something funny. As an example, you can use a line mentioning that “she’s the one for me” under a dollar bill.

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The information in this article explains what WCW means. As you might realize, the WCW hashtag can be used for various purposes.

However, it is mainly used to appreciate or admire a special woman. Also, it can be used for funny intentions as well.

We strongly suggest you should not use it to harass someone or make someone embarrassed. We expect our readers to know the true WCW meaning and stick to its principles. Thanks for reading.



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