Frustrated with Pokemon GPS Signal Not Found 11 Issue?

You try to play your favorite Pokémon Go, but you are annoyed that the Pokemon Go GPS signal has not found 11 issues? Let’s see how to get this issue solved for good.

If you are a youth, you don’t need an introduction to Pokémon Go. This exceptionally popular mobile game is embraced warmheartedly by Android and iOS device users across the globe.

Well, as you may already know, having strong GPS signals is a mandatory aspect of playing this game. If GPS doesn’t work properly on your iOS or Android device, you cannot necessarily play it.

‘GPS signal not found 11’ issue is not very rare. Plenty of Pokémon Go players have and are experiencing this issue from time to time.

Online forums and communities have gotten an increasing number of complaints about this issue recently. If you are among those individuals who want a quick solution to this issue, read this article.

Part 1: Fixing Pokemon GPS Signal Not Found 11 Issue on Android Devices

Here are some fixes if you are using an Android device and experiencing an issue related to the GPS signal. You can try these solutions individually and check which one works for you.

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1) Disable the Feature “Mock Locations”

  • Open the “Settings” option on your Android device and tap on the “About Phone” option.
  • Tap on the option labeled “Software Info” seven consecutive times. That will open the option “Developer Options” for you.
  • Turn on this option called “Developer Options” and make sure you disable the option labeled “Mock Locations.”
disable mock locations

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2) Reset the Location Settings of Your Device

  • Go to the “Settings” option on your device and tap on the option labeled “Privacy and Safety.”
  • Under that, you should select the option called “Location.”
  • Now, you should make sure that the location is switched on. Tap on the option “Locating Method.” Please note that on some devices, it may appear as “Location Mode.”
  • Tap on the option “GPS, Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks.”
  • Now, you should ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is switched on every time you play Pokémon Go. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are connected to any network.
reset android location settings

3) Restart the Device You Are Using

Restarting the device is one of the easiest, basic, but effective solutions to fix various Android-related issues. Restarting doesn’t take that long. However, it can practically address many software glitches associated with the device.

To restart the device, you should press and hold the power button. You will then see an option called “Restart your phone” on the screen. Tap on this option and get the device restarted.

Within several seconds, your device will get restarted. If you are lucky enough, this method will fix the minor issues associated with the device.

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4) Switch on and off Airplane Mode on the Device

Turning on the Airplane mode will disable the network connections on your device temporarily. Once you turn this option again, the network connection will start fresh, possibly resolving the errors.

Although we cannot guarantee that this method will resolve all the network errors, it’s worth trying this basic method.

switch airplane mode to fix GPS signal not found 11

You should go to the notification panel to switch off and on the Airplane mode. You can do so simply by pulling it down. Then, it would help if you tapped the “Airplane mode” button once. Please wait for a couple of seconds and turn it on.

5) Reset the Network Settings of the Device

If you still experience a GPS signal not found 11 issues, you will have to reset the network settings. We expect to eliminate potentially misconfigured network settings and establish a solid network connection through this.

Resetting the network might vary from one Android device to another. Let’s assume that you use a Samsung device, for instance.

  • Access the General Management option on your device and then go to the “Backup & Reset” option.
  • Tap on the option labeled “Network Settings Reset.”
Fix GPS signal not found 11 by Reset android network settings

You can now use Pokémon Go and see if “GPS signal not found 11” persists.

6) Try Upgrading Pokémon Go

If you are yet to resolve the issue, you can upgrade Pokémon Go to its latest version. This approach might fix the potential bugs in the app.

Part 2: Fix Pokemon GPS Signal Not Found 11 Issue on iOS Devices

Pokémon Go is so popular even among iOS device users. Read this section if you are an iOS device user and experience GPS-related issues when playing Pokémon Go. We will present several options (including one professional method) to fix this issue.

1) Using ReiBoot

Tenorshare ReiBoot is here to fix any issues you encounter using iOS devices. It can also eliminate any problems on Pokemon Go, including the ‘GPS signal not found 11’ problem. And it’s very easing to use with just simple steps as below.


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