Top 9 Best SoundCloud Alternatives

Have you become bored with SoundCloud and are looking for a SoundCloud Alternative that will you help discover amazing music? Not to worry because this article will feature the best SoundCloud Alternatives for you to try.

For over ten years, SoundCloud has been a terrific indie alternate solution to commercial streaming platforms; like Spotify or Tidal for aspiring musicians looking to bring their music into the public sphere.

SoundCloud, the internet’s largest independent music platform, allows musicians to post their tunes to the site, allowing them to approach their audience directly by eliminating the intermediary — record companies. It also gives an excellent forum for independent music fans to find fresh and unusual songs that mainstream record companies may not be interested in.

The primary disadvantages of SoundCloud are that advertising and commercials sometimes interrupt songs while you are listening to them. The search function is not very good, and there is not much music from big mainstream musicians.

List of the Best SoundCloud Alternatives

Hence, if you don’t like the platform for whatever reason; or if you are an independent artist seeking a place to post your material or an enthusiast searching for a fantastic SoundCloud Alternative to find new beats; here’s our list of some of the greatest SoundCloud alternatives to try out.

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1. Best SoundCloud Alternative – Spotify

SoundCloud Alternative - Spotify

Spotify is a prominent music streaming service and the finest SoundCloud alternative due to a variety of reasons.

For starters, Spotify boasts amazing music finding algorithm, a speedy but smooth user-friendly interface, as well as the ability to discover new music and golden oldies depending on what you enjoy or listen to on the site.

Unlike SoundCloud, which only offers free and Go+ subscriptions in 19 nations, Spotify is offered in 187 nations, making it available to music streaming listeners all around the world.

Earlier, Spotify had a 10,000-song restriction in its collection, but now you may add an infinite amount of tracks to your personal collection and up to 10,000 each playlist.

What distinguishes Spotify from SoundCloud is that the free version includes major-label music, and paid users may hear certain albums before they are published. You also get great collaborative playlists and possibilities for group sessions.

2. Best SoundCloud Alternative – YouTube


YouTube, being a video-centric website, is unlikely to be thought of as a hotspot for indie music. Nonetheless, a sizable number of individuals utilize YouTube as a substitute for SoundCloud, devoting a channel to posting their own original songs as videos, typically with only a static image or two in the backdrop.

YouTube has several clear benefits in assuming Soundcloud’s throne. For starters, it contains far more content than Soundcloud. It is difficult to discover a piece of the popular song that is not represented in some way. New tracks may be readily uploaded and marketed, and its videos will work almost anywhere. Undoubtedly, using a video gives you the opportunity to create a more immersive experience.

Reasons like these make YouTube a much suitable SoundCloud alternative.

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3. Best SoundCloud Alternative – Audiomack

SoundCloud Alternative - Audiomack

Audiomack is an excellent resource for learning how to release your music via streaming platforms. Many musicians find themselves trapped, unable to advance in their professions owing to a lack of exposure. The good news is that prominent online retailers are not your only option. You can upload an infinite number of tracks to Audiomack for free.

Owing to its large fanbase, Audiomack is an excellent SoundCloud alternative. The music service has over five million daily users, giving you the opportunity to earn new followers while keeping the ones you already have.

Users can integrate videos with their music, which are viewable on the internet, on this service. Audiomack also has a rating system that allows fans to easily identify trending music and informs artists about how their song is doing on the list.

4. Best SoundCloud Alternative – Reverbnation


Reverbnation has lost much of its significance since Soundcloud ruled the music streaming sphere at the beginning of the decade. But do not be fooled: Reverbnation is still going strong and might be valuable to a lot of musicians, making it an excellent SoundCloud alternative.

The design, style, functionality, and information of Reverbnation’s website are all excellent. The platform’s strong suit is that it caters to local independent musicians, which is exactly the type of musician that should view Reverbnation as a potential platform for his or her original songs.

Reverbnation may not have a large music collection that Soundcloud or Bandcamp does; however, their platform is packed with services that every performer might benefit from, like electronic press kits, social synchronizing, email marketing, advertising, digital distribution, and much more.

They also offer a decent Discover function, similar to most other music streaming services, in which you can easily locate independent music according to your preferences.

5. Best SoundCloud Alternative – Bandcamp

SoundCloud Alternative - Bandcamp

When you think about SoundCloud substitutes, Bandcamp is usually the first name that springs immediately to mind. It is a music distribution platform that has been in operation for more than a decade. Bandcamp, similar to SoundCloud, serves mostly independent artists and is frequently the first resort for artists searching for a SoundCloud alternative.

Musicians who sign up for the service are given their own personalized webpage to upload and distribute their songs. As a fan, you can listen to all music for free. And you can also purchase full albums or single songs at your own pricing.

Every artist’s Bandcamp profile includes details on the band/artist, social networking links, merchandise links, and a list of their accessible music.

6. Pandora


Pandora is yet another prominent music streaming platform that was once a market leader but has struggled in recent times.

Although it has shortcomings, Pandora is still a viable SoundCloud alternative because it provides a free version and is useful for music discovery depending on other musicians or tracks you enjoy. Furthermore, Pandora includes unique features such as Thumbprint Radio, which plays music based on past tunes you have enjoyed.

Pandora, much like SoundCloud, still has obnoxious commercials. And if you wish to skip songs, browse for, and play certain tracks, you have to watch the ads.

Pandora has a less number of tracks in its catalog than SoundCloud, which has 120 million, and the other streaming services discussed above. The platform remains one of the greatest user bases due to its free edition, and you may get improved music selections owing to its “Music Genome Project“, which evaluates tunes based on several factors.

Unfortunately, Pandora’s audio quality remains inadequate when compared to other providers. It is not available outside of the United States, and it does not present a compelling enough reason to upgrade.

7. Soundclick

SoundCloud Alternative - Soundclick

Soundclick is an old website; in fact, it is rather a bit too old (1997, to be specific). The platform’s appearance and vibe have not transformed significantly in a long time. This site was among the first to attempt to function as a social network for artists.

It has a decent music player and upload mechanism (with the ability to sell tracks or give them away for free). And there is some possibility to utilize your profile page as an old-school Myspace-style blog. Cover renditions can be uploaded to the website, but remixes demand specific consent from the original creator. (Quite frankly, if you have that, you could upload it anywhere). The platform is quite decent, and it gets the job done.

Soundclick has a very similar vibe to SoundCloud, but the UI is not as pleasant; yet, it includes a large library of content that visitors might find fascinating. You can easily search for great music by a specific artist or genre.  The key benefit of Soundclick is that it has a large user community and allows musicians to engage with each other.

8. MixCloud


Following SoundCloud’s partnership with copyright monitoring provider ZEFR. Many users’ music was removed from the service without notice and, in certain instances, without justification. Those who thought they were being dealt with unjustly quit SoundCloud in favor of this British-based platform, which has become a great SoundCloud alternative in the past few years.

MixCloud is similar to SoundCloud in that visitors can post original music remixes, news discussion shows, instructional lectures, and other content. Furthermore, content can be shared inside “groups” and also across other social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

A Mixcloud Basic membership is free and gives you access to the complete library of Mixcloud uploads, as well as limitless uploads of your own content. The drawback is that you will have to deal with commercials interrupting you on a frequent basis. For a nominal monthly cost, listeners may subscribe to a Premium subscription to remove all advertisements. Music producers can switch to a Pro account to have access to more data and capabilities. The main disadvantage of Mixcloud is that it does not offer a download option: it is only a streaming service.

9. HearThis

SoundCloud Alternative - HearThis

HearThis bills itself as the top SoundCloud alternative available. While this signifies nothing in and of itself, the reality is that the platform does provide a plethora of functions that rival those of its more famed competition. Feeds, personal pages, and the option to like, comment, and share music are among the many features available.

Aside from that, HearThis has a function called ‘Maps‘ that brings you up to speed on the music community. HearThis also enables users to integrate their SoundCloud account into their service, making the transition to the service much easy.

Users may arrange their feed on HearThis by genre, track duration, and date submitted. The site also has a ‘Groups‘ function, which was formerly available on SoundCloud, but it has now been removed.

Final Thoughts

If you are used to listening to music on SoundCloud, but the platform is no longer working for you, any of these top SoundCloud alternatives will allow you to listen to practically any song you desire. Not just that, but you can also learn what else is out there that SoundCloud may not have, as well as experience higher audio quality across gadgets.