How to Overlay Videos – Make a Picture in Picture Effect With Ease

Do you want to learn how to overlay videos? Well, consider this the most comprehensive guide you can read.

The content of this article explains the most effective methods to overlay videos without any hassle.

Part 1. Use Movavi to Overlay Videos

It’s true that there is no shortage of overlay effects, tools, and templates available in Movavi Video Editor Plus. That said, combining various movies into a single video is always simple.

Learn the most impressive ways to overlay videos by downloading Movavi and reading our tutorial below.

01. Install the Video Overlay Application (Movavi)

Installing this Movavi application on the computer is as simple as opening the downloaded file. All you have to do is to follow the on-screen directions.

02. Upload the Files

Open the overlay editor and select the videos you wish to work with by clicking the Add Files button. It will be in its Media Bin. Select the files and then drag & drop them to the Timeline at the bottom of the program window.

03. How to Overlay Videos using Movavi

In this step, you can learn how to overlay videos. As per this method, you should first select the video you intend to use as an overlay. After that, you should drag it and place it on the “Video Track” option. You can then find “Overlay Track.” Just drop the video there.

When you are on the preview, you can see the foreground video. That covers ¼ of the original video. Now, you can also choose how the overlay video should be placed. You can also open its drop-down in its preview screen.

After that, you can select Side-By-Side, Picture-in-picture, or even Cover. It is also possible to move that video around the screen. Moreover, you can even change the size. To do that, you should drag the edges.

How to Overlay Videos with Movavi

04. If Needed, Add Animations As Well.

Foreground clips can be animated if desired. Click Add Animation in the Advanced section of the Animation menu after selecting a movie from the Timeline.

In the window labeled “Preview,” choose the object and drag it where you need it to appear. To control the speed and duration of the animation, use the Timeline’s keyframes as well.

Adding new keyframes is as simple as clicking the Add Keyframe button. Right-clicking on a keyframe in the Timeline brings up a context menu. With that option, you can edit or remove the keyframe.

05. Save the Output

This is the final step if you wonder how to overlay videos using Movavi. It’s as simple as clicking Export, selecting a location in the field called “Save,” and then selecting a file format.

These file formats appear on the drop-down menus on the left. Click on the Start button. Using Movavi’s software, you can now add a video overlay to a video!

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Part 2. How to Overlay Videos using Wondershare Filmora

Video overlays are possible with Filmora because they include 100 tracks. It does allow you to add videos. In addition, overlays can be shaped in a variety of ways. This application allows you to add a variety of visual flair to your film.

For example, you may add an image or video overlay to a movie and alter the size. It can change the position of the overlay and apply animation and other elements to the overlay using Filmora.  

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Filmora, you’ll be able to begin making video overlays for PIP videos. Here are the comprehensive instructions for overlaying a movie with an image or video.


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