Pokemon Go Great Throw – How to Make It With Ease

Are you wondering how to make a Pokemon Go Great Throw? Let’s learn the right way of doing it. It is not rocket science at all. But there is a specific way to do it and achieve your goal. So, let’s learn how to do it easily.

If you have played the Pokemon Go game at least once, you already know how addictive it is. Also, it comes with plenty of fun-filled yet challenging activities to make it so popular. All those challenges, needless to say, will require a considerable amount of time and effort. One of the main challenges associated with this game is Pokemon Go Great Throw. What if you cannot achieve a Pokemon Go Great Throw (also known as Pokemon Excellent Throw)? In that case, you will find it very difficult to enjoy those rewards to improve the overall excitement.

Pokemon Go Great Throw

So, for those who wonder how to make a Pokemon Go Great Throw, this article is a guide. So, now, let’s figure out the steps and succeed.

Part 1: What exactly is a Pokemon Go Great Throw?

Basically, Pokemon Go Great Throw means a specific throw rating within the game of Pokemon Go. There is a particular method to achieve this sort of throw. To make it a Pokemon Go Great Throw, you should fulfill the following requirements.

  • You should hit a Pokemon with the balls.
  • At the time of hitting, the circle around the Pokemon must be half of its regular size.

As a result of fulfilling the above two requirements, you will be able to get a rating called “Great Throw.” Also, based on the type of throw, you will be able to get different types of ratings. For instance, you can get a “Nice” or “Excellent” rating on your throw in the game. But, in this article, we intend to discuss the “Pokemon Go Great Throw” only.

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Part 2: How to achieve “Pokemon Go Great Throw”?

Now that you know about the basics of Pokemon Go Great Throw. Let’s learn how to achieve it. To make it more convenient for you, the process is explained in a step-by-step mode.

  • First, you are required to hold the ball down so it will set the ring. You will have to release the ball as soon as you notice the circle is half of the size. That means you should release it when the circle is half as big as the center circle.
  • After that, you should wait without doing anything so the Pokemon will attack you.
  • When the Pokemon launches the attack, you should spin the curveball and release it. Please note that the release should be done when it goes back to the original stance. If you do this correctly, you can achieve the special throw called Pokemon Go Great Throw. As a result, you can get an amazing rating on the throw.
  • Once you have done that successfully, you can repeat those steps as much as possible.

In fact, the base capture rate of this specific process is 50%. In addition, when it comes to the combination of Great Catch and Curveball, will provide you nearly 53% rating. We know that some please who want to increase their capture rate. Do you fall into that category? If yes, you’ll have to add a Golden Razz Berry or Razz Berry to the throw. Those options will increase your chances of making a Pokemon Go Great Throw for good.

Part 3: Catching more Pokemons with the assistance of a third-party tool

It is true that Pokemon Go is a game played based on GPS technology. That means this game requires access to the device’s real-time location to play the game. As per the game, you are supposed to change the location of the game to catch many Pokemons. That means you should walk around having the respective smartphone in hand to catch those Pokemon characters.

In fact, this game is embraced by millions of individuals across the globe because of this excitement. However, there are many individuals who don’t want to move from one place to another just to play Pokemon. They just want to sit back on their favorite couch and play the game to pass the time. What if you fall into that category? What if you want to play Pokemon Go without moving from one place to another? If that is the case, you should seek the assistance of a good location spoofing tool. A location spoofing tool is an app that can change the actual location of your device to another. When it comes to location spoofing, there are plenty of apps in the market. So, choosing an app from all the available products can be a pretty challenging task. You have to do much research before choosing a tool.

We have done the hard work for our readers and did the research on this subject. According to our findings, we choose Tenorshare iAnyGo as the best location spoofing tool in the market. In fact, there are plenty of reasons for us to choose Tenoreshare iAnyGo as the best location spoofing tool.

Features of Tenorshare iAnyGo

Please find below are some obvious reasons for us to choose Tenorshare iAnyGo to spoof location.

  • It allows you to change the iPhone’s location conveniently with a single-click operation.
  • You can use it to simulate your movement as if you are moving in a route.
  • You can plan it by choosing a couple of multiple spots on the map.
  • And you can use it to simulate GPS movements even through a customized route.
  • iAnyGo allows you to save your favorite locations or landmarks and design a custom route very quickly.
  • You can use it with all the location-based apps in addition to Pokemon Go. For instance, you can use it with Ingress, Fitness app, Facebook, and so on.
  • This app works smoothly, even with the latest iPhone versions and iOS versions.

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How to use Tenorshare iAnyGo to spoof a location

In this part, let’s explain how to spoof a location using Tenoreshare iAnyGo.

  • First, please download Tenorshare iAnyGo on your computer through their official website. It can be downloaded through Windows or Mac computers without any issue. Once the downloading is completed, you should install the program by double-clicking on it. Installation is very simple; please just follow the onscreen instructions to complete it. Then, just launch the software on the computer to see the main screen.
  • On the main screen, you can see the option called “Change Location” on the default mode.
Tenorshare iAnyGo
  • Now, you should connect the respective iOS device to the same PC/Mac and proceed. Once the device is connected, you can unlock it and click on the option called “Enter.” This will take you to the next step.
Tenorshare iAnyGo
  • You can now see a search box on the interface of the iAnyGo screen. On this interface, you should enter the GPS coordinate of the location you intend to be. If not, you can even type the exact address of the location. That will take you to the intended location virtually. Once the location is chosen, you should click on the option called “Start to Modify.” This option appears as a button. That’s it. Once you have done that, the original location of the device will be changed to the spoofed one. All the location-based apps will consider the spoofed location as its original location. You can use this feature to change the location of the device anywhere, regardless of your actual location.

If you want to access the previously spoofed locations, you can use the option called “Historical Records.”


Well, it is true that completing a Pokemon Go Great Throw is not that easy. To achieve it successfully, you should practice constantly. The more you practice, the better will be the results. Even if you fail a couple of times, don’t give it up. Instead, keep practicing and learn how to do a Pokemon Go Great Throw and boost your profile. Also, don’t forget to experience the best of Pokemon Go by using a reliable location spoofing app. Tenorshare iAnyGo is the best app you can use to accomplish this task successfully.

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