mSpy Reviews and Top Alternatives in 2022

mSpy is a well-known monitoring tool for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac systems. It’s designed around the monitoring of children, employees, and pretty much anyone else.

As a versatile tool, it’s clearly very useful, and it’s no surprise that this is often the first tool people look into.

Furthermore, the fact that there are hundreds of mSpy reviews shouldn’t be surprising either.

There are plenty of reviews online with so many great points, but drawing your own conclusion is difficult unless you know what the technical details mean.

Those reviews can be massively helpful if you aren’t sure which solution to use. However, as helpful as they are, because there are so many it can be overwhelming.

So, our review will bring together the key points of mSpy – the positives and the negatives – whilst also discussing the alternatives that are available.

Also, please get to know how to track a cell phone without them knowing.

Why Use mSpy?

Before we jump into the details of mSpy, what reasons are there for using it? Or more to the point, for using any monitoring solution at all?

Obviously, you can use a spy tool to keep an eye on your kids or employees, but more specifically:

  • Catch employees who aren’t working and waste time
  • Prevent children from seeing inappropriate content
  • Secretly monitor the location of your kids
  • Restrict access to time-wasting sites and social media
  • Control your children’s internet usage
  • Make sure employees don’t share company secrets

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The list goes on, and it’s simple. Monitoring tools can help parents safely watch their kids’ online activity and help business owners make workers more efficient.

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About the mSpy Monitoring Tool

So, what is mSpy, and what makes it such a well-known spy tool? The simple answer would be time.

mSpy was one of the first monitoring tools, and because it’s been around for so long, mSpy reviews find a lot of reasons to praise it.

It is also a widely compatible monitoring software. Any device running Android 4 or later can be tracked, as can any iPhone using iOS 7 to iOS 15.

These versions apply to devices that users don’t root or jailbreak (jailbroken iPhones can only use mSpy if they have iOS 7 – 8.4 or iOS 9.0 to 9.1).

Regardless of the device, mSpy is capable of being run without detection. In addition, it instantly starts to run as a background process, and hiding the app icon is easy too.

After installing mSpy, there’s a lot of data that it tracks. Basic data types include SMS text, calls, emails, and documents.

Furthermore, the more impressive features are GPS tracking, voice recording access, and access to media. Now, let’s look at the balance between pros and cons.


mSpy Reviews – Pros

  • Keylogging. The keylogging feature that mSpy has makes it incredibly effective for spying. Anything that the user texts or for that matter, types into the device, is stored by the keylogger.
  • No Jailbreak, No Root. To install mSpy, you don’t need to jailbreak or root a device. As these are difficult processes that many spy tools need, this is great. Note that this doesn’t limit the amount of data that mSpy tracks.

mSpy Reviews – Cons

  • Messaging Limits. mSpy tracks most messaging apps. This, unfortunately, doesn’t include some online messaging platforms, and a few smaller apps.
  • System Support. iOS and Android are the two systems we expect spy tools to support, and mSpy also supports Windows devices too. A number of semi-popular devices, like Blackberry, can’t run mSpy.
  • Lack of Features. Some notable features, like keyword alerts, aren’t a part of mSpy. This is a basic feature that users expect from monitoring software, and there are other missing features like this.

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mSpy Reviews: Alternative Spying Tools

There are a number of concerning downsides to using mSpy, and of avoiding these, an alternative is necessary.

Two other spy apps to consider are KidsGuard, and they’re both perfect to use in place of mSpy.

mSpy Alternative – KidsGuard Pro

A favorite of ours is KidsGuard, and that’s the first spy tool that most mSpy reviews don’t bring as often as they should.

There aren’t many things that KidsGuard isn’t capable of tracking. As a result of almost every smartphone activity being trackable, it would be a mistake not to try it out.

  • Track text messages, phone calls, and app messages
  • Browse photos, videos, contacts, and other files
  • View the live GPS location of the target’s device
  • Export all of the data that is collected with KidsGuard
  • Receive alerts if the target does certain actions
  • Stealthily monitor individuals without them knowing
  • Access all the input data with the keylogger
  • Don’t have to jailbreak/root the target device

This list of features goes on and on, and it’s more than impressive. By checking out the free online demo, users can get a closer look at what KidsGuard does and how it works. It’s obvious that KidsGuard is a strong alternative to mSpy and is suitable for tracking anyone.

Steps to Install KidsGuard

To assist you with setting up KidsGuard, we’ve put together a short guide.

Following the steps below will let you install KidsGuard on an Android device and effectively monitor activity.
  • #1 – Start by signing up for KidsGuard and choosing a plan. When you’ve paid for KidsGuard and have a subscription, proceed with the setup.
mSpy Reviews - Create KidsGuard Account
  • #2 – On the installation page, enter the target’s name, age, and the smartphone type they have (in this case, Android).
  • #3 – You will now need to install KidsGuard’s APK on the device you want to track, so retrieve it.
  • #4 – Unlock the device and go to “Settings” and locate “Security.”
  • #5 – Enable “Unknown sources” by tapping the slider and tapping “OK” to confirm this change.
  • #6 – Now open a browser app and use the link on KidsGuard’s setup page to download the APK.
KidsGuard Pro
  • #7 – Download and install the APK, then open it and sign in with your own account.
  • #8 – After you sign in, tap on the “Grant” button to provide KidsGuard with the necessary system permissions. If you don’t allow the permissions, you will limit the effectiveness of KidsGuard.
  • #9 – Tap “Start Monitoring” then delete the app’s shortcut and return the device to the owner. You will now be able to monitor the target’s activity from KidsGuard’s dashboard.
mSpy Reviews - Alternative KidsGuard
Steps on Install KidsGuard on iOS Device

Installing KidsGuard on an iPhone is different but remains an easy task. Above all, the main difference is that you will require the iCloud account of your target, and without the email address and password, tracking iOS devices using KidsGuard isn’t possible.

That being said, since parents usually set up their kids’ iCloud accounts, this shouldn’t be too hard to do.

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mSpy is a great piece of monitoring software; we won’t deny that.

However, we believe KidsGuard Pro can be more effective than mSpy, and after you take the time to use them and explore their features and how they work, we think you’ll agree. Many mSpy reviews ignore the negatives of the popular monitoring solution.

Instead, we choose to embrace all the positives and negatives, which allows us to be as objective as possible. The spy tools above are great for monitoring them all for children, employees, or even potentially cheating partners!


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