Apple Mouse Not Working? Have Magic Mac Mouse Problems?

No wonder an Apple Magic Mouse has enough charm that it does not fail to attract new users. Since Apple launched the second version of its Magic Mouse, it has been considered one of the best mice to date.

The Magic Mouse comes with so many features in its latest version, like a Bluetooth pairing system, rechargeable battery, and undoubtedly a better look and performance. Certainly, no one can resist not buying this wonder for their Mac or Windows PC.

Unfortunately, some people face troubleshooting of Apple Mouse not working and other Magic Mac mouse problems while trying to pair their Magic Mouse to their Mac or Windows PC for the first time.

The issue of Apple Mouse not working can arise with Magic Mac Mouse and its latest version, Magic Mouse 2. The problem remains the same between these two. Read further below to know the exact issues and their respective solutions that I have answered in this article.

If you happen to have Magic Mouse, but it does not work on your system, then look for some of the issues mentioned in this article and resolve them. It is not something uncommon as many people face some Mac mouse problems while connecting their magic mouse to their system.

It can be possible that it might be working on Mac but not on Windows PC. So, you can check for issues with Mac or Windows separately. Look out for Mac mouse problems!

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Part 1: Mac Mouse Problems on macOS

If you are facing Mac mouse problems on Mac OS, then look for the apt issues. Once you know the exact problem, you can easily resolve them thereafter. So, know your Mac mouse problem from the below options.

Problem 1: How to Pair up

Most people get confused over how to pair their magic mouse with their computer. If you have not paired them correctly, then it is not going to work for sure.

For connecting your mouse for the first time, you have to follow certain instructions as given below:


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