How to Operate Social Media Safely – Top 10 Safety Tips

Are you concerned about your kid’s social media usage? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place.

In this article, you will learn ten social media safety tips that will help your kids to protect themselves from its bad influence. 

Today, social media have become a necessary part of our lives. We all are familiar with different social media applications and their usage. These platforms undoubtedly play a big part in connecting with people around the world.

However, it has a disadvantage as well. The constant surge in cybercrime is a serious concern for social media users. 

Most importantly, the biggest problem is with adolescent teenagers and kids. In the past couple of years, social media safety has become an important topic in the world.

Normally, social media vultures target kids and adolescent teenagers. That is why, as a parent, you must take full responsibility for your kid’s safety. 

This article will help you to know the ten best social media safety tips to safeguard your child.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into how to safely operate social media?  

Part 1: Some Common Social Media Platforms

There are many types of social media platforms that help you connect with people around the world. Following are some of the common social media platforms that are used by the mass.

  • Popular social media for interactions includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 
  • Popular social media that include sharing networks are Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram. 
  • Content curation and bookmarking social media network include Pinterest and Reddit. 
social media safety

Part 2: The Advantages & Disadvantages of Social Media

To know more about social media safety tips, here are some of the advantages/disadvantages of social media as follows should know first.

Advantages of Social Media

  • It helps you to connect with people around the world. 
  • Keep you updated with the trending topics, including entertainment, politics, business, etc.
  • It helps you to get different opinions on surveys.
  • You can easily connect with the students of the different institutes.
  • You can easily advertise or brand your business. 
  • Receive traffic and engagement on your social media post. 

Disadvantages of Social Media

  • Inappropriate or adult content or Adult Social Media could impact negatively on your child’s mind.
  • The surge in cybercrime leads to increased suicide cases. 
  • Fake news or rumors about the people.
  • Increase in depression and anxiety among teenagers and kids. 

Part 3: 10 Best Social Media Safety Tips for Parents

Social media has become the best medium of entertainment for kids today. This also leads to addiction, insomnia, obesity, and other physical and mental problems.

But no worries, in this part, we will talk about how to safeguard your children from their bad influence by using the following social media safety tips.

1. Use KidsGuard Pro to Monitor Your Kid’s Social Media Activities

If we tell you that you can easily monitor your kid’s smartphone activities by using software, what will you say? KidsGuard Pro for Android is the software that provides you with every small activity on your kid’s smartphone. Its features and functions are designed in a way that helps you to safeguard your child from falling into a cyber trap.

It allows you to check the history of your kid’s smartphone browser, multimedia, call logs, texts, social media posts, and many more. Plus, you can check the real-time location of your kid with this software.

Not only this, you can even set a Geofence, and whenever your kid steps out of the Geofence boundary, you will get an alert message on your device. Isn’t it great?

There are more functions and features in KidsGuard Pro for Android that you can use to protect your kid from cybercrime. That is why we have kept this software at the top of the social media safety tips list. 

Now that we have talked about the features and functions of this software. Let’s head further to the process of accessing this software.

How to Install KidsGuard Pro Software on Your Kid’s Phone?

Following are the steps that will help you to download and install KidsGuard Pro for Android on your kid’s smartphone.

Here is the comprehensive KidsGuard Pro review for your reference.

1: Go to the official website of KidsGuard Pro for Android and sign up with your credentials like email id and a password.

2: Search for the plan that suits your need and purchase it.

3: After purchasing the plan, go to the ‘My Product‘ section and click on the ‘Setup Guide‘ button. Download the software on your kid’s mobile and follow the Setup Guide to install it properly.

4: Once the installation is completed, you must enable some setting options to activate the software on the targeted device. These settings will also help you to hide the icon on the device.

5: After enabling the required options, go back to the dashboard and tap the ‘Social Apps‘ in order to view the social media activities of the targeted device.

This is one of the best methods for your kid’s social media safety.  

2. Learn About the Social Media Platforms and Applications 

In today’s day and age, many social media platforms and applications are emerging. In order to safeguard your kids from falling into the bait of cybercrime, you must know how these platforms work.

Some of the popular social media platforms are Tinder, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. More than 50% of social media users use at least one of these platforms.

Full knowledge about these social media sites will help you to understand the potential dangers of these platforms. Hence, learn about social media sites and ensure your kid’s safety.

3. Tell Your Children About the Unknown Friend Request

A friend request is a medium through which you come across another profile on social media. Make sure that you guide your children about accepting friend requests after checking the profile of the person.

Also, be cautious of fake profiles. Generally, social media vultures create fake profiles to manipulate kids and teenagers.

Fake profiles are typically created by hackers and blackmailers. Therefore, avoid accepting the friend requests of people whom you don’t know personally. Identifying fake social media profiles is not very tough.

Fake profiles generally contain a luring profile description and half or blank profile picture. Teach your children how to identify fake profiles and avoid accepting their friend requests.  

4. Educate Your Kids About Sensitive Social Media Posts

Tell your kids about the eligible content or images to post on social media. Avoid posting images or videos that are objectionable or are too personal, or contain family members. Hackers and blackmailers use these personal images to tarp people. 

In addition, never post contents that are too sensitive or rude. Avoid writing harsh or mean comments on other posts because it will eventually create problems for yourself.

Tell your kids about the importance and responsibility of using social media to avoid any future problems and keep Social Media Safety.

5. Teach Your Children About Privacy Settings to Keep Social Media Safety

Every platform gives you an option of whether you want to keep your profile private or public. Make sure that your kids know about this setting and keep their profiles private.

A private profile allows you to keep your social media posts hidden from other people except for your friends. 

In addition, put a guard on the social media profile picture and change your password regularly after a few days to avoid getting hacked easily.

Children should be aware of all kinds of settings, including two-step identification. This will make them aware of the possible methods, and they could protect their profile.  

6. Help Your Children Deal with Cyberbullying

If your kid faces cyberbullying, help him/her deal with it. You must help them to take the necessary steps against such actions.

In case a person is teasing or bullying your kid, report his/her social media account and immediately block that account.

Plus, take help from cyber police or some other cyber security platforms to keep Social Media Safety.

If the case is too serious, take legal action against that person. Tell your kid about all possible platforms that help in dealing with these situations. 

7. Teach Your Kid About the Online Behavior

Your kid must know online behavior and manner. Teach them to avoid using inappropriate language on social media or sending personal images or information to an unknown person.

Plus, tell them the difference between online and offline friends. They should communicate in a certain way online and avoid getting too involved in unnecessary subjects. 

8. Tell Your Child to Speak and Act Responsibly on the Social Media Platform

It is easy for kids to involve in trends or in such activities. Therefore, it is your responsibility to teach them proper behavior on social media.

If you think they involve in trends that can harm them mentally and emotionally, stop them right away.

There are some people who use trends to objectify and bully young kids. Make sure that they don’t get too involved on social media.

9. Ensure That Your Kid Uses a Strong Password to Keep Social Media Safety

Kids are too naïve and young to take anything seriously, which also goes for the password. They might not know how to use a strong password for their social media profile safety.

Tell them how they can generate a strong password for their social media account. This is another best social media safety method to safeguard your kid’s social media account.  

10. Set Some Rules to Use Social Media

You must set some rules for your kids to use social media platforms. We have mentioned three important rules below.

  • Teach your kids to use social media platforms just for learning purposes and information. 
  • Do not allow them to use social media late at night.
  • Check their accounts from time to time to know their activities. 


Social media is a sensitive place for your kid to be in, and therefore, as a parent, you must ensure their safety online.

We have included in detail the social media safety methods and tips that will help you to guard your child against cybercrime. 



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