Remove iPhone Apps & Permanently Delete Apps on an iPhone

Every day, the Apple Store is poured into many new apps, some for education, some for entertainment, etc.

You can find useful ones according to your need every time you search the Apple Store. I guess that you must have installed many apps on your iPhone.

However, as time goes on, some installed apps become useless. Thus you may need to uninstall them to leave more room for other new apps. If you are looking for some methods to delete apps on an iPhone permanently, you can learn more in the article.

Way 1: Remove Apps from Your iPhone Directly (Delete iPhone App One by One, Not for Multiple Apps)

Here is the most easy-handling method: you can delete apps on your iPhone directly. However, in this method, you can only delete a single app at a time.

Step 1: First, you need to tap and hold any app on your iPhone until all the apps begin shaking. You can see the symbol “X” on every app.

Step 2: To delete the apps, you just need to click the “X,” then you will see a new window that asks you whether you’d like to delete it or not. Please choose “Delete” if you don’t need the app anymore. After the tap, the app will be deleted immediately.

Step 3: Now, you can follow the process in step 2 to delete all other apps you don’t need. When you’re finished, click the Home button. Your iPhone will be back to normal, and the apps will stop shaking.

When deleting apps in this method, you should know that all deleted apps are just deleted from your iPhone. You can still view them on your computer or iCloud. You can still sync it again to your iPhone by using iTunes when you have a need.

Way 2: Delete iPhone Apps from iTunes (Could Not Delete Data Generated by Apps)

If you want to delete many apps at a time, you can turn to this method. Since you need to sync your iPhone to iTunes, the process will be a little difficult. However, when you delete apps, the data generated by them still exists. Here are the steps for you:

Step 1: Firstly, please connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable. You should have installed iTunes on your computer; if not, please install it. A few seconds later, you can go to the “App” category at the top of the management screen in iTunes. You can see all apps on your iPhone here with an arrangement.

Step 2: Now, make sure the Sync Applications box is checked. All apps are synced to your iPhone by default. To prevent it, you need to click Selected Applications.

If the iTunes you are now using is iTunes 10 or earlier, you will see the checkbox next to each app becomes clickable when you operate the step. You need to unclick the box next to each app that you want to delete from your iPhone.

If the iTunes you are now using is iTunes 11 or higher, please click the “Remove” button in the window; you will then see all the others will stay installed on the iPhone when you click Apply at the bottom right and re-sync the iPhone.

Way 3: Remove Apps from iPhone (Including Data They Generated) Forever by iMobie AnyTrans

On some occasions, you will need to delete apps on your iPhone with all generated data. In this method, you can permanently delete all apps and the generated data with one click.

Since all personal data and settings will be deleted at the same time, please make a backup before you carry out the method.

Here I recommend to you a very useful program, which is called iMobie AnyTrans. With the program’s help, you can permanently delete all useless apps, including all generated data, from your iPhone. After finishing the process, you can deal with the iPhone whatever you want and even sell it to others.

We now offer you a free trial version before you purchase it. Please install it on your computer after downloading it. Then please run it by double-clicking to bring up the starting window.

You then need to choose the option of erasing all data and settings. Then confirm to delete all data, including apps on your iPhone.

Way 4: Hide Apps on an iPhone via iCloud (Can’t Permanently Delete iPhone Apps, Only Hide It)

If you want to delete apps on your iPhone and those generated data, you can choose to delete apps via iCloud. If you choose to make a backup to iCloud, all files will be saved in iCloud once with a WiFi connection.

Thus you can still re-download them from iCloud when you have the need. When you use the method, your useless files won’t be deleted permanently. Please follow the steps below:

To bring out your iCloud data library, you must first sign in to your iCloud account. Then please go to the iTunes Store and click the “Purchases” category.

Then, click the “Apps” tab, find the app you want to delete, and hover your mouse over it. An X will appear on it. Then find the “X” and click it; at last, click the button “Hide.”

Way 5: Hide Pre-installed Apps from an iPhone (Can’t Permanently Delete iPhone Apps, but Only Hide It)

When getting a brand-new iPhone, you can see many pre-installed apps, while not all of them are useful. If you try to delete them, you can choose this method.

However, these pre-installed apps are only protected by iOS and become unseen when you handle this.

The process is very easy to handle. Please go to “Settings” first and choose “General.” In the new popping-up window, please choose “Restrictions” and click “Enable Restrictions” by setting a restrictions passcode.

With restrictions enabled, you have lots of choices to hide the app you don’t want others to access now.

iphone enable restrictions

Passages above are five methods to delete apps on your iPhone; you can choose either one according to your needs.

If you want to delete apps or other files on your iPhone permanently, I recommend you try the third method and use the program iMobie AnyTrans.

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