Various Ways to Solve iPhone Alarm Not Working

Technology is becoming a lot more advanced nowadays. We don’t have to use the alarm clocks that we used to make use of conventionally. Rather, people rely more on their Smartphone’s alarm clocks.

You set the alarm for waking up, but because of some issue, your alarm does not ring in the morning, and you are not able to wake up, because of which your commitments of the day are not met. What are you going to do in such a case?

How are you going to address the iPhone alarm not working problem issues?

In today’s world, every person sets a reminder to remind themselves about anniversaries, and birthdays and managing everyday affairs.

In such a case iPhone alarm not working can lead to delays daily. We can’t imagine our life without this tool.

So, now we are going to talk about the tips through which you can easily sort out the problem of the alarm not working on your iPhone.

Part 1: Go and Check the Settings of the Alarm

The initial thing that you are required to do to solve the problem of the iPhone alarm not working is to check the settings of the alarm.

Doing so lets you know whether you have set a daily alarm or just for a day. This can make so much of a difference.

For instance, you have set the alarm for waking up early the next day, but you forgot to select the option of every day. Hence, you should adjust the alarm settings by selecting the option of “Daily Repeat.” Follow these steps to change the settings.

Check Alarm Settings to fix iPhone alarm not working

1: go to the application of alarm, then open it and then go to alarm.

2: Once you are done with that, go to add the alarm. After that, select the option of “Repeat Alarm.”

Part 2: Check the Button of Mute and Volume

One of the reasons for the iPhone alarm not working is when you forget that you’ve turned on the silent mode of your device.

Mute and volume buttons have a direct connection with the alarm not ringing. Go and find out whether your device is in silent mode or not. If yes, then turn it off.

The next thing you need to do is check the alarm’s button. It has to be loud and optimized according to the requirement.

There is one thing that you must keep in mind, and that is the fact that two different options of volume are there on your iOS device.

Check Mute Button
  • Ringer volume, which is for alarm, alerts, and ringtone.
  • Media volume, which is for games and music videos.

Hence, it is important for you to ensure that the ringer volume is not off. Otherwise, the alarm will get silenced, and the trouble of the iPhone alarm not working will not get resolved.

Part 3: Check Sound Settings of Your iOS Device

In case the alarm of your iOS device is not working properly, you need to check if the system of sound is working properly or not. Sometimes we set the alarm, but we forget to apply the tune that will ring.

In those cases, the alarm tone is selected as “None.” That is why your alarm does not sound in the morning even after setting them. To fix the iPhone alarm not working issue, the steps that you need to follow are:

Check iPhone alarm Sound Settings

1: Go to the clock application and then choose the option of “Edit Alarm.”

2: Now, choose “Sound” and select one type of alarm.

3: Now, check if the newly set the alarm is working well or not.

Part 4: Refresh the Details of the Alarm

If all the previously mentioned don’t work, you can try refreshing the details of the alarm on your mobile. This may happen if set alarms overlap with one another.

In such a case, you should remove the alarms that you set previously and reboot the device after closing the application. Set the alarm once again after rebooting. This is also a great way to tackle the problem of the iPhone alarm not working.

Refresh alarm details to fix iPhone alarm not working

Part 5: Restart the iPhone to Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working

Once the alarm details are refreshed, the next thing to be done is reboot the Smartphone. The steps that you must follow to do that are:

Fix iPhone alarm not working via Restart iPhone

1: Keep on holding the wake and sleep buttons until the screen becomes black.

2: After that, turn the iPhone back on by pressing the wake button and sleep once again to sort the problem of the iPhone alarm not working.

Part 6: Third-party Application

Do you make use of the third-party application that performs the functions of alarm, such as iClock? Then, there is a very high possibility that the alarm system of your iOS device may not work.

If that’s the reason why your iPhone’s alarm is behaving abnormally, then you must remove such apps from your Smartphone to avoid any kind of disruptions.

Steps to follow for deleting an app from your iPhone are:

1: Go to the home screen of your iPhone. Look for the application there and hold it until the sign of “X” appears once you locate it.

2: Click on it to delete the application. This is one of the ways to solve the iPhone alarm not working problem.

Part 7: Look for Some Accessory

The connectivity of your device to any accessory is one of the reasons for the iPhone alarm not working. So, you must check whether your Smartphone is linked to some kind of accessory or not, like Bluetooth or wired headphones and speakers.

If your Smartphone is linked to such accessories, then your alarm will not ring. Therefore, you should disconnect these accessories before going to sleep so that you can listen to the alarm ringing.

Part 8: Update Your iPhone

You must update your device according to the update suggested by the Apple Company. The updates are important to be installed so that they can identify any bugs that are influencing your iPhone’s functioning, because of which your system’s alarm application is behaving abnormally.

To solve the problem of the iPhone alarm not working, update the software by going to settings and then general.

Update iPhone OS

Part 9: Set Your Settings Again

Numerous problems in an iPhone, including the iPhone alarm not working, can be solved by resetting the device. The great thing about it is that it is going to change the settings to factory default with no loss of information.

All you have to do is select settings, go to general, and reset them.

iPhone alarm not working with Reset all settings on iPhone

Part 10: Factory Resetting the Device

If these methods don’t work, then the last resort for solving the iPhone alarm not working problem is factory resetting the device. Firstly, create a backup of the information on your iOS Smartphone. As if you adopt to be this option, then all your data will get deleted.

Fix iPhone alarm not working via Factory Reset iPhone

Part 11: Use Tenorshare ReiBoot to Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working

Tenorshare ReiBoot is the best means by which you can solve the trouble of iPhone alarms not working, as well as iPhone Reminders not working, and that too without the risk of losing any data. The features of this software are as follows.

Tenorshare ReiBoot

Features of Tenorshare ReiBoot

  • It can sort out various problems associated with an iOS device. As the problem of freezing, iPhone keeps restarting, Instagram videos not playing, the screen automatically turns black or white & the iPhone flashlight not working.
  • This software offers three modes of recovery: the advanced mode, the mode of existing recovery, and the standard mode.
  • This application is trustworthy as it can solve almost every kind of iPhone-related problem without causing any harm to your important information.

Just like Dr.Fone – iOS System Repair & iToolab FixGo can fix all these issues on your iPhone effortlessly.

So, these are the tips you must follow to get rid of the problem of the iPhone alarm not working. If none of the ten tips work for you, then the 11th one surely will, as it is considered the best one for solving this issue.



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