Viber Backup & Viber Restore with Dr.Fone – A Comprehensive Guide

This guide is going to run you through the process of both Viber Backup and Viber Restore using the convenient Dr.Fone application. There are two parts to it – the first one is going to explain how to go through Backup Viber Chats on your iPhone or iPad to your Mac while the second part is going to allow you to selectively export or restore Viber chats on your Mac device. In any case, this is a step-by-step guide so you should be able to quickly grasp the idea.

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Right off the bat, regardless of your intention, the first thing you’d need to do is to run the Dr.Fone – iOS Viber Backup & Restore, You will quickly see that there are some icons on the interface, and you can see the WhatsApp Transfer icon.

Get dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer

dr.fone viber Backup & Restore

First Part – Viber Backup Chats on Your iPhone or Your iPad to Mac Device

Step 1. Get Your Device Connected to Your Personal Computer

Go to “WhatsApp Transfer” tab.  You’d have to select the “iOS Viber Backup & Restore” icon and connect your iPhone or your iPad to the computer. Once it’s recognized, you are going to see a new screen popping on.

Step 2. Start Backing Up the Viber Chats

Go ahead and click on the button which says “Backup” and the program would automatically start to work. The only thing you need to do during this process is to keep the device connected. Once the process is completed, successfully you’d see a text saying “Backup Completed”.

Viber Backup and Viber Restore

Second Part – Selective Viber Restore or Export on Your Mac Device

Step 1. Take a Look at the Backup Files

In order to do so, you’d have to click on the link below which says “To view the previous backup file >>” on the very first screen when you connect your device to the computer.

Step 2. Get the Backup File Extracted

You are going to be presented with a list of all the backup files from your Viber chats. Choose the one that you want to check and select the button which says “View”.

Step 3. Export or restore the Viber Chat of choice

Once the scanning process is through you’d be able to preview all of the contents in the backup files which includes text chats as well as Viber attachments. You can check the desired files that you want to backup and click on the “Export to PC” or “Restore to Device”– depending on your demand.

dr.fone Viber Backup and Viber Restore

This is how simple the Viber Backup and the Viber Restore functions of the Dr. Fone Toolkit for iOS application really are.

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