My iPhone Won’t Turn On, What to Do? – Fix It Without Data Loss Here

We will discuss a widespread phenomenon faced by most users of the iPhone device, in particular, after an iOS update on the device. The most common glitch faced is the problem of users complaining that iPhone won’t turn on or iPhone won’t restore.

In some instances, the iPhone device refuses to switch on. Now and then, devices may go haywire in erratic ways after a due update. Fortunately, such issues, such as My iPhone won’t turn on after iOS update, are generally very solvable, and you are likely to be capable of isolating the crisis in a few proceedings. Even though it is such a straightforward matter, there are still lots of means that you can employ to fix your iPhone (how to fix his iPhone was lost and erased issue easily).

In the foremost step, let us take a good look at a few of the things that you can narrow down for addressing the My iPhone won’t turn on dilemma:

PART 1: Charging Your iPhone for Turning on the Phone

The iPhone device may not be switching on for the reason of the battery being dead! You may have made use of a defective charger by accident, or the wall outlet may not have been functioning correctly.

Thereby, try to charge your iPhone or iPad by means of a few special techniques. Plug your iPhone in and take care that the charging screen is displayed. And then allow it to charge until it has an adequate amount of power for turning on.

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PART 2: Trying to Force Restart the iPhone

If you are receiving nil response from the iPhone device in any way and are complaining that “My iPhone won’t turn on”. Despite having tried out plugging in technique into the PC or your wall adapter, you can attempt to attempt to force restart it. Follow the steps to learn how to go about it:

Force Restart the iPhone device to fix My iPhone Won't Turn On
  • 1: Set up by pressing the Sleep or Wake switches, in conjunction with the Volume Down switches all at once and try holding them down.
  • 2: You must hold the buttons down, until the moment that you view the Apple logo coming up.

Once the Apple logo does come up on your iPhone screen, your iPhone should normally be booting. In case the phone does boot, but it is not operational on the whole, or it would not turn on as it should be, then you may have to bring in the help of some particular software for correctly fixing your iPhone device.

PART 3: Fixing Your iPhone by Means of the iMyFone program

In case your iPhone is not entirely unresponsive and appears to be receiving the provided power. Yet, it just would not boot. You can attempt to use the iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery program for getting it to work all over again. This program has many features, which can aid you in fixing your iPhone in a matter of seconds. The following are some of its chief aspects:

iMyFone Fixppo Key Features:

  • Fixppo supports fixing the dilemma of My iPhone won’t turn on subsequent to an upgrade to the iOS 15, and preceding versions.
  • It provides a Standard Mode, which lets you solve all your iPhone issues, like iPhone randomly restarts issue, devoid of erasing any part of your valuable data.
  • It provides an Advanced Mode, which allows you to reinstall the entire operating system, in addition to having an issue-free, clean, iPhone device.
  • You can easily solve any iPhone device, iPhone not showing up on PCApp store not downloading, or iPhone stuck in the recovery mode by way of only a single click.

Download iMyfone Fixppo

Steps to Fix My iPhone Won’t turn on Using Fixppo Without Data Loss:

Step 1: Initiate by opening the iMyFone program and plug your iPhone device into the PC. Click on the ‘Standard Mode‘.

iMyFone Fixppo

Step 2: Go to the DFU mode by pushing and holding down the Sleep or Wake switch, together with the Home button. Forgoing onto the DFU mode, clutch onto both the buttons for around ten seconds, and then set the Sleep or Wake button-free, yet keep holding onto the Home switch for an extra five seconds.

For the Recovery mode, hold down both the buttons until you view the ‘Connect to iTunes‘ screen on the iPhone device.

Step 3: The program will hit upon the most up-to-date firmware for you. Tap on ‘Download.’

Download Firmware with Fixppo to fix My iPhone Won't Turn On

Step 4: From this point, the program would take care of all remaining issues and begin fixing the problem. Just wait for a while, and do not unplug the iPhone device till the program confirms that it is completed.

Fix My iPhone Won't Turn On via Fixppo

Follow the steps above to fix the issue of My iPhone won’t turn on by reinstalling iOS completely.

Suppose it is a severe condition, and nothing else is working on switching on the iPhone device. In that case, you can attempt to reinstall the complete iOS and begin from scratch by selecting the Advanced Mode in the initial screen of System Recovery, as opposed to the Standard Mode. If not, the steps are all similar. In addition, keep in mind that employing this process will rub out all the files on the iPhone device.

Final Words

All in all, these are the most ideal go-to steps for dealing with the issue that My iPhone won’t turn on following the iOS 14/15 update. If this happens, you must not automatically assume that your phone is broken. It probably has a minor problem, which you can solve after using some of the above troubleshooting tips. For consistent software difficulties, the iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery software can be an immense aid. It can help your iPhone running like new in only a few seconds, devoid of any need to forgo your valuable data.