Dr.Fone – iOS KIK Backup and Restore: How to Guide

When you need to backup and restore your iOS products and devices, using the dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer can help. The following process runs you through how to use the program to back up your devices.

The first step is to run the application on your computer and connect the iOS device to Windows or Mac.

Part One: Backup KIK Chats for the iPhone and iPad to your Mac Devices

Step Number One: Connect Device to the Computer

Select “WhatsApp Transfer” and go to the “Kik” tab and then  Choose the feature “Backup“. Now it’s time to connect your iPad and iPhone to a computer. When it is recognized, you will be able to start the backup process.

Step Number Two: Backup KIK Chats

Click the button that says “Backup”, once you do the program will begin to work automatically. During this process, you will want to keep all devices connected and sit and wait for the backup to complete.

Part Two: Export or Restore Chats to the Mac

Step Number One: View Backup Files

To check your backup files, you will want to review your prior backup file.

Step Number Two: Extract Backup Files

Discover and locate the backup of all KIK chats. You can choose which you want to view by clicking the view button.

Step Number Three: Restore KIK Chats or Export Them

When you complete the scan of your device, you can review the contents of your backup file. This includes all text chats and any available KIK attachments. You can then check any of the items you want to and hit Restore or Export to your computer.


By understanding how to work through the process, you can learn how to easily backup and restore your KIK data so that in the event of an emergency you have this data available. Backing up your data on all devices compatible with the iOS system should be done on a monthly basis. This will ensure you always have the latest copy of data from all of your devices including your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac.

Following all the appropriate steps will allow you to easily create backup files that you can review at any time. Ensure everything is up to date after you’ve completed the appropriate steps to make sure it was backed up properly. In the event that it was not, you can easily rerun the application again to make sure you are seeing the current, up-to-date data from all devices. Remember it’s important to run the scan and back up frequently so that you don’t lose any important data.

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