Best Roblox Games & How to Keep Kids Away From Roblox Sex Games

Have you come across Roblox sex games? If not, have you heard the term Roblox sex and are curious about what it is? Well, the truth is that there is no shortage of dangers associated with the best Roblox games. If you are a concerned, responsible parent, the best thing is to keep an eye on your kids. If you know more about Roblox games, you can prevent your kids from playing them. Keep reading this article if you are curious about the safety of your kids.

Introduction to Best Roblox Sex Games

Roblox is a platform that offers games exclusively for kids. Their platform comprises of games that are developed based on ‘Lego‘ type characters, so children love playing them. However, the most dangerous thing associated with Roblox games is that their adultery contents. Those cartoons necessarily display content related to sexual intercourse, and that could be some shocking news for parents.

Making things even worse, the Roblox platform comprises a feature called the sex room as well. In this sex room, the participants are allowed to share their thoughts with each other. In fact, the participants can share images, textual messages, and videos in this room.

Kids can view inappropriate Roblox sex games on this platform and create a serious impact on their minds. Therefore, as a parent, it is compulsory for you to keep an eye on your kid’s activities on Roblox. Otherwise, it can cause pretty serious problems.

roblox sex games

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Why Do Parents Should Monitor Roblox Sex Games?

Well, if you read the question once again, you can find the answer to it. Why would you ever want your child to play a sex game? So, it is compulsory to monitor your children when they are playing a game like Roblox.

According to modern-day statistics, a considerable number of kids are addicted to playing video games. So, they can end up playing Roblox sex games as well due to their high level of curiosity. As a result, they can experience the below-mentioned consequences as well.

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Poor Academic Performance

By nature, kids love to engage in other activities like games instead of studying. So, if your kid gets addicted to games, that can directly affect their academic performance in a negative manner.

Lack of Sleep

The kids who expose to digital screens for longer periods tend to experience sleep deprivation. In other words, such kids will find it difficult to find a proper sleep schedule. As a result of sleep deprivation, the kids will experience various psychological and physical issues.

They Become Aggressive

When kids tend to see aggressive actions in games, they tend to act aggressively. They show a lack of patience all the time and will start to reject your advice. Eventually, they can become uncontrollable.

The above information is more than enough for a parent to realize the dangers associated with games. Before we learn how to prevent your kids from those dangers, you can go through the list below. It shows the best Roblox games played today.

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Inappropriate Roblox Sex Games

01. Shedletsky’s Dirty Place

This game allows children to connect together and play dirty. In fact, this game is primarily developed, targeting pre-teen kids (kids below 13 years). The most shocking thing associated with this Roblox sex game is that it shows plenty of adult activities. The kids will not realize the consequences at once. But they will experience the downsides later on as they go on.

Shedletsky's Dirty Place

02. Shower Simulator

They say Shower Simulator to be one of the best Roblox games. As per this game, the participants are expected to experience a shower together regardless of gender. The players who enter the shower are supposed to wear swimsuits only. The attire of the players itself is not appropriate for kids. Making things worse, this game comprises of erotic conversations and other sexual content as well.

Shower Simulator roblox sex games

03. Dance Club

This is a game that expects players to show their dancing moves. The bad thing about this game is that the players are expected to perform sexy moves. Moreover, there are plenty of romantic scenes that can easily spoil the minds of the kids.

Dance Club roblox sex games

04. Survive the Killers

This game is based on a high level of violence. The kids are expected to have guns and other unique weapons to kill other players. The animations and actions included in this game are not suitable for kids who are below 13. To add more horror to the game, it has a serial killer as well. This killer is in search of the players (kids). He either stabs or shoots at the kids without showing any mercy.

Survive the Killers roblox sex games

05. Obby Games

In this Roblox game, you can find a range of interlinked pages. Kids have to move from one page to another by completing the given tasks. Each of the page come with a different set of challenges. The participants are expected to win the given tasks to proceed to the next levels. As the levels advance, the tasks are getting tougher. Then, evil toys and other inappropriate contents come into play. The players will also come across horror-related toys that can frighten the kids terribly.

Obby Games

The above is just a very small list of games listed on the Roblox platform. There are plenty of other inappropriate games loaded in Roblox.

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What Parents Say About Roblox Sex Games

We can now take a look at the comments left by worried parents about the best Roblox games. We have acquired these comments from various platforms to give you a better idea about it.

01. Totally Bad Language and Violence

I have a teenage daughter who played Roblox. I bought her the game called ‘Builders Club,’ thinking that would be a great gift for her. After a couple of days, I was surprised to hear that she was banned from the platform. They banned her for three days because she has told someone to stop using abusive language.

As a result, I wanted to check Roblox by myself, so I created an account. Well, it was really annoying to see that many individuals swearing at each other. Although it was supposed to be a gaming platform, some even tried to date through it. Pretty much all the games I found, they were were surprisingly violent, particularly for kids.

02. Surprisingly Disgusting

If someone wants me to describe this game in one word, that single word will be “Disgusting.” I completely regret that I allowed my son to play it as I didn’t know much about it. So far, that’s the biggest mistake I have made in my life. The game made my son a completely different person, and his school grades are destroyed. It is a surprise to see how rapidly his grades started to drop since he started playing this game. He is uncontrollable now!

03. Parents… be very Careful!

My younger son plays a game called Pizza Parlour with his school friends and spends hours. I happened to watch they are playing once, and I thought it was something related to education. Although Pizza Parlour was a pretty nice and fun game, not all the games are similar. I was completely wrong. They explore more about other games, and they started using a very abusive language. That is gross, vulgar, pathetic, and horrific. Don’t let your children get into this trap.

How Do Kids End Up Playing Roblox Sex Games?

Kids are very curious about the available games on this platform. They can find games related to Roblox sex by typing the word ‘Cons‘ on the search tab. Basically, the child will not have proper knowledge about the inappropriate characteristics of the games. They will play the game with strangers and fall into the trap of curiosity. Kids will eventually end up getting familiar with adultery content. As a result, their childhood will be disturbed, and they will tend to have matured feelings. So, it is a responsible parent’s duty to monitor their kids closely.

How to Keep Your Kids Away from Roblox Sex Games and Violent Games?

Now you know the dangers associated with Roblox games; it is better to learn how to protect your kids. Mentioned below are some of the effective ways to do it.

Provide Your Kids with the Necessary Assistance

A simple way to address this situation is providing assistance. You can stand next to your kids when they play Roblox games. You can see if they are going in the wrong direction. Also, you can monitor the language they use.

Moreover, you can observe if other players are trying to abuse your child while playing. You can take a quick look at the list of games they play and then educate them. Be sure to talk with your kids when they are in a good mood.

Play with Your Kid

You can create a Roblox account for yourself and then enter the platform to play with your kid. You can become her co-participant and make the gaming experience a more exciting one without compromising the joy. Also, you will be able to learn a lot about the platform and its users. You can learn about the language they use and how they behave.

Eventually, you will learn a lot about the risks associated with the Roblox platform and games. Then, you can educate your kids about the true consequences associated with the game. After that, you can say how dangerous it is to mingle with strangers.

Make use of the Privacy Settings

Another possible solution to address this situation is by using the privacy settings of the Roblox platform. You can go to the option called ‘Account Settings‘ and then choose the option called ‘Privacy.’ Then, you should choose the option called ‘Contact Settings‘ and choose ‘Other Settings.’ You can choose the options ‘No One‘ or ‘Friends.’ If the account holder is a preteen, you can enable the option called ‘Account Restrictions.’

Make use of the privacy settings

In addition to that, you can choose to use the option called ‘Report Abuse.’ You should educate your kids about this option and when to use it.

Use a Parental Control App (the Best Option)

The best option to keep your kids away from Roblox sex and violet games is constant monitoring. However, under practical circumstances, you cannot necessarily be with them whenever they play games.

In this case, the most practical solution is to use a parental control app. Although there are plenty of parental control apps, you must be wise enough to choose the best. If you are looking for a recommendation, the best is the FamiSafe parental control app. This app can monitor the smartphone activities of your kids remotely.

FamiSafe app comprises of a special tool called ‘App Block‘ to protect unwanted apps on your kids’ phone. After enabling this option, you can block any particular app without any hesitation at all. In addition to that, you can use the same app to filter web content. That is because of the ‘Web Filtering‘ feature. So, you can easily use it to block Roblox sex games.


Features of FamiSafe

  • Tracking the location of the target device and geo-fencing
  • App blocking
  • Reporting the activities of the apps
  • Limiting the screen time on the target device
  • Filtering explicit content
  • Detecting suspicious photos
  • Track whether your kids have installed Roblox app
  • Block the Roblox app if it is already installed.

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The Bottom Line About Roblox Sex Games

It is absolutely true that it is very difficult to keep your kids safe from various online threats. In fact, these threats can exist in various forms, including games like Roblox sex games. If your kids are addicted to games, that can be very dangerous to their mental and physical health. Things can become worse if they play games with explicit content and bad language.

So, preventing your kids from playing games like Roblox sex is exceptionally important if you want to safeguard them. One of the best options to try in this case is using a parental control app like FamiSafe. If you want to know more about the best Roblox games and more prevention methods, please let us know.