How To Play iMessage Games On Android Effortlessly

Let us get started on learning how to play iMessage games on Android. Yes, we are aware that iMessage is the texting application that comes standard with iOS devices. Nonetheless, there are methods to play iMessage games on Android.

About Apple iMessage

Apple iMessage is a robust and widely used messaging platform that allows you to send and receive encrypted text, pictures, videos, voice notes, and other media. For many individuals, the main issue is that iMessage does not operate on Android smartphones.

To be more precise, iMessage does not officially operate on Android smartphones. But when there is a will, there is a way. And since some very clever individuals decided they really wanted to utilize iMessage on Android smartphones, they made it feasible.

Since its inception, the application has undergone major changes, the most recent of which is the option to play games on the messaging platform. If you do not have an Apple device, do not worry; you can still play these games on your Android handset.

Obviously, the simplest method to acquire iMessage is to embrace Apple and purchase an iPhone. However, before you spend big bucks on an iPhone 11, you should consider utilizing a third-party application to get iMessage operating on your Android phone.

We will go over how to get iMessage games on Android in a bit. First, some context on why iMessage fails to function on Android smartphones.

Why Does iMessage Not Generally Function on Android?

How To Play iMessage Games On Android? Actually, Apple enjoys making its products one-of-a-kind. Apple smartphones employ proprietary chargers rather than the conventional micro USB connector. The firm has its own software and applications. And, as previously implied, only Apple devices have access to iMessage.

Android owners are limited to SMS text messages, MMS data messaging, and applications such as WhatsApp. So, what is the big deal? What is it about iMessages that makes it so special?

You cannot typically play iMessage games on Android because Apple utilizes a specific end-to-end encryption method in iMessage that safeguards communications from the device, sending them to the device getting them via Apple’s servers. Since the communications are encrypted, the iMessage network can only be accessed by gadgets that can decode the messages.

Apple maintains iMessage and all of its wonderful effects and features, like iMessage applications, limited to iOS and macOS devices in order to encourage users to buy its devices. Consequently, the Google Play Store does not offer the official iMessage application for Android devices.

While one is not permitted to play iMessage games on Android, programmers have created weMessage, which happens to be a blend of the encrypted messaging services of iMessage as well as Android. It gives you access to all of the services, including attachments, group conversations, multimedia sharing, plus location sharing. WeMessage supports just about all the functionalities of iMessage.

WeMessage Requirements

To utilize weMessage, you must have the following:

  • Having an iMessage account: Your existing Apple ID.
  • A Mac with macOS 10.10 (Yosemite): To use weMessage, you must have an application installed on your Mac.
  • Java 7 or the higher version must be installed on your Mac.
  • Android smartphone with Android OS 5.0 and up.
  • On your Android phone, install the weMessage app.

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How WeMessage Allows You to Use iMessage Games on Android

Although iMessage does not operate on Android smartphones, it does operate on macOS and iOS. It is the Mac compatibility that is most important in this case. WeMessage is a Mac application that sends messages using the iMessage network. This implies that all of your messages are transmitted to weMessage before being routed to iMessage for transmitting to and from your Macbook, Apple iPhone, and Android gadgets, all while leveraging Apple’s encryption.

In simple words, when you run software like weMessage, you are having iMessages transmitted to your Apple computer. The computer then uses the software to transmit the messages to your Android mobile. This implies you are not actually utilizing iMessage on your Android smartphone.

Besides, if you are experiencing the issue of iMessage Not Working, here are the top solutions for you.

How to Run the weMessage to Play iMessage Games on Android

WeMessage is a clever solution for working with Apple’s iMessage security; however, configuring it is not for the inexperienced or weak of mind. There are a lot of processes here, and the setting up is more difficult than in other applications. In case you are hell-bent on receiving iMessage games on Android, this is your only alternative. Here’s what you should do.

  • For using weMessage, you must have Java loaded on your Mac. Check for it by going to Applications, then Utilities, and then running the Terminal software that comes pre-installed on your Mac. Type java, then press the return button.
Run weMessage
  • Then, on your Mac, install the weMessage app.
  • To start weMessage, double-click the run.command file in the weMessage folder. If you see an error message stating that the software cannot be executed since it is from an unknown source, go to the Apple logo, then System Preferences, then Security & Privacy, then General, and then tap Open Anyway.
System Preferences on Mac
  • Following that, you will need to activate a few of your Mac’s Accessibility features. Select the Privacy tab, then choose Accessibility in the System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy screen.
  • To unlock your settings, click the lock icon in the lower-left corner. Type in the password you use to log in to your Mac if asked.
  • Select the + button, then browse to Applications and then to Utilities on your hard drive.
  • Navigate to Terminal and click Open.
  • To run the application, double-click run.command once again. This opens a Terminal window.
  • Provide the email address linked to your iMessage account.
  • After that, enter a password.

Remember to choose a separate password; your password should not be just like the iMessage password. Since the Apple ID is utilized for a variety of applications and websites.

Step by Step Instructions on Configuring WeMessage on Android

  • Download the weMessage application from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone if you want to Play iMessage Games On Android.
Config weMessage to Play iMessage Games On Android
  • Start weMessage on your Android device.
  • Tap the Continue button.
  • Choose OKAY on the Permissions Error message to provide the app access to your device settings.
  • To grant weMessage permission, press the button adjacent to Allow modifying system settings under Settings.
Android Settings
  • To go back to the application, click the back button on the top.
  • When prompted to select a default SMS application, select weMessage and then Set as default. On the “help” box, select OKAY.
  • Type in your Mac’s IP address into the application, so it understands how to interact with it.
  • Insert your iMessage email address and the passcode you created earlier.

Provided everything is set up successfully, you will get a screen with a list of all your chats.

Message an iPhone to see whether you can deliver iMessages from Android; your text boxes will be blue if it works.

Play iMessage Games On Android Using weMessage

Worth noting is that the steps are only valid if your Android smartphone is linked to the same Wi-Fi network as the Macbook. That is great. However, you need your Android to be able to utilize iMessage regardless of wherever you are. To accomplish this, you must configure Port Forwarding.

Port forwarding enables users from the outside to link to your home Wi-Fi network. And that is how you may connect your Android smartphone to your Mac’s weMessage application from practically anyplace.

Every router/modem has a unique method for configuring Port Forwarding. As a result, there is no one set of directions. The video and instructions on the weMessage site are the best approaches to learn how to accomplish this.

Ending Remarks on How To Play iMessage Games On Android

This may appear to be a lengthy process, but it will be worthwhile for individuals that want iMessage on their Android smartphone. It also does not cost you anything.

Following the procedures outlined above, you will be able to learn how to play iMessage games on Android with ease. It’s a simple method to experience iMessage functionalities without purchasing an Apple device. You can play entire games while conversing with your pals in between plays. You can also play various games at the same time as conversing with your friends and family. So, try experimenting with this easy method and enjoy!