How to Fix ‘Not Enough Space on iPhone to Restore Backup’

A friend complained to you: when I want to restore my iPhone only to find a warning saying ‘Not enough space on iPhone to restore it‘.

That’s really upsetting since he has no idea how to solve this problem. He thinks that this should not happen since there should be enough room to restore the backup file he created with his iPhone.


So what can you do to solve the “not enough space “problem? Never mind, we will guide you through the process in the following part of this article.

Step 1. Check the Usage of Your Storage Space

Hit Settings, app, go with General, and then Usage. You are able to preview the information about the space used and how much space remains in your device in the Storage area.

You can make your own judgment about whether space is enough to restore the backup file. And then check the occupied space by clicking “Manage Storage”.


You can free up space if there is not enough space indeed on the iPhone. You can accomplish that goal by erasing unnecessary videos, photos, apps, music, podcasts, messages, and ebooks. Speaking of text messages, the ones with pictures and attachments are the priority ones to be deleted since they take larger space.

If you are worried about losing important data, you can back up the files by transferring them to your computer. In order to get more space, you can download a tool named iMobie PhoneClean to wipe out unwanted files.

Download iMobie PhoneClean

If you check the storage space and find out the space is enough, you need to follow the steps below since this problem is not triggered by this simple reason.

Step 2. Upgrade iOS and iTunes

Get your iTunes updated to the latest version. But I advise you to download the latest version of iTunes from the Apple website directly instead of updating the iOS on the iTunes menu. This is because the update may fail if you try to update directly on the menu.

Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. Run iTunes. In the main window, hit your iPhone and you will be able to update to the latest version if this is available.

Update iOS via iTunes

Then you can try to restore your iPhone from the iTunes backup file again when iOS and iTunes are done updating. If the warning ‘not enough free pace is available’ appears again, you can go on with the step 3 and step 4.

Step 3. Have Your iPhone and Computer Restarted

Disconnect your iPhone from the computer and get your computer restarted. At this point, press the Wake/Sleep button and the home button at the same time for a moment and you will see the device rebooting.

Step 4. Check the Settings of Your Security App

Some security apps on your device may prohibit the restoring process from a backup file. If this is the case, you need to check the settings of these security apps and disable the option. You can check out the solutions between security programs and iTunes here.

If all the four steps above have been tried out and the warning is still there, you should consider backup a new file of your iPhone to a new computer. The last straw is to turn to Apple support.



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