Top Best Solarmovie Alternative, Sites Like

One of the things that people love the most is watching movies and tv shows in their spare time or on their day off.

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the comfy sofa, cracking a bottle of beer, and starting watching your favorite shows on the go without any hassle. has long been one of the best platforms to stream movies and tv shows. For many people, Solarmpovie has been the Netflix alternative.

But there is a downside to this Netflix alternative, which is the content. Solarmovie does provide a great number of tv shows and movies for the users to watch, but most of the time, the user won’t have access to the content due to a lot of issues.

That is why many people are looking for a proper Solarmovie alternative to get their movie fix.

Here, you will find all the best sites like to get your entertainment every single day without letting any copyrighted content ruin your mood.

Top 19 Best Solarmovie Alternatives

Here is the list of the best Solarmovie alternatives that provide all the features you loved about, and more to get you filled up.

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#1 Sites Like – Yes Movies


This is one of the best websites for Solarmovie alternatives. As the website’s interface is seamless to use, with all the movies at the top of the screen, aligned beautifully.

So you won’t have any problem picking them up or if you are looking for a nice movie to watch. At the top, you will see the home bar, genre, country, and the tv show. Top IMDB, and many more.

So if you wish to watch some movie, and you don’t know which one to start, then hop on to Yes movies for the best Solarmovie alternative experience.

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#2 Sites Like – YTS


Ever since the drop of YIFI, YTS has taken over where the YIFI left off. If you are looking for a site like Solarmovies but better, then look no further than YTS.

It’s one of the best Solarmovie alternatives available in the market. Since you get a good quality of movies under a moderate size, you can’t stream the movies here, but you can download them.

All of the movies are of higher quality; YTS is known to update its movies list every day. So you will get both the latest movies in good resolution and the older movies with better quality.

By the way, here, you will figure out the sites like Thewatchseries with ease.

#3 Sites Like – M4ufree


M4ufree is a great Solarmovie alternative website on the internet. Here you will get a huge collection of action movies with a diverse range of genres.

You will also have the option to choose from a well-categorized movie list. The list would have the size, genera, release date, quality, and plenty of other settings. The website has a lot of premium movies and tv shows.

#4 Sites Like Solarmovie – Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher

The interface of the movie watcher is one of a kind. On the main page, you will see all the details of the movie that you want to know. There is no need to dig deep to find the latest movies.

Because everything will be available to you from the main page, all of these reasons make Movie watchers the best Solarmovie alternative in the market.

#5 Sites Like Solarmovie – Putlockers Alternative - Putlockers

Although the name might throw people away because the name doesn’t strike you as a streaming platform for movies, Putlockers is the best Solarmovie alternative in the market.

The website looks simple and has a categorized section on the main page, so you can select your favorite movie and start watching it. On top of the website, you will have access to the navigation section, such as home, tv series, movie genre, tv genre, IMDB list, and IMDB TV.

This is one of the best sites like Solarmovies, but it has many things to offer to the user.

#6 Sites Like Solarmovie – Vumoo

Site Like - Vumoo

This is one of the best Solarmovie alternatives with more. You can stream your favorite movies here without any hassle.

Vumoo offers a large collection of movies stepping into different genres. You will also get the option to select from the category that you want. One of the best things about Vumoo is that you don’t have to create an account to get in.

All you have to do is just click on the website, and that’s only it, and take the torch from there. When it comes to a site like Solarmovies, this is one of the best ones on the internet.

#7 Solarmovie Alternative – 123Movies


It is one of the simplest sites to stream movies to. The interface is much simpler compared to every free site that you can find on the internet.

123movies offers a large collection of genres of movies. And you have your IMDB selection option, and language options to filter your movies based on the mood you are in.

#8 Solarmovie Alternative – Primewireshow

Solarmovie Alternative - Primewireshow

Primewireshow is another great Solarmovie alternative, containing everything you love about Solarmovie.

A user-friendly design, popular movies, tv shows all in one place. All the links to movies and tv series are working properly.

There are always alternatives to the broken links that you can find on the site. So you don’t have to worry about that.

#9 Alternative – FMovies

When it comes to a site like Solarmovie, you can choose FMovies as the alternative. If you are into watching movies made by different countries. Then you are certainly going to love what FMovies have to offer.

One of the reasons you should switch to this site is that it doesn’t have any ads for you to watch before a movie starts or in between. The menu section of this site is well made, with everything you will need is right in front of the screen.

#10 Solarmovie Alternative – Rainierland

Here you can watch all the movies in high quality. The list includes all the latest movies and tv shows. Making this the best Solarmovie alternative with a bunch of categories to make your experience even better.

Here is another website where you don’t have to register to start your streaming. When it comes to finding sites like Solarrmovies, you can’t go wrong with picking Rainierland as the Solarmovie alternative.

#11 Alternative – Megasharesc

The content database of Megasharesc is huge compared to others. All the recently released tv shows and movies can be found here.

The site has many active users every single day. Which makes this site one of the best sites like Solarmovie with more movies for the users.

#12 Solarmovie Alternative – Movie4K Alternative - Movie4K

Here you will have access to large collection of movies and tv shows belonging to different genera and styles. All the contents that you will find on this website are well categorized by its action, drama, adventure, and plenty more.

If you have no idea what to watch, you can always go through the category option to select the best one possible.

#13 Solarmovie Alternative – Newmoviesonline

Another well-organized collection of movies website on your doorstep. The best thing about Newmoviesonline it is free of charge. There is no need to get yourself hooked on a subscription to watch movies here.

As the options here are a lot, all of the options are there to help you find the best movie that you can watch. All of this makes this website one of the best alternatives in the market.

14. Iomovies

Solarmovie Alternative - Iomovies

The interface of movies is one of a kind; on the main page, you will see a variety of movies, all from a different genre, release date, year.

All of this on the main page, which is filled with just movies and tv shows. You just click on any one of them and start streaming.

The website features a lot of top-rated movies with all the information about the movies right next to them, so you would know what kind of movie it is before you start spending your internet data.

15. 123mvoieshub Alternative - 123movieshub

123movieshub is the best Solarmovie alternative that you can find on the internet. Here you will have access to all the latest movies with just a single click of a button.

This website also falls under the site that doesn’t allow you to sign up to start the streaming. You can watch anything here without having to create an account.

There are also different servers that the user will get for their streaming movie. If a link fails or lags on the computer, then you can always choose another.

16. Los-movies

Here is another best place to watch free movies and tv shows. Here you don’t need to sign up for a regular subscription to get yourself started. You can start watching almost anything for free.

There is a huge collection of tv shows and movies that you can find here; all of them are in good video quality. If you prefer the different languages of movies, then you won’t be disappointed here. All of these reasons make Losmovies one of the best Solarmovie alternatives to stream your favorite movies and tv shows.

17. Megashare

When it comes to watching the free content with a higher quality option, Megashare is the name that will often come up. All the movies here have good quality to them.

If you are into action or thriller type of movies, then you will certainly find Megashare to be one of the best choices for the movie platform. It also makes this website the best alternative.

18. Haloamovies Alternative - Haloamovies

Here you will find a large database full of movies. If you like to watch the old movies, you can watch them here; if you want some newer ones, you can certainly use Haloamovies to get your entertainment dose.

The menu section has everything you need to start your streaming journey. When it comes to a site like Solarmovies, you can choose Haloamovies for the replacement.

19. Cartoonmson

Solarmovie Alternative - Cartoonmson

If you stream only cartoon movies and tv shows, you can use Cartoonmson as your Solarmovie alternative.

Here you will find a huge range of animated movies for no charge. That’s right; you don’t have to spend a nickel to watch the classic collection of cartoons.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a perfect Solarmovie alternative will consume a lot of your time, the time you could spend watching movies and tv shows.

Above is the list of the best websites that you can use to watch shows for free, and on some websites, you don’t even have to go through the registrar process. Which saves you plenty of time & money.

There are plenty of sites like, you need to find the one that suits you the most and has all of your favorite movies that you can watch on the go. That’s what makes a website perfect.



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