[Fixed] My Samsung TV Won’t Turn On

My Samsung TV won’t turn on since yesterday no matter what methods I try. In fact, I am not an expert or tech-savvy, so I did some basic troubleshooting. Can someone please assist me in getting rid of this error and use my TV once again? I appreciate your assistance!” 

Why Does My Samsung TV Won’t Turn On?

Before finding out a solution to fix this error, let’s find out the potential reasons behind it. That will make the troubleshooting process easier. So, let’s go ahead and learn more about this. Mentioned below are the most common reasons why your Samsung TV won’t turn on.

● The Device is on “Standby Mode”

Your Samsung TV continues to work even if the red light is on and the display is turned off. To turn on the television, hit the power switch on the device’s front panel or on its remote control.

● Samsung TV Won’t Turn On because of a Malfunctioning Remote Control

To begin, replace the batteries and double-check all of the keys. It is always possible to install a special app on your smartphone called TV remote. This specific app allows you to change stations and adjust their volume with your regular phone.

● The Socket is Broken

Sometimes, your Samsung TV won’t turn on because of a broken socket. Connect your TV to a different power source if the indication on its control panel does not light up. Once you have done that, it is possible to use the device as usual.

● Connection Failure

The AV activation, HDMI, or Wi-Fi internet connection is most likely to blame for the formation of this problem. As a result, the screen displays an image out of a smartphone or laptop. Simply switch off all devices, then check all connected HDMI to VGA converters to continue watching terrestrial TV. That could be the reason why your Samsung TV won’t turn on.

● Weak Signals

Only a black, blank screen is displayed on the TV screen due to a weak signal. This is frequently caused by bad weather conditions such as severe precipitation, thunderstorms, and so on. Do not take any action right now; the broadcast will most likely restart in a few hours.

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Things You Should Do if Your Samsung TV Won’t Turn On 

Now that you have a brief idea about why Samsung TV won’t turn on. Let’s go to the solutions. The solutions you should try if your Samsung TV won’t turn on are mentioned below.  All these steps are explained in a pretty convenient manner, so even a novice can follow them. So, let’s go ahead and learn what you do.

A lot of power-related errors are the consequence of a hardware issue. Therefore, if you experience such problems, the wisest choice to do is to have a certified Service Technician. You can start by trying a few things at home as well. For instance, it is possible to determine which mode the TV equipment is now in.

It displays a red-light notification on the lower left side of the TV’s main panel. That is particularly if you can find it in standby mode. You must exit standby mode in order to resume TV transmission.

01. Check if the LED is switched off by pressing the “Power” button on your remote.

02. If it shuts off, it means the TV is properly connected to the power source.

03. Use your finger to softly tap the screen to see if it is working properly. If the screen flickers, it signifies everything is fine.

04. If the screen does not blink or even the LED does not turn off, there is some problem. It may be related to the remote, the power source, or the screen itself. It is also possible that you see a dark screen on your Samsung television.

My Samsung TV Won’t Turn On, but the Standby Light Appears in Red Color

If the indicator is red and yet the TV doesn’t really turn on, it’s also in standby mode. Please note that it is a normal situation. On the other hand, it indicates that power is being received. To begin, use the power button to turn on your TV without using the remote.

In certain cases, the signal becomes green before becoming red again. This signifies that the CPU was built, and the incoming data to turn on was delivered to other modules. The LED can change color at any time, but the television never goes on. An inverter, perhaps a transistor, is the source of the problem. It is required to call the service department so that the problematic modules can be replaced.

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01. Check if the Power Button is Working

Check Power Button

Hold down that power button located on the television for at least ten seconds. The power button on your Samsung TV can be found on the front bezel. That means on its back or at the bottom.

Look at the standby indicator if the TV doesn’t turn on after pushing the power button on the panel. When that button is pushed, it turns off, indicating that the internal lock has been activated. In fact, you shouldn’t necessarily rule out the possibility of the button or the loop creating the connection breaking.

Does the button starts falling into the panel when pressed but does not click? If so, it needs to be replaced. You can’t accomplish anything on your own, so you’ll need to go to a Support Center. So, that should be checked if my Samsung TV won’t turn on.

02. Check with the TV Remote

Check TV Remote to fix Samsung TV Won't Turn On

If your remove isn’t working and the Samsung TV won’t turn on, the batteries need to be replaced.

Then you should double-check the keys. In fact, some of them may be stuck and only work after a couple of clicks.

If you cannot switch on the channels with the remote, the issue is related to its IR sensor.  Physical damage or liquid entry into the gadget are other causes of these issues.

To use the remote to control your TV again, you’ll need to purchase a new remote. If not, you can even use a smartphone app instead. Then, check if your Samsung TV won’t turn on.

03. Check Your Source Selection

If you wish to watch live TV but can’t see anything, make sure you’ve selected the correct signal source. An HDMI cord is most likely linked to your TV. In that case, it should be switched off, and the antenna connection activated instead. What if your device doesn’t work with the TV? In that case, look into an HDMI to VGA converter that can let you connect the device.

The Samsung TV Won’t Turn On, but the Standby Light Appears in Green Color.

If the indication is green, but the television doesn’t really turn on, the professionals will perform a complete examination. The test starts with a comprehensive examination of the motherboard, with specific equipment used to assess the incoming voltage. In addition, commands for illuminating indicators, switching on the TV, and other functions are being tried.

Assume that the light illuminates, indicating it is operational, but no transmissions from the motherboard are present. In this case, it could indicate software issues. Try using a TV remote or tapping a button on the panelboard to switch on the device.

The damaged component on the motherboard is replaced to solve the hardware issue easily. If the power is supplied correctly, the experts will change the user settings before installing the latest software.

Your TV Doesn’t Turn On, but the Red Light is Flashing

There’s an issue with the power supply when the TV would not switch on despite the indicator blinking continuously. Failing to specify the problem results in a red flashing light that is a failure indicator.

A detailed diagnosis is conducted to establish the reason for the occurrence of a red flashing on the TV. The power adapter and the converter on the motherboard are both tested using an oscilloscope.

Generally, a flashing red light on the Samsung TV indicates a voltage issue as well. And that explains why it won’t come on. The contact circuit, for instance, has a short circuit error.

Unplugging its power supply and plugging in the power board will quickly reveal whether or not the problem exists. If the power supply is working properly, you are supposed to see lights in the screw holes.

That indicates that the respective issue has been resolved. That is a solution to try if your Samsung TV won’t turn on.  

My Samsung TV Won’t Turn On and So is Its Red Light

This means that the Samsung TV won’t turn on or has a dark screen even it is turned on. In this case, you should try pressing any TV button to see if you can get it to respond.

If you see anything on the screen, your TV is on. If not, turn it off. ‘Channel List‘ allows you to examine the strength of the broadcasting signal and measure it digitally. Inclement weather, such as heavy rains or thunderstorms, can cause this.

Perform a Test on the Socket

Even though the device’s standby light is on, it won’t start unless you use the TV remote. If not, you can use the front-panel key. The next step is to make sure the outlet is working properly. The errors on the power socket will definitely keep your TV from turning on.

So, just unplug the device and leave it for about 30 seconds. After that, plug it into a different wall outlet. If my Samsung TV won’t turn on even after that, you should contact the service center.

Why Doesn’t My Samsung TV Turn Off?

When the television won’t shut off, there’s a problem with one of the nodes. In comparison to LED models, things are different if you use a TV unit that has liquid crystal technology. Unplugging all of your extra plugins will allow you to see if that’s the source of the problem.

PS4, Xbox, or any converters or external Samsung TV devices, such as soundbars, speakers, etc., can be the reason. If your Samsung TV won’t turn off after you unplug it, you’ll know if something is wrong with it.

Getting in Touch with the Service Center

Have you tried everything listed above and still the Samsung TV won’t turn on? If that’s the case, your only option is to contact the Samsung service center for assistance. Even if you know what you’re doing, taking apart a device on your own is a bad idea. It also isn’t always possible to fix software issues with a Samsung Smart TV on your own.

A Flash drive or an internal hard drive is required for performing firmware updates. That is because you must install the file and save it somewhere. This is a difficult task that not everyone will be able to do. So, contact the Service Center if your Samsung TV won’t turn on even after the above-mentioned steps.


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