Airplay Not Working? Simple & Quick Method To Fix Airplay Not Showing

Are you facing AirPlay not working problem with your Apple devices or Mac? AirPlay not showing can certainly be tackled with a simple method.

AirPlay is a wonderful feature that lets you stream all music files, videos, and photos from Apple devices, including iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone wirelessly, to your computer Apple TV or Mac. It is also possible to stream the files from the computer to Apple TV and AirPlay receivers and speakers such as AirPort Express. While AirPlay is surely a great feature to have, sometimes it does not work properly, which can be very frustrating. Here is a detailed analysis of the issue, its causes, and possible fixes when dealing with Airplay not working in your iDevices.

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Part 1. Important reasons for AirPlay not working & showing

The reasons for AirPlay not showing are plenty. However, the major reason is that the Apple device you are using has outdated or old software. Most often, this causes the AirPlay icon to disappear.

What if you have the recently updated version of iOS? The reasons, in this case, would be problems with your internet connection.

Verify the internet settings on your device. Make sure the recording and mirroring devices are always linked to a single internet connection.

Poor connection to the internet is also another cause of the Airplay icon not appearing on your device. Network errors can prevent easy access to the feature.

Another reason for the icon not appearing is a simple one. You may not have turned ON the AirPlay icon in your iPhone settings. You will learn how to use the ON/OFF feature for AirPlay in various iDevices here.

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Part 2. Several ways to fix the issue of AirPlay Not Showing

Method I: Use the Update method to fix Airplay Not Working

When you find that the AirPlay icon in your iDevice is not showing, it indicates that the feature is not working or there is some trouble with the device. Regardless of the implications, you have to correct the issue as soon as possible if you want to enjoy the powerful streaming features of Airplay.

Here is a detailed method of fixing AirPlay not working fault by means of correcting the iDevice that is causing the issue.

Step #1.

Based on the type of Apple device you own, check the update for the software. This will help you identify the issue that is causing AirPlay not showing the problem.

If you are streaming to AirPlay from Apple TV, you can verify the updates for software by going to settings and clicking on the ‘Update Software’ option present under, ‘General’ feature.


In case of a recent update is present, a notification will be sent requesting permission to update the Apple TV. If there are no updates, it means that your device is using the most recent update only. You can now continue to the following update.


Step #2.

The second step is enabling AirPlay. For beginners, switching AirPlay Off and On can be an overwhelming task. Here is how to do it easily. For Apple TV, go to the Settings and switch the Airplay feature to the ON position.


For iPhone or iPad devices, you need to go to the ‘Control settings’ option. Slide upward on the home screen to go to “Control center”. You will find AirPlay in the control feature. Tap on it to enable it.


Step #3.

Now you need to switch on your Wi-Fi connection. It is necessary to have both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network to solve the AirPlay not showing. If you use different Wi-Fi, it will hamper the connection.


To confirm whether you are using a single network on both devices, check the Wi-Fi network in the iDevice. For Apple TV, you can look for the Wi-Fi in the Network feature.

Verifying the above three steps should solve the AirPlay not working feature easily.

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Method II: Use Dr. Fone – iOS Screen Recorder

Mirroring the gadget screen on the computer and Apple TV is a big craze among people now. The use of third-party programs hence has gained popularity recently. In all Apple devices, you will find AirPlay is presented as a feature with preinstalled mirroring capability.

This type of mirroring with third-party programming tools is also applied to Windows computers and Smart TVs. Of the various software programs, Dr.Fone – iOS Screen Recorder is highly popular software. It is very effective in screen mirroring. It is useful to mirror the iOS Screen not only in your iDevice but also on your system.

With AirPlay not working & showing on your device, it is not possible to mirror the screen, and turning on AirPlay is not possible. Fortunately, with Dr. Fone software, you can mirror the screen without worrying about using the AirPlay button.

Why is iOS Screen Recorder the best tool for AirPlay not working?

  • The program offers a seamless mirroring of iOS screen.
  • You can enable an Ads free HD mirroring.
  • It is easy to record all your favorite iPhone videos, games and much more by mirroring them on to a bigger screen.
  • The software is compatible with devices that are non-jail broken and jailbroken devices too.
  • The program supports iDevices including iPod touch, iPad and iPhone, which have iOS versions 7.1 to the latest iOS 14.
  • The program is available on Windows and comes with a 30-day money back offer.

How to mirror iPhone to a computer

Step #1.

The first step in the mirroring process is to download Dr.Fone software on your system. Launch it and select the More Tools feature. Now click on the iOS Screen Recorder option.

Get dr.fone – iOS Recorder

Step #2.

The next step is to connect the device and the computer to a Wi-Fi network. Make sure both are linked to the same Wi-Fi network. The Internet should be on for both devices. When you have verified these two points, click the Screen Recorder feature on for the computer. You will see a pop-up window of the screen recorder for iOS.


Step #3.

Next, you need to launch the mirroring procedure.

Mirror the screen on your iOS device to the larger screen. If it is Apple TV you are doing the mirroring on, you need to select the AirPlay function and then choose Dr. Fone.


Using the AirPlay mirror feature, it is possible to send all the features wirelessly on your phone’s display screen to the Apple TV.

Step #4.

Now you can view the mirrored iPhone screen on the computer. As mentioned before, you can also record the device screen with the program. You can choose to record or mirror the device as per your needs.


Dr. Fone Toolkit for iOS is a powerful tool that lets you capture and enjoy all your precious moments. You can mirror the screen and also record the screen data via the screenshot feature. Except that, you can also use it to make iOS data recovery if you deleted important data on your iPhone by mistake or to do a data backup and restore to avoid any data loss.

Whenever you face AirPlay not working, you can use Dr.Fone – screen recorder software for iOS. You can easily mirror or record your Apple device to a PC or Apple TV with reliable software. And the process is also done in a short time that you can do away with the hassle of applying different or elaborate methods or steps needed to get rid of AirPlay not showing the problem.