Ways to Recover Data from iPhone after Factory Reset

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In this guide we are dealing with an issue closely related to iPhone, running on the iOS 15 version. We are about to deal with the solution to recover data from iPhone after a factory reset.

In a few iPhone-related cases, the device simply stops responding subsequently to some apps updating. Forgetting it to work once more, people usually try to factory reset the entire device. As a result, most of them have lost the entire existing data files on the iPhone device.

Performing a factory reset can be a viable way of fixing an unresponsive device. Most often than not, it only causes loss of data, and regrettably, it is hard for recovering the lost data files in case one does not have a prior backup.

Even so, this effective guide can make you familiar with a few methods for getting back the lost data.

PART 1: Attempting to Recover Data from iPhone After Factory Reset via iCloud Backup

Below is an easy way for restoring data to the iPhone device from any iCloud backup.

1: As soon as you switch on your iPhone, you will view the Setup screen. Then choose the ‘Slide to Setup’ icon.

2: Then select your ideal language option.

3: Choose your country or region.

4: Then attach to a Wi-Fi network system. Do not bring a cellular network into play; it may fall short in downloading the entirety of your data files.

5: On the subsequent screen, opt whether you would prefer the ‘Location Services’ tab deactivated or activated. By default, the option is ‘On.’

6: On the subsequent screen, select the tab ‘Restore from iCloud Backup‘ and type in your login credentials of iCloud.

7: Then agree to ‘Terms and Conditions‘. You will need to consent to the terms and conditions once more on the subsequent screen of your device.

8: Select the most up-to-date backup from the list of the backup files on hand.

recover data from iPhone after factory reset via iCloud Backup

9: hang around for the restoration process to be completed, and your data files will get reversed on the iPhone device.

PART 2: Learning to Recover Data from iPhone After Factory Reset via iTunes Backup

In case you possess an iTunes backup instead, you can follow these steps for restoring iPhone

1: You can initiate by connecting your iPhone device to the PC.

2: Then launch the iTunes app and steer to ‘Devices‘ below the menu of ‘File’. You can select the ‘Restore from Backup‘ icon.

recover data from iPhone after factory reset via iTunes Backup

3: Then pick the most up-to-date backup and click on ‘Restore.’ Keep your device linked until the procedure is completed.

PART 3: Learning to Recover Data from iPhone After Factory Reset Selectively via iTunes or iCloud Backup

With the exception of iTunes and iCloud backup files, you can add, and bring a third-party retrieval program into play, like the Tenorshare UltData iPhone Data Recovery toolkit for Windows or for Mac.

This specifically made utility tool for the iDevices can help in retrieving the data from any iPhone device, iCloud backups, and iTunes backups, devoid of leading to any loss of data to the current settings and content on the iPhone device. The chief features of this program have been enlisted below: :

Tenorshare UltData (iOS 15 Supported) Key Features:

  • It can give a chance for recovering lost data, owing to; broken devices, jailbreak issues, factory reset, iOS upgrades (including the iOS 15 update), password-forgot device virus attacks, deletion, and also as a result system crashes.
  • The program has three ways that you can exercise for retrieving data, i.e., Recovery from iOS, Recovery via iTunes Backup, and Recover from iCloud Backup.
  • Tenorshare UltData is an all-inclusive tool, which retrieves more than 22 types of files such as Voice Memos, Notes, Kik Messages, Photos, WhatsApp Messages, Safari Bookmarks, Videos, Contacts, and the rest.
  • The program can extract backup from iCloud and iTunes to the PC.

Try UltData iPhone Data Recovery

1: Selecting the Recovery Method Along with Data for Recovering

You can start by launching the UltData program. Then select ‘Recover from iTunes Backup ‘ or else, ‘Recover from iCloud Backup‘ tabs, in case the desired data exists in the backup file.

After that, choose the sort of file that you wish to recover on your device.

2: Scanning for the Lost Data

Tap on ‘Scan‘ and the outcomes of the mislaid text files will get displayed. You can preview and select the data that you wish to save.

For the iCloud preference, you will need to log in to the cloud account and then download the desired backup file. Then, you will need to scan the download.

3: Recovering and Saving Data

As soon as you choose the desired data for saving, tap on ‘Recover to PC’, and a fresh dialogue box will unlock asking you to choose a folder from the PC for saving your data files.

Subsequent to choosing the opted location, the recovery automatically starts, and your data would get saved to the PC.

recover data from iPhone after factory reset Using UltData

Now download the trial version of Tenorshare UltData to scan the data on your device (including the device running iOS 15) to know if it can still find your covered data.

In these ways, you can recover data from iPhone after the factory reset, in a seamless fashion. The UltData program is apt software that you can use to recover data from your iPhone after a factory reset.

Try UltData iPhone Data Recovery

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