How to Use Kinemaster Properly on Android/iPhone?

“I would like to know how to use Kinemaster on my phone. I have some video clips and I need to make them more attractive with an app like Kinemaster. Also, I am happy to know any other better ways to edit videos on mobile devices. Thanks!” 

Kinemaster can be used on smartphones and tablets with this complete guide. This guide includes step-by-by-step instructions and accompanying images.

When it comes to using KineMaster, mobile device users ask how to get the most out of it. However, there’s a catch; you hardly find any sufficient instructions on KineMaster’s official website. Considering that fact, we have composed this article explaining how to use Kinemaster for our readers. So, go ahead and learn about it.

Part 1: How to Use Kinemaster on an Android or an iPhone

To begin the process, you are supposed to familiarize yourself with KineMaster’s user interface. In good news, the app is nearly identical on both platforms, save for a few tiny modifications. There are a number of fundamental actions that can be performed in the layout, such as trimming and splicing. We’ll also look at some of the more advanced features that may be applied to the layout.

A TikTok-like video-sharing platform appears on the welcome page. To import media files off your device and start a new project, click the large circular button. It is located inside the center of the screen. It has a video player and a share button for TikTok on the left side. Settings, effects, alerts, FAQs, and so on are all represented by the numerous icons that appear beneath them. Now that we’ve established the basic structure of the home page, it’s time to get down to business.

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Steps to Use KineMaster

In this part, let’s explain how to use Kinemaster. These steps are explained in a very simple manner for you.

● Get Your Video Prepared for Editing

In order to get the video prepared, you should follow the simple steps mentioned below.

01. You can begin a brand-new project by clicking the + sign on the home page.

02. Please keep in mind that non-standard aspect ratios like 3:4, 4:5, etc., can remove certain effects and filters. They work by default if you choose them. Rather than using an unconventional aspect ratio, consider using a typical vertical or horizontal aspect ratio. 9:16 or 16:9, or even a square aspect ratio of 1:1, are some good examples.

03. You can import any media files by selecting the Media option. The lack of a separate media library means that KineMaster links to your device’s internal memory. It also can synchronize any cloud storage services you’ve connected to. Importing a video file is as simple as locating it and tapping on it.

04. You may now begin editing your video.

● How to Split or Trim Videos Using KineMaster

Now that the video is prepared for editing. Let’s learn how to perform a split or a trim.

01. You can select your video track by tapping on the timeline. You’ll notice that it has a yellow border around it.

How to Split or Trim Videos Using KineMaster

02. It has many options to follow. Trim, Split, Freeze Frames, Insert Frames are some of those options. These options can be accessed by clicking on them above the timeline. So, you can choose the most appropriate action.

03. After selecting an option, the Media Panel will appear in lieu of the trimming options. To see a live preview of your changes, click Play. The left circle arrow found on the left side can also be used to undo it.

● Add Transitions

Let’s consider that you have at least a couple of clips in your video timeline. Mentioned below is how to add a transition to those clips.

01. First, you are supposed to find the plus (+) symbol. It is located at the intersection where two clips meet. Then, it is possible to see the transitions that can be applied.

02. Now, you are supposed to scroll and locate the required transition. Tap on it so you will see a new panel. That will display more settings. With that setting, you can simply reconfigure or enhance the transitions.

03. If you want to have a preview, just move the play head. Once you have done that, and if you are satisfied with it, click on Play.

04. You can follow the same steps to add transition effects to other clips as well.

● Adding Text on Videos Using KineMaster

Move your play head to the desired location before adding any additional elements, such as effects, text, audio, etc.

01. Tap on the left-hand side of the Media Panel’s Layers section.

Adding Text on Videos Using KineMaster

02. The Text icon can be found by selecting the T icon.

03. When you’ve finished writing, just hit the OK button.

04. It is possible to long-press and move the text or if drag the corner handles. By doing so, you may now resize or position the text.

05. Selecting the text will bring up options like fonts and animation. Choose a typeface that you like. After that, you can animate it here. Finish by tapping the white-circle checkmark on top-right.

● How to Use Kinemaster and Add a Music Track

You’ll need to follow these steps after positioning the play head:

01. First, you’re supposed to select music, SFX, recorded, or a song as the audio that should be used. 

How to Use Kinemaster and Add a Music Track

02. A supplementary audio track can be created by selecting one of the offered options or recording your voice. After that, you should tap the red “Plus” symbol.

03. Well, a variety of editing choices are available when you tap this track. For example, you can cut audio length. Synchronize the audio and video with this tool. To complete the edit, simply press the white tickmark.

04. Exporting the video is as simple as hitting the icon labeled “Export” on the right-hand side. Choose parameters like frame rate, resolution, bitrate, etc., in the Export or Share window. The output size of the file will change as a result of these adjustments. If you wish to share the video on YouTube or elsewhere, tap the option called Export. After that, you can Share.

That’s basically it, and that’s exactly how to use Kinemaster to perform various video editing tasks.

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Part 2: Essential Tips You Should Know on How to Use Kinemaster

Now that you know how to use Kinemaster. Let’s take a look at some important tips. Well, KineMaster’s video editing interface is quite user-friendly. But the question is that how can you discover or produce the appropriate audio to accompany it? You’ll want something that makes a big impact and works well with the video. So, let’s have a look at a few pointers and suggestions in this regard.

  • It’s best to utilize music in the backdrop for videos that also feature dialogue. The Audio tool has a Music section where you’ll find this. Keep in mind that you’ll be playing music that won’t drown out your speaker.
  • Recording a narration and synchronizing it is an option for videos with no text or audio. Even if the respective graphics are self-explanatory to your audience, narrations are always appreciated.
  • Check to see if the audio you’re using is copyrighted before publishing it to YouTube. It doesn’t matter if it’s just in the background; the video could still be reported and be removed.

So, those are the tips you should know when editing videos.

Part 3: Filmora – A Better Alternative for Those Who Wonder How to Use Kinemaster 

It is true that it is convenient to edit various movie clips using a mobile device. However, doing the same on a desktop computer with a better app would give you much better control. Also, it will end up providing a professional-looking output. In addition, a desktop movie maker like Filmora is a superb idea due to various reasons.

This specific application comes with a plethora of tools to fulfill your video editing requirements. So, if you wonder how to use Kinemaster, consider Filmora as a superb alternative that works on PC.

Main Features Associated with Filmora

  • It comes with everything you need to edit your video, from cropping and trimming to speeding it up.
  • Do you want to make your movies more appealing and attention-grabbing to your audience? If so, there are dozens of different types of visual effects and filters that you may use.
  • Use one of several fully prepared templates in the “Fast Video” mode to proceed. So, you can instantly build a video presentation using existing files. A customizable audio track is included.
  • Intuitive user interface that is easy to use and navigate via many functions.
  • Slick and intuitive design.
  • Use a USB cable or Wi-Fi to transfer media from your smartphone to your computer.
  • Export in a variety of formats using advanced parameters to adjust aspects such as aspect ratio and bitrate.


Here are some of the most notable benefits associated with Filmora.

  • It is convenient even for beginners
  • Faster processing speed
  • There are plenty of effects and transitions to use
  • Very convenient positioning of the timeline
  • You can export or import files very easily

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions About KineMaster

Here are some important FAQs about KineMaster. This will give you a better idea about the usage of KineMaster and its functionality.

Q: Is it possible to use KineMaster on a desktop computer?

You can find a Chrome extension that is offered in your Chrome Web Store. This specific extension can be used to edit videos on your Mac or Pc with KineMaster. That is irrespective of the fact that KineMaster is primarily designed for mobile platforms. It’s not as user-friendly as the smartphone app, but it may still be used to conduct basic editing operations. Chromebooks that are compatible with Play Store integration can also run the Android app.

Q: Is it possible to use KineMaster with no watermark?

A watermark is added to all videos exported using the free version of KineMaster. You can upgrade your free plan to a KineMaster Pro plan to get rid of the watermark. This specific premium plan comes with a cost of $3.49 (monthly) or $27.99 (annual). As you can understand, the cost depends on whether you want it monthly or annually. When it comes to the subscription levels on Android, they range from $4.99 to $39.99.


In spite of the fact that KineMaster is an excellent mobile video editor, Filmora is always preferable. This is particularly because you have all the advantages of a desktop editor but without the practical complexities. Filmora is a high-end, cutting-edge, and professional platform that delivers enough and more tools to edit your videos. When it comes to complex processes like video editing, Filmora is unique in that it simplifies them.

So, that is how to use Kinemaster on your mobile device or the PC. If you want to learn more about it, please let us know.