Make iPhone a Hotspot & Find Missing Hotspot on Your iPhone

Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that the WiFi connection is not everywhere around you. Let’s assume a scenario. You are outdoor and suddenly have an emergent email need to be sent.

However, there is no WIFi connection nearby. What can you do at this moment? Take a look at your iPhone, because it will be your life-saving straw at this moment.

Making your iPhone a personal hotspot allows your computer and other portable devices to have access to your mobile network and use your cell data to get online.

If you have no idea about cellular data, council your carrier about the specific contents and price. Or you are not allowed to use your iPhone as a hotspot. You can get guidance in the following article.

The Steps of Making Your iPhone as a Hotspot

Actually, the process is quite simple to handle:

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone and click Cellular. Then you have to ensure the Cellular Data is turned on. After that, go down to the bottom and click the button Personal Hotspot.

Step 2. Slide the Personal Hotspot bar to turn it on. This movement will enable the hotspot.

Step 3. You have several choices about the way you want to connect your device. Bluetooth, WiFi, or USB are all available to you. If you are about to connect several devices at one time, this is the right choice for you.

However, if you are not certain about your choice, you can choose the optional WiFi and USB only. And Bluetooth is still a valid choice for you. You can turn it on if you want.


You must get the hang of how to make your iPhone a hotspot thanks to the instruction above.

Besides, here are some possible reasons to check if you wonder why does my hotspot keep turning off, and then you can fix this issue with ease.

After that, you can connect your computer or other portable devices with the iPhone hotspot.

  • 1. Use WiFi to make the connection: when your computer or other devices have detected the WiFi, select iPhone. Then type in the password. You will find the password in the hotspot settings on your iPhone.
  • 2. Use Bluetooth to make the connection: connect your iPhone to your computer or other devices via Bluetooth. Before that, ensure the Bluetooth is activated. Then click Pair on your iPhone or type in the passcode.
  • 3. Use a USB cable to make the connection: first, you have to connect your iPhone to your computer. Then select the iPhone in the settings from the network service.

You can tell from the instructions that the steps are quite simple to follow, no matter what kind of media medium you are using. You are allowed to connect your iPhone to the computer as long as you own a USB cable and use it as a hotspot. Keep in mind to check the Personal Hotspot so that you can set up your device properly.

Troubleshooting: What Can I Do When I Can Not Find the Hotspot on My iPhone?

In some cases, it is possible the Personal Hotspot settings can not be found in the Settings. We will offer you the solution to it.

In some cases, it is possible the Personal Hotspot settings can not be found in the Settings. We will offer you the solution to it.

Step 1. Go to Settings. Then open General.

Step 2. Hit Reset Network Settings and then just wait for your device to restart automatically. This movement will reset your device and very likely set things right immediately.


When you’ve done the steps above, you should be able to find the hotspot on your iPhone again. If not, you can try to change the name of your device.

Go to Settings, then General, hit About, and click Name at last. You should be able to see the Personal Hotspot again.



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