Instagram Stalker | Hack Someone’s Instagram Account

The world of hacking is mysterious, and only a tiny percentage of internet users know where to begin.

Fortunately, various hacking tools have been released over the years, making it easier for the average computer user to hack into various social media accounts.

In this case, we’re talking about Instagram. That’s right – with the right software installed on your computer and a little patience. You can learn how to hack someone’s Instagram account with an Instagram stalker in just a few minutes.

There are many different Instagram stalker programs, but you must be careful when downloading one. Some programs are designed to trick users and install a virus once it has been installed.

Not only can this greatly damage your computer, but it will also make your data incredibly vulnerable.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in and look at the four best programs to infiltrate an Instagram account.

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1. Top Instagram Stalker – KidsGuard Pro

One of the most effective programs you can use as an Instagram stalker is KidsGuard Pro.

This program makes hacking into Instagram accounts incredibly simple, but it can also be used to hack an Android phone and read any text messages, view photos, and even read the Snapchat messages stored on the device.

Of course, this is a very complex app with a lot to offer – after a few days of using KidsGuard and getting to know what it’s all about, you’ll learn it’s a very effective solution.

Follow Our Detailed Guide Below to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account Using KidsGuard.

#1 – Start by heading to the KidsGuard website and creating a new account.

Sign up KidsGuard

Sign up KidsGuard

#2 – You’ll be asked for necessary information about the device you want to spy on. Take a few minutes to do this thoroughly.

#3 – On the target Android device, launch the “Settings” app and go to the “Security” menu. From here, enable the “Unknown sources” option.

Enable Unknown Source

#4 – Next, go to the website on an Android browser. And follow the installation instructions so you can install the KidsGuard app on the device.

Install KidsGuard

#5 – After downloading and installing the app on the target device. Open it for the first time, enter your account information, and grant the permissions that will be requested.

#6 – Android will now prompt you to allow the app to “Activate device administrator.”

#7 – Back on the KidsGuard app, tap on the “Start Monitoring” button that will now be displayed, delete the app’s icon so that it is secretly running, and you can start spying on their mobile phones.

#8 – To target their Instagram account specifically, go to your computer and open up the KidsGuard website again. Make sure that you sign in using the same account information as before.

KidsGuard Dashboard

#9 – Click on the menu icon at the top-left of the interface and select the “Social Apps” option.

KidsGuard Pro Instagram Stalker

#10 – From here, select the “Instagram” option. From this moment on, all Instagram account activity will be tracked.

This is the most effective and innovative solution for spying on Instagram and other social media accounts. But it is just one of the few we will show you in this article.

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Try KidsGuard Pro

2. How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account Using mSpy

The last solution that we will show you how to hack someone’s Instagram account is mSpy, another fantastic program that is easy to use and very simplistic.

Aside from the extensive device tracking features, you can be assured that you’re using a reliable Instagram stalker.

#1 – Start by going to the official mSpy website, signing up, and installing it on the target device. Keep in mind that this app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

#2 – After installing the app, sign it, and follow the set-up steps on your screen.

#3 – On a computer, go to the mSpy website again and sign in to your account.

#4 – From the mSpy dashboard, you’ll be able to view all of the target device’s activity, including their Instagram account messages.

mSpy Instagram Stalker

One downside to using mSpy is that you must sign up and pay for a subscription to fully utilize all of the features it has to offer. However, it’s worth checking out if you have the money to spare.

Get mSpy

3. Using iKeyMonitor

Another Instagram stalker app you can use to keep tabs on someone’s Instagram account is iKeyMonitor.

Similar to how KidsGuard works, once you have this app installed, it will run as a background process so that it doesn’t appear on the target device, and your target will have no idea that you’ve discovered how to hack someone’s Instagram account for them.

On top of using iKeyMonitor to hack an Instagram account, you can also use it to track the user’s keystrokes, text messages, call history, and GPS location, alter the device’s settings, and even keep track of their browsing history.

To Use This App to Hack Someone’s Instagram Account, Follow Our Short Guide Below.

#1 – Retrieve the target device, open the web browser of your choice, and go to the iKeyMonitor website.

#2 – Once you’re on the website, navigate through the site, and download the app. It’s worth noting that this will be installed as a third-party application, and you are installing it at your own risk.

#3 – After installing the app, tap on it to launch it, and from the main menu, tap on the “Monitoring Status” slider to enable the spying software.

iKeyMonitor Instagram Stalker

#4 – Now, go to your computer and open the iKeyMonitor website to view the website’s dashboard.

#5 – At the top of the dashboard, click on the drop-down menu and select the device.

iKeyMonitor Dashboard

#6 – From the menu on the left, click on the “Instagram” tracking feature. All of the Instagram messages are displayed here.

iKeyMonitor Instagram Stalker

iKeyMonitor is a very customizable Instagram stalker and allows you to track Tinder, Snapchat, KIK, and even WhatsApp.

Keeping an eye on your children and how they use their mobile phones is very important, and with a solution such as iKeyMonitor at your fingertips, you can do that.

Get iKeyMonitor

4. Using TheOneSpy

Using TheOneSpy is also a great option when you’re interested in how to hack someone’s Instagram account. TheOneSpy is similar to the other Instagram hacking solutions we’ve introduced you to in this article.

Likewise, you can use this Insta stalker to access Instagram messages, who has commented on the target’s photos and even monitors their Instagram feed.

Follow Our Simple Guide to Find out How You Track an Instagram Account Using TheOneSpy.

#1 – On the target device, download TheOneSpy app from the official website and install it as instructed.

#2 – Go to the same website on your computer after setting up the app. And sign in using the same account you had created while installing the app.

TheOneSpy Instagram Stalker

#3 – Now that you are on the TheOneSpy dashboard on a computer, you’ll be able to track not only Instagram messages but also view information such as the device’s battery percentage and much more information.

TheOneSpy Dashboard

This is a very simple method to use. You get access to a wide range of innovative and useful features. On top of the ones we briefly described above, you can access a device’s log files to view pretty much all the details you want to know about.

Get TheOneSpy

To Conclude

You’ve had a chance to view each of the solutions we’ve listed above, and now that you know how to hack someone’s Instagram account, you can use whichever solution you are most comfortable with to get the job done.

Whether you choose to use the best option, KidsGuard Pro or decide that you want to pay for the likes of mSpy, you’ll have a reliable Instagram stalker to do your dirty work!



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