Top 4 Snapchat Spy App Solutions to Hack Snapchat Accounts

Shortly after it hit the app store, Snapchat became a sensation. In just a few years, it has spread across the globe and has millions of daily users.

Of course, as we see with any app that receives a lot of popularity, most teenagers use Snapchat – one of the Free Sexting Apps.

This has drawn many parents towards considering a Snapchat spy app that would give them insight into their child’s Snapchat activity.

Keeping in mind that security is most social media platforms’ top priority, finding a working spy app is difficult.

Don’t worry though! If you’re one of those parents who want to monitor their children, here are the top 4 Snapchat spy apps for you to check out.

#1 – KidsGuard Pro

It should come as no surprise that KidsGuard Pro is the top smartphone spying app on our list. Even if we take into account that KidsGuard is newer than most other spying apps, it still exceeds what they have to offer.

Signing up for a free trial is an option, but if you want complete access to everything that KidsGuard has to offer, you’ll need to buy a subscription.

KidsGuard’s Key Features

  • Track the live GPS location of your target from anywhere.
  • This spy app can monitor Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more social media activity.
  • Add scheduling limitations to your child’s device.
  • Easily start to hack SMS messages & monitor new types of data.
  • Capable of tracking both iOS and Android devices, although the setup is different.
  • Has a built-in keylogger which means you can track everything your target does.

Monitoring your children using a Snapchat spy app might seem difficult, but KidsGuard makes it as simple as possible.

How to Use KidsGuard for Snapchat

Curious about how you can start using this hack app – KidsGuard? Follow our detailed guide below to get started on your spying journey.

#1Create your KidsGuard account via the sign-up page. Please take note of your account information as you’ll require it later on to access the Snapchat data.

#2 – After you’ve typed in your email and password, proceed to enter the necessary information. Most importantly, you have to select the right type of mobile device.

Note: The next set of steps is for Android devices only. If your target has an iPhone, then all you’ll need to do is sign in using their iCloud account information.

#3 – Find a way to retrieve the target device. Unlock the device and launch the “Settings” app.

#4 – Go to “Security” and scroll down to “Unknown Sources”. Enable this setting and then exit the settings app.

#5 – Next, open a web browsing app on Android and download the KidsGuard app.

#6 – After the Snapchat spy app has finished downloading, tap the APK file to install it. Installation should take just a few moments.

KidsGuard Pro

#7 – Open the KidsGuard application, and when it prompts you, grant the extra permissions.

#8 – Sign in to the KidsGuard account you created earlier and tap “Start Monitoring”. Exit the app and delete the shortcut.

#9 – Lastly, go to the KidsGuard dashboard, and after signing in, look under “Social Apps” and choose the “Snapchat” option.

Quick, simple, and the easiest way to spy on your children. Reiterating what we previously said, you can start monitoring other data types after you’ve set up Snapchat spy.

Try KidsGuard Pro

#2 – mSpy

Second on the list is mSpy, a more complicated but very reputable Snapchat spy app. Signing up for mSpy will give you access to an extensive library of hacking tools.

mSpy can be used to track your target’s live GPS location, monitor their recent app activity, see who they have been calling the most, and a lot more information.

Users are able to use a free trial version, but for optimal results, we recommend the paid version. All of the data that mSpy collects is accurate and is displayed for easy reading.

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How to Use mSpy for Snapchat

Have you been convinced to try out mSpy? Fantastic – use the short guide below to find out how you can use mSpy for spying on Snapchat accounts.

mSpy Snapchat Spy App
  • #1 – Direct yourself to the mSpy website and create an account. Repeating what we said before, a paid account has more to offer.
  • #2 – You now have to retrieve the target’s device. After doing so, go to “Settings > Security” and enable the “Unknown Sources” setting. This will allow us to download the mSpy app.
  • #3 – Launch a browser application and download the mSpy APK on the target device.
  • #4 – Tap on the APK once the download is complete and it will install.
  • #5 – After you have it installed, open the app and sign in using the same account that you created earlier.
  • #6 – Close the application and delete the mSpy app shortcut.
  • #7 – On your own computer, go to the mSpy website and sign into your account. Under the “Social Media” heading you can select “Snapchat” and spy on your target’s activity.

mSpy and KidsGuard are very similar Snapchat spy app solutions and are both worth trying out. This is yet another solution that is easy to follow, set up, and use.

Try mSpy

#3 – TheTruthSpy

Finally, the last entry on our list is TheTruthSpy. Although we consider this one of the basic Snapchat spying solutions that are readily available, it is still one of the best and will effectively spy on your target.

Not only will it actively spy on their Snapchat activity, but their WhatsApp activity and GPS location can be monitored too.

  • Browse the photos that are stored on the target device.
  • View all of the target’s browsing history.
  • Access social media data from WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and more.
  • Spy on multiple targets from a single account.
  • Get complete access to The Truth Spy free of charge for 48 hours.
  • Record live conversations directly from your target’s device.
TheTruthSpy Snapchat Spy App

As one of the most user-friendly solutions out there, we can vouch for how effective TheTruthSpy really is. It is easy to use, has a simple user interface, and has a reputation that speaks for itself.

Try TheTruthSpy

#4 – Snapch

Online options have also been made available. Snapch is a free online Snapchat spy app that is pretty straightforward and doesn’t need any previous hacking knowledge.

Unlike some of the other apps, Snapch has a built-in proxy server which means your identity will remain a secret.

Using this spying website will give you the chance to view your target’s photos, videos, chat logs, and even their stories.

How to Use Snapch for Snapchat Spying

Snapchat’s website may be a little bit confusing for some people. Follow the steps below to see how you can use this spy tool.

Snapch Snapchat Spy App
  • #1 – Run your preferred browser and go to the Snapch website.
  • #2 – Type the Snapchat username of your target into the box provided.
  • #3 – Click the “Find All” button and wait a few minutes.
  • #4 – Complete a survey when instructed to do so to receive the hacking results.

Minutes after you loaded Snapch, you’ll have hacked the target’s account. It’s as simple as that and requires minimal effort. Unfortunately, tools that need you to fill out a survey aren’t always reliable choices.

Which Snapchat Spy App to Use?

Any of the apps on this list are viable options. Narrowing down the list, even more, if we had to pick a single Snapchat spy app to use, it would likely be between KidsGuard Pro and mSpy. Both of these solutions are incredibly impressive and make hacking as simplistic as humanly possible.

To take things a step further, both KidsGuard and mSpy only require the initial setup. It doesn’t matter what you’re spying on.

Once you have the app set up, you can get instant access to more of your target’s smartphone data and activity. All in all, each of our listings is fantastic, but KidsGuard and mSpy take the crown.

To Conclude

Given how it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a Snapchat spy app, we encourage you to try one of the solutions that we listed above. Don’t feel guilty about spying on your children.

Remember, you’re monitoring their Snapchat to keep them safe and, in a day and age where cyber-bullying is a huge problem, it’s important that you watch over them.



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