How to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone With Ease

To monitor Snapchat on iPhone has become a great need of many concerned parents as it is one of young kids’ fastest-growing social media obsessions.

It is also one of the most complicated apps to monitor. The data shared on it disappears instantly upon being viewed by the user and becomes even more difficult to track when installed on iOS devices.

However, don’t worry, as we are here with the best methods to help you track the Snapchat activities of your kid.

We will start by listing some great third-party iOS monitoring apps available online that can not only let you track Snapchat but a wide range of activities on the target device.

Part #1. How to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone via Cocospy

For all your monitoring purposes as a parent, Cocospy will be one great app that you can rely upon completely.

This amazing mobile tracking app has been designed, keeping in mind the concern of parents who want to safeguard their children against the threats posed by the internet.

The app allows you to keep a close eye on their social presence and behavior. You can have even the minutest detail about your child’s online activities and take action accordingly.

Let us give you more info about this app.

Also, here is the full Cocospy review for your further reading.

Features of Cocospy

Here are some prime features of the app that give the most effective monitoring experience.

● Snapchat Monitoring

To monitor Snapchat on iPhone is trickier work since the snaps disappear very fast, and you have only ten seconds to view them. In this case, having password access to the Snapchat account of the kid isn’t enough.

You also need speed for that, and it is here that the Cocospy app will help you to capture and view the moments instantly upon sharing.

It also lets you review the stories and snaps anytime else as they get saved on the control panel.

Just open the Dashboard, open the tab of Social Apps, and select Snapchat. From here, you can also read every conversation made on the app without any hassle.


● Check the Media Files

This app lets you check the Snapchat media files saved in the phone gallery. Not just that, all the other images and videos saved in the gallery and other medial folders can be viewed with this app.

● Monitor All Social Media Platforms

It’s not just Snapchat where your child can connect with strangers; there are many other applications that can make your kid get involved in harmful activities.

With the Cocospy app, you can check all the other major social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Facebook lite, Tinder, Tumblr, Skype, and many others.

● Keylogging

This unique feature only comes in the best Snapchat Monitoring apps and helps you know the keyboard strokes made on the target device.

This can give you vital info like passwords and all other important credentials. A keystroke log is also created and displayed on your control panel.


Advantages of using Cocospy

This is easily one of the most effective parental control apps and has been the leading performer in the market, all thanks to its features and affordability. Here are some benefits you get with it:

Simple and Clean Interface

The user interface of this app is cleanly designed to allow smooth navigation. You can even install and set up the app very easily and quickly.

Once the process of data synchronization finishes, you can begin with the monitoring part for any activity that you wish to know.

No Need for Rooting and Jailbreaking

The Cocospy app is a rooting-free monitoring solution as it devises the most advanced technologies for spying on third-party applications that remove the need for device rooting.

Similarly, you wouldn’t need to jailbreak into the iOS devices to monitor Snapchat on iPhone. This saves you from the hectic process of connecting the devices and the security repercussions that follow usually. You can protect your child from online threats without them knowing anything about spying.

No Installation Software Required

The iOS version of this app has web-based functionality; thus, you won’t be required to install the app on the target iOS device for monitoring. The work can be simply done with the iCloud credentials.

Stealth Operation Mode

The android version of this app works in a properly silent mode, and the background functioning never gets visible to the target user.

The app leaves no trace of the monitoring, and you only have to decide if you want to keep the operation informed to the child or not.

Safe and Legitimate Use

The app is fully secure and promises 100% legitimate functionality. There is no risk of malware or virus infecting the device with this app.

Your data will remain safe against any theft and always remain available for safe use on the target device.

Method of Using Cocospy to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone

To monitor Snapchat on iPhone with this app, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Cocospy website and create a valid user account.
  2. Follow the instructions of the app setup wizard and configure your device accordingly.
  3. Launch the app and choose the Snapchat option on the main dashboard.
How to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone Using Cocospy

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PS: let’s figure out how to perform SnapChat Unlock.

Part #2. How to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone via KidsGuard Pro

iPhones are known for their hard-to-breach secure systems, and most spying apps require the user to jailbreak into the device for their functioning and even installation.

Even the apps that don’t require jailbreaking only manage to give you very little for the offer. You will only get access to limited functions and monitor certain specified activities on the target iOS device. No advanced feature can be accessed without jailbreaking.

Here, powerful apps like the KidsGuard Pro monitoring solution comes to the rescue as it offers everything related to monitoring purpose. You won’t be required to break into the phone and risk the secrecy of the monitoring purpose.

The app is fully legit and verified by a humongous user base that spans the globe. It also made it to numerous popular tech media platforms.

Although KidsGuard Pro doesn’t support the feature of monitoring Snapchat on iPhone, it nonetheless offers so much more.

Features of KidsGuard Pro

  • It allows monitoring of major social media chat platforms like WhatsApp, LINE, etc. Here, you can even see the images, videos, and audio notes exchanged in chats.
  • It also performs gives you access to all the text messages, iMessages, and every deleted message too.
  • You can track every call being made and see the contact too.
  • You also get access to the media gallery of the target device to view all the images, videos, word notes, and voice notes.
  • It can even let you see the website browsing history, URLs, and bookmarks on device browsers.

Benefits of KidsGuard Pro

  • The target user would never come to know about the spying being done as the app remains hidden completely and works in the background.
  • This monitoring solution is very cost-effective as the pricing plans are much less than the other competing apps in the market.
How to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone with KidsGuard Pro

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Method of Using the KidsGuard Pro to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone

It takes only a few simple steps to install and use the Snapchat password finder app, and here they are:

  1. Visit the website of KidsGuard and create a valid user account. Then purchase any monitoring plan for the iOS devices. You will get a confirmation mail on the registered email in the next 48 hours for the account activation.
  2. Open the mail and then click on the provided link to download the app on the target device. Follow the instruction wizard and finish setting up the app.
  3. The app will begin scanning all the backups made on the target iOS device. If no backup gets found on the PC, connect the iOS to the PC to view all the activities that you want to see.

Part #3. How to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone via mSpy

Another 3rd-party application that allows you to monitor Snapchat on your iPhone hassle-free is the mSpy spy app which has also proven to be a boon for many concerned parents.

Those who want to sneak into the Snapchat activities of their kids can use this app to perform smooth monitoring anytime, anywhere.

You just need to have this phone on your device, and that’s all required to carry out secure and remote monitoring of all the target’s online activities.

Features of mSpy

The app works best for Snapchat monitoring but also allows tracking of other activities. Check out the amazing features it offers regarding Snapchat monitoring:

  • It allows you to track every received and sent text on the app.
  • You can also view all the multimedia data like images, videos, and notes exchanged on Snapchat.
  • Also, you can see the time and date of the media files and messages exchanged on the platform.
How to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone with mSpy

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Method of Using the mSpy to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone

The steps to do that are quite simple:

  1. Jailbreak into the target iOS device.
  2. Now you will have to install the Cydia app on that device.
  3. Once installed, launch the app and select the option of Mtechnology LTD repository. Now click on the option of All Packages, followed by iPhoneInternalService. Click on the install button and hit confirm.
  4. Now select the option Restart SpringBoard. Once again, open the Cydia app and click on Sources. Then hit the button Mtechnology LTD repository for deleting it.
  5. Finally, enter the registration code you got for starting the iOS Snapchat monitoring.

However, the app has certain downsides too. Jailbreaking into iOS is mandatory, and that is a complex process that even brings risks of virus attacks and data leaks.

The app also has no free version, and all the subscription plans are comparatively pricey. You also need to carry out a complicated installation process for using the app.

Part #4. Methods of Viewing the Snapchat Backup Files

It is possible to view the backup files to monitor Snapchat on iPhone with some easy methods given that the data keeps getting regularly updated on the cloud platforms like iCloud and iTunes. It is from these platforms that the Snapchat file history can be restored and viewed.

These methods can prove to be the best as they are free of hassles like pricing plans or jailbreaking.

Method 1: Restoring Snapchat Files from the iCloud

You will need the Apple ID and password for the iCloud account for using this method. Once you have them ready, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the phone Settings and then scroll down to the General option.
  2. Click on it and then select the option Reset. Click Erase All Content and Settings.
  3. Restart the iOS Device. Once it restarts, you will see the interface of the primary setup. Here, you will have to enter the Apple ID and password of the target Apple device. Now click on the Restore from iCloud Backup option on the Apps and Data screen.
Restoring Snapchat files from the iCloud

Method 2: Restoring Snapchat Files from iTunes

You will need access to the target device and iTunes backup on it. After that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the device and connect it to a PC with any data cable.
  2. Hit the phone icon and then select Summary. Here, click Restore Backup.
  3. Select the backup file containing Snapchat data and hit the button Restore.
Restoring Snapchat files from iTunes

These methods are quite simple but have their limitations too:

  • Method for iOS devices only
  • Time-consuming
  • No real-time data tracking
  • Lesser effective
  • Apple account and target device access mandatory
  • Risk of data loss as the backup replaces the current files.


So, these were the most popular methods to monitor Snapchat on iPhone, and you can choose the one that suits your requirement best.

Snapchat monitoring for iPhone apps like KidsGuard Pro and Cocospy promises the best and most extensive monitoring experience. Try their demo versions and know for yourself.


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