Top Vintage Video Editor for PC, iOS, and Android 2021

Are you looking for a vintage video editor for PC, iOS, and Android? Well, you are reading the correct article that comprises the most efficient options as of this writing. In addition to that, we explain some retro video editor tools that are compatible with mobile phones.

Best vintage video editor for PC / iOS / Android

First, let’s take a look at the best vintage video editors that are designed for PC. If you are looking for a way to add retro effects using your PC, these editors are ideal.

01. VSDC Free Video Editor for PC

VSDC is designed for desktop computers, and it has plenty of built-in filters that are similar to Instagram. This is a very good vintage video editor for PC that saves plenty of time for you. In addition to that, it offers you plenty of visual effects such as color correction. Moreover, it gives you filters, special FX, and transition effects as well. Are you trying to create a 1920 retro video or a modern-day video with seamless effects? Then, this should be your solution. You will always have perfect results with the VSDC editor. Well, with VSDC Free Video Editor, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Since VSDC is a vintage video editor for PC, it features better stability compared to online tools.

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VSDC vintage video editor


  • It is a completely free tool.
  • You can use it for professional video editing tasks.
  • There are plenty of classic features.
  • It has easy features, so anyone can use it with no confusion or hassle.


  • It can be somewhat difficult, especially for beginners.

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02. Beecut (iOS & Android)

Beecut is another powerful software, but this is not a vintage video editor for PC. Instead, it is a retro video editor for Android and iOS platforms. You can download it through Google Play and App Store and do the editing straight away.

You will be able to use all the functions of this app without any limitations. Once the edits are done, you can save the videos even in 1080p or 720p. Moreover, there will not be any watermark on the output videos. Beecut gives you access to a massive range of retro-like filters. You can apply all those filters with a couple of taps. You can use the same app to cut, rotate, merge videos easily. Another handy feature integrated into this tool is that it can create Tik Tok or Instagram videos. It is compatible with making videos in 1:1 and 9:16 format. That is in addition to 16:9 and 4:3 video formats.

Beecut vintage video editor


  • It comes with a very friendly user-interface
  • Beecut gives access to all the features with no restrictions.
  • It has plenty of vintage filters.
  • Large range of editing features.
  • Exports videos either in Full HD 1080p and 720p.
  • It has special video output formats for Instagram and Tik Tok.


  • There are no advanced editing features in this app.

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03. Chromic (for iOS platform)

Chromic is specifically designed for iPhones. Basically, it is a color correction app that can produce Hollywood-level filters. These filters make your video into a very rich, awesome movie experience. It also has other adjustments so you can change exposure, vibrance, saturation, shadows, etc.

Chromic vintage video editor


  • It has a very intuitive interface.
  • Highly professional tool with various options for color correction.


  • It is not for free

04. 8MM Vintage Camera (for Android Platforms)

8MM Vintage Camera is another vintage video editor for mobile phones, and this one is for Android devices. It can easily improve your video by adding some old-school effects. In addition to that, it has dozens of vintage effects as well. For instance, you can use retro colors, dust, light leaks, shakes, and so on.

8MM Vintage Camera


  • 12 awesome vintage filters
  • Record videos with real-time filtering


  • To get premium features, you should pay

05. Kapwing (Online)

Kapwing is not a platform-based tool. In fact, it is designed as an online vintage video editor. If you want to edit videos on any platform, Kapwing could be a good solution. In addition to that, Kapwing lets you take the whole control of the video. Moreover, it shows great features such as resize, trim, loop, text, etc.

Kapwing vintage video editor


  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with plenty of video editing tools


  • Comes with a limited number of filets
  • You need to upload the video file to their server
  • The performance of the tool is totally dependent on the internet

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06. Retro VHS Vintage Video Editor

Retro VHS is a handy, powerful yet simplified tool that can create awesome videos. For many individuals, using a vintage video editor like Retro VHS is exceptionally easy. It comes with a nice collection of vintage filters that are easy to use.

You can apply any of those premade filters to your videos without much hassle. In addition to that, you can easily change all the exposure issues. Also, you can add a frame or even an old film effect. If you can’t find the perfect filter for your task, you can easily purchase extra filters from them. After that, you can apply one of those filters easily. You can easily create a shade as well as an atmosphere.

This app can be used easily to perform tasks like creating mini-movies, merging, etc. Also, it can help you take the videos to the next level simply by applying different special effects.

This special app lets you try all the videos and see how they work. Moreover, it gives you a large collection of filters with retro style. It also comprises black and white filters and cartoon filters. It doesn’t offer any time limit for commercials. This app has a very beautiful interface.

You can choose the desired quality when you save the video. In fact, you can choose anything from low, medium, or high-quality videos. The application can be purchased from both Android and iOS platforms. Retro VHS – Old School Video is available for free. But you will have to purchase additional features, including filters.


  • A free app that works on both Android and iOS platforms
  • A good collection of filters
  • The user interface is very friendly
  • Supports multiple video qualities


  • You should pay to get additional features

07. Vintage Filter – 1957 Art

Vintage Filter – 1957 Art is a unique app that can record video using an amateur film camera effect. It is completely free, but when it comes to functionality, the features are limited. It doesn’t have any additional filters. In addition to that, it doesn’t have any ability to change or remove the date and time. The date and time will appear in the lower-left corner.

However, the program lets you download videos from the gallery. Then, the videos will be converted into retro movies. For many individuals, this is a very easy and fast process. It works well for many of the professionals and armatures.

High-quality effects and filters

This application offers high-quality effects and filters for your photos. You will be able to adjust the contrast of the pictures along with saturation and any other parameter. After that, you will be able to create those awesome videos in a moment.

With this application, you can even create that retro-looking analog photo effect. With that effect, you can add superb value addition to your pictures. The best thing is that you can hardly identify if those photos are edited or not.

Moreover, this type of apps allows you to develop newer trends when it comes to video editing. If you like glitch art, you can do it using this app. Adding effects such as distortion and noise to your photos will be really easy with this tool.

Well, for many individuals, the effects found on Instagram will not be good enough. If you are one of them, Vintage Filter 1957 Art is the right tool. There are plenty of filters and effects integrated into this application. The filters found in this app are very gentle and always look very natural.

It also allows you to adjust the saturation levels of the filters you have applied. On top of that, you can combine any number of filters on a single video. You will be able to create a unique style as well, and it cannot be replicated.

08. InShot Vintage Video Editor

Are you looking for a superb vintage video editor to create awesome retro video tools? Well, in that case, InShot must be one of the best options. The main reason behind the success of this app is that it has preloaded filters and effects effectively. However, this program is not just for creating retro videos; it can create pretty much any video.  

One of the most notable aspects of this retro video editor is that its massive collection of filters. It can create videos with the 90s, 80s, and even 20s effects.

In fact, InShot is an excellent tool that comes with highly versatile filters and effects. You can create an awesome video with InShot just by using this app without using multiple apps. Once you have added videos to InShot, you can click on the option called “Effects” to access the effects. This library comprises retro effects as well.

If needed, you can choose even the strongest effects or just go for mild ones. For instance, you can either choose effects with black holes or tap filter only. In addition to that, you can choose some additional effects such as glitches or sparkles.

This app also comes with a filter of 90s cameras. That means it has the data and time effect on the screen. However, there is a drawback associated with this filter; it is not the best when it comes to mixing music into videos. In other aspects, it comes with an amazing interface that is easy to use.

09. GlitchCam Vintage Video Editor

In fact, this app comes with pretty similar features to the InShot retro video editor. However, the filters of it have pretty unique and different styles. To make it a more versatile app, GlitchCam comes with some photo editing options as well.

Basically, it is a retro video editor that can do photo and video editing. One of the unique features of GlitchCam is that it shows effects with various watermarks. It starts with cameras during the 00s and runs through the 80s. If you want the true retro effect, you can browse through the filters section. After that, you should go for one that is labeled as retro.

In addition to all the awesome features, this tool comes with one disadvantage as well. You should follow a two-step process to create videos. First, you should trim the videos and choose the frames. Then, you should choose the effects. Once you have completed the first step, you cannot necessarily go back. Other than that, this is a superb retro video editor.

So, those are the best retro video editor options you can choose. If you are looking for a vintage video editor for PC, choose the very first option. Otherwise, you can choose an app or an online tool.