Five Most Powerful Telegram Spy Tools

As a parent, if you wonder how to spy on your children’s Telegram activities, here’s the solution.

This article emphasizes the five most powerful Telegram spy apps.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a specially developed versatile app that is used mainly for entertainment purposes. In addition to that, this app can fulfill the entertainment and news needs of users across the globe.

Over the past period, this app gained considerable popularity among adults and children. As of today, many users from various countries use this app for their communication and entertainment purposes.

More importantly, Telegram is compatible with all mobile operating systems. You can install it on devices that run on Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Linux.

Since this app works as cross-platform software, many users prefer using it. Its popularity increases at a considerable speed.

The user interface of this software tool is really friendly. It has similarities to the WhatsApp user interface. You can use it to share stickers, videos, text, and voice clips among other Telegram users.

Apart from the convenience, Telegram is known for its safety features too. This app encrypts all the messages sent through it.

Third parties will find it really hard to decrypt these messages because of this smart encryption. Because of this high level of security, those who prefer their privacy use Telegram.

In fact, not even the authorities of your country may have access to the communication done through Telegram. However, the extreme privacy of this app bothers both the authorities of some governments and more importantly the parents.

Why Need Telegram Spy Apps?

If you are a parent and you suspect that your child is using Telegram, you will worry a little. Your child can communicate with an unknown third party and be vulnerable to various cybercrime.

Therefore, as a wise parent, you should find a way to keep a track of their telegram activities. If you know what they are up to in advance, you can easily prevent many disasters.

This is exactly why you need the assistance of a good Telegram spy app. If you are already curious about a Telegram spy app, here are 5 of them.

01. KidsGuard Pro (Our Best Pick as a Telegram Spy App)

By far, the best Telegram spy app we selected is KidsGuard. We have plenty of obvious reasons to dedicate KidsGuard as the best Telegram spy app.

This respective app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. If you intend to use this app, you should first visit their official website and signup for an account. After creating the account, you can install the app on the target’s phone.

This app, from there onwards, works in stealth mode. The target phone user might not be able to detect a spy app running. After all, that is how a spy app must work.

KidsGuard for Telegram Spy

After the installation of the app, KidsGuard offers full access to the target’s phone. You can easily monitor all the activities including call history, call duration, the name of the caller, and much other information. You can easily monitor the frequently called numbers with their durations.

Moreover, you get the opportunity to read the text messages your child has sent or received. If your child has received or sent attachments (videos, pictures, etc.), you can easily monitor them via this tracker app.

As the best mobile hacker software, it also hacks someone’s Facebook account, Telegram spy, and so on.

On top of all these features, KidsGuard offers a really affordable price package.

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02. iKeyMonitor

This is a handy piece of software that can practically keep a track of your child’s activities using mobile devices. In fact, this product is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

With the assistance of this special software, you will be able to gain access to important content. Photos, Videos, Call logs, Text messages, voice clips, GPS location, and screenshots are a few to mention.

In addition to that, iKeyMonitor can easily record all types of keystrokes. In other words, this software can work as a key-logger too. Such an approach gives access to all the activities on the target phone.

iKeyMonitor for Telegram Spy

iKeyMonitor lets you read the emails your kids sent and received apart from spying on their social media activities.

No matter whether they use Skype, Twitter, Facebook, or any other tool, iKeyMonitor lets you monitor all of them.

This software also lets you view screenshots of important activities in the form of a slideshow. You can password protect this software easily and prevent unauthorized access. You can subscribe to it on a monthly or annual basis.

03. CocoSpy

This is another smartphone monitoring app that comes with several useful features. CocoSpy can keep track of all the activities going on on their children’s smartphones. This software works perfectly with mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android.

In addition to the innovative interface of this Telegram spy software, you can notice many other remote functions.

You can lock the target phone, send text messages, and even take screenshots of the target phone using CocoSpy.

Isn’t it a good way to keep track of the smartphone activities of your child? If that’s not enough, this handy app allows you to track the target’s GPS records. It can let you monitor the browser history too.

Overall, CocoSpy is a pretty handy tool to keep track of your beloved child. Learn more about it from this comprehensive Cocospy review.

CocoSpy Telegram Spy

04. Teensafe

Just like the name suggests, Teensafe is a dedicated mobile app to keep track of kids’ smartphone activities.

It is designed to target the protection and safety of kids who may become vulnerable to various threats. This Telegram spy app has the basic ability to monitor messages and call logs.

Apart from that, it can view the address book and GPS history of the target phone. Although it is a good option for basic protection, it doesn’t have advanced features.

For instance, you cannot block any apps or websites on the target phone using this app. Moreover, it comes with a monthly subscription fee of about $15 despite the 7-day trial.

05. AndroidMonitor

This is another Telegram spy app that comes with the ability of monitoring smartphone activities. However, just like the name suggests, this particular program is compatible with Android OS only. It claims to have the ability to operate in really good stealth mode.

Once installed, this app can give the fullest access to important information. For instance, you can access call history and text messages (including Telegram of course).

In addition to that, this tool can help you monitor emails (sent and received) on the target. Tracking the exact location of the child, and monitoring recorded video and audio are other features of AndroidMonitor.

In simplest terms, this tool can monitor any Android device remotely without the knowledge of the target. This tool comes with a handy Free-Trial period.

The Bottom Line

It is true that every person deserves privacy when using a smartphone. However, as a parent, you have a more important duty; that is, to protect your kid from various threats. In this case, you may have to take an advanced step and do a real-life spy job.

The purpose of monitoring your kids’ phones is for his or her protection, and that is justifiable. However, as a responsible individual, you shouldn’t try to hack the phones of those who are not relevant to you. You must remember that it is really unethical to spy on a stranger’s smartphone activities.

However, it cannot use each and every tool to accomplish this purpose. What you must do is to read some expert guidance and pick the best.

Our honest opinion is that KidsGuard does a really good job as a Telegram spy software. It comes with all the required features to provide an excellent monitoring ability.

More importantly, it doesn’t contain any malware to compromise your own safety. The user interface of KidsGuard is really friendly for any user. All these features make KidsGuard a superb Telegram spy tool.

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