Kingdom Hearts Quotes – the Best Ones in 2022

Kingdom Hearts quotes are becoming very popular among gaming enthusiasts across the globe, without a doubt. So, in this article, we explain the most popular Kingdom Hearts quotes so you can share them.

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List of Kingdom Hearts Quotes

List of Kingdom Hearts Quotes 

The quotes we list down below are extracted from the popular franchise Kingdom Hearts. Pretty much all of these quotes are from the dialogs that Sora uses. So, keep reading and learn these quotes for your reference.

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01 Kingdom Hearts Quotes. “I Knew You Were Gonna Pass With Flying Colors”

Those who have played Kingdom Hearts know that Sora almost became the thirteenth vessel of Xehanort. That happened when Sora and Riku faced their exam (Mark of Mastery). But, Characters such as Riku, Mickey, Goofy, Lea, and Donald were able to save Sora. Once they got back to Master Yen Sid, Riku was turned into a Keyblade Master. Instead of getting upset for failing the test, Sora felt very happy for Riku. Also, he revealed the trust he had in him. So, the above quote expresses that situation perfectly, and it further depicts the importance of friendship.

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02 Kingdom Hearts Quotes. “Unforgettable… Just Like Your Face!”

It goes without saying that both Sora and Rapunzel are a really cute duo. They always tend to complement each other, even in the battle. They first meet when Rapunzel is struggling to decide whether to stay in the tower or go out. When she walks away, Sora recalls his memory of the fears he had when leaving his home. He says that he knows how Rapunzel feels. However, he suddenly realizes that he has gotten too deep in front of the gang. So, to avoid that awkwardness, he cracks a joke smartly. He says, “Yep, unforgettable… just like your face!”

03 Kingdom Hearts Quotes. “There’s More to A Heart Than Just Anger or Hate. It’s Full of All Kinds of Feelings. Don’t You Remember?”

Xamnas is known as the person who knows plenty about the heart. However, he didn’t have much awareness of the feelings of a heart. When Kingdom Hearts 2 ended, Sora said the words in the above line of words. With that, she tried to make Xamnas remember other emotions before he became a nobody. Nevertheless, he understood that there are other emotions only after getting defeated in Kingdom Hearts 3. He also realized that it requires a lot of strength to live with those emotions.

04. “They Can Take Your World; They Can Take Your Heart, Cut You Lose from All You Know. But If It’s Your Fate, Then Every Step Forward Will Always Be A Step Closer to Home.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 had a nice opening line. However, some of the fans were not sure about who spoke those words. Interestingly, it was Sora who spoke those words. At the end of the game title, the Guardians and Seekers were able to battle against each other.

Before the beginning of the battle, the Guardians were defeated by heartlessness. As a result, Sora has nothing left with her. He then decides to reach the past to save everybody and triggered a new Keyblade War. He did strike down Kairi because he refused to give the thirteen keys Xehanort needed.

Once more, Sora didn’t want to lose her, and therefore, he brought the princes back by sacrificing himself.

05 Kingdom Hearts Quotes. “You Deserve as Much as I Do to Be Your Own Person.”

kingdom hearts quotes - "You Deserve as Much as I Do to Be Your Own Person."

You may already know that there was a pretty strange relationship between Sora and Roxas. It is true that the existence of Roxas would have been impossible without Sora. But, the keyblacde wielder of Organization XIII had a belief that Sora should be responsible for the suffering. Also, at some point, Sora and Roxas were not able to coexist. Meanwhile, Roxas believed that someone else’s life was more important than his. As a result, Roxas allowed Sora to live instead of him.

With the determination to bring back Roxas, Sora quoted the above to him. In fact, all the fans were thrilled to see Roxas back in the game with Kingdom Hearts 3. This was one of the best Kingdom Hearts quotes you can find.

06 Kingdom Hearts Quotes. “There’s No Way You’re Taking Kairi’s Heart!”

kingdom hearts quotes - "There's No Way You're Taking Kairi's Heart!"

If you have been with Kingdom Hearts from the beginning, you already know this set of words. When it comes to the first installment, Ansem possessed Riku. Eventually, Sora realized the situation. In addition to that, Sora realized that Kairi is nothing but a Princess of Heart. In fact, Sora was looking for the Princes of Heart for all this time.

Both of them had a fight after Sora makes the above quote. In fact, this was one of the most challenging parts of the game. Also, the players had to go through this cutscene whenever they die. That is because you cannot skip the cutscenes. As a result, those who have played this game cannot forget this quote at all.

07. “No, Not Goodbye! When I Wake Up, I’ll Find You. And Then There Will Be No Lies. We’re Gonna Be Friends For Real.”

Do you remember where Goofy, Donald, and Sora lost their memories? It was when they entered Castle Oblivion. Anyway, Sora was able to gain new memory of what was forgotten. Then, Sora attached tightly to Namine, who was a forgotten friend.

At the end of the game, Sora realized that Namine is nobody but a witch. In fact, Namine was the one used by Organization XIII to manipulate the memories of Sora. However, Namine finally agreed to give back the true memories of Sora. That is after Sora defeating Marluxia. Sora replied with this quote when Namine said goodbye to him.

08. “Heart or No Heart, At Least He Still Has A Conscience. You Might Not Hear It, But Right Now, It’s Loud and Clear. And It’s Telling Me You’re on The Wrong Side!”

In the original game, Riku spent pretty much all the time to save Kairi. However, at this stage, Sora was betrayed by him. Also, he joined Maleficent. In fact, he was playing the role of an antagonist during that phase of the game. He happened to mee Sora inside the Monstro. At that time, he tried to kidnap Pinocchio and succeeded. He did this because he thought that the puppet could help by saving Kairi. But eventually, Sora was able to prove that Riku did the wrong thing. Also, he saved Pinocchio.

09 Kingdom Hearts Quotes. “Yeah. “Up” Is The Usual Direction.”

Sora and his gang visited Mount Olympus as the very first venue in the Kingdom of Hearts 3 game. When they arrive in the world of Mount Olympus, the gang learned that they did miss the Coliseum. In fact, the Coliseum is where they should usually land. Instead, they landed far away from their landing point. So, they realized that they are supposed to study the respective area before finding Hercules. Sora wants his friends to get together and find Hercules. At that instance, Donald asks Sora, “up the mountain?“. Sora’s reply to that question is, “Yeah. Up is the usual direction“.

10. “A Scattered Dream That’s Like A Far-Off Memory, A Far-Off Memory That’s Like A Scattered Dream, I Want to Line The Pieces Up, Yours And Mine.”

You might have noticed that the opening lines of Kingdom Hearts II were pretty awesome and mysterious. It is just similar to the beginning of the game. In fact, Kingdom Hearts II was pretty popular among the fans. If you are a fan of it, you will feel that nostalgia whenever you launch the game again.

With the above quote, players have the option of watching a nice game cutscene. It is there to cover the events of the game. Also, it provides a precious collection of memories.

11 Kingdom Hearts Quotes. “I Am Calling… With All My Heart.”

This quote is linked with a powerful moment of the game. It highlights an interaction between two characters, Ventus and Sora. At this stage, Aqua gets into a fight with Vanitas, and that happens in the place called “Land of Departure.” At that time, Sora decides to speak to an unseen Ventus by entering the depth of his heart. In fact, Ventus was waiting until someone wakes him up. However, Sora says that he doesn’t have any power to wake him up. Then, Ventus says that Sara has not lost it yet. Ventus says the power sleeps until a need arises. So, Sora has to call to it. As a result, Sora decides to do so and says, “I am calling… With all my heart“.

12. “A Real Leader Knows That Destiny Is Beyond His Control and Accepts That.”

Sora learned the intentions of Xehanort only at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3.  In fact, his purpose was to send the world to a time that is before the darkness. To make it happen, he had to protect the light. Sora heard that Xehanort had an intention to be the leader of the light and spoke the above words.

13. “I’ve Been Having These Weird Thoughts Lately. Like, Is Any Of This For Real Or Not?”

Many would agree that the first game of the Kingdom Hearts franchise had a great opening quote. In fact, those words that were spoken in the first series remain a mystery. Sora met Yozora in DLC, ReMind in Kingdom Hearts 3.  After having a strange conversation with Yozora, Sora got into a fight with him. Regardless of the result of the fight, players can experience a cutscene. In that, Yozora finds that he is in a car when he wakes up.

Well, both of the characters tend to relate those words to themselves. Also, they tend to give the respective line a new meaning. When it comes to fans, they want to know the true meaning of the respective quote. The question remains unanswered, and fans expect that it would be explained in future episodes.

14. “I Know Now, Without A Doubt, That Kingdom Hearts Is Light!”

It is no secret that light and darkness are of immense importance in Kingdom Hearts series. In the first chapter, Sora and friends found out the importance of the balance between the two. When they aren’t balanced perfectly, it leads to nothing but disaster. But, as we can notice, Sora didn’t realize that there’s value to the darkness in the first chapter. Well, Ansem had the intention of bringing the heartless to the Realm of Light. That’s why he opened the Door to Darkness. However, Sora fought him to prevent it since he did not realize the value of the darkness.

Sora initially believed that the giant door was nothing but the Kingdom of Hearts. So, he spoke the above words when Ansem perished.

15 Kingdom Hearts Quotes. “My Friends Are My Power!”

kingdom hearts quotes - "My Friends Are My Power!"

Undoubtedly, “My Friends Are My Power!” is one of the most iconic Kingdom Hearts quotes. It was originally stated in the first phase of the game. Both Donald and Goofy decided to leave their friend once they realize Riku should have the keyblade of Sora. However, Sora decided to confront Riku, explaining to him that he has a heart powerful than any weapon. Both Donald and Goofy realized the importance of Sora over the quest. After the above word, the Kingdom Key was given back to Sora. So, that is one of the best Kingdom Hearts quotes that explain the power of true friendship.

So, that’s the list of best Kingdom Hearts quotes. What’s your favorite?


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