How to Hack Canvas Quizzes and Pass Your Test

Those who wonder how to hack Canvas quizzes can take this article as a comprehensive guide.

In this guide, the way to hack the quizzes and the way the examiners monitor you are explained. So, keep reading and learn how to do it.

Introduction to Online Learning and Canvas

Over the past couple of years, the concept of learning online has become a norm. Especially during 2020, online learning has become the “new normal.” We have plenty of reasons to consider online learning to be a part of our lives. Some opt for online learning because of its affordability.

On the other hand, some students prefer online learning due to the convenience it offers compared to traditional methods. When it comes to online courses, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

Academic staff, including professors, lecturers, teachers, and instructors, can monitor the progress of the students through these systems. So, online learning is not a single tool; it is a comprehensive system that includes so many elements.

As of today, individuals use many tools to make online learning more convenient and effective. There are plenty of tools introduced for the improvement and advancements of the concept of online learning. Canvas is one of those comprehensive tools that can work as a very impressive management system for online learning.

Why Does Someone Want to Learn How to Hack Canvas Quizzes?

Canvas allows academic staff to post required information, grades, and even assignments effectively without any confusion. That’s not all. Canvas lets you hold exams as well. If you have an upcoming examination on Canvas, you will be curious about how to cheat on it.

Well, in this article, we explain several solutions for those who wonder how to hack Canvas quizzes. In addition to that, we will also explain what methods professors use to catch if the students are cheating. As a result, you can take all the necessary measures to avoid getting caught cheating.

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Is It Possible to Cheat when You Do Online Exams?

In simplest terms, the answer is YES. You can cheat on online exams. However, before learning about the methods you can use to cheat on online exams, there’s something you should know.

That means you should know the methods professors use to track the potential cheating activities of the students. When there is a Canvas exam or a quiz, professors will access a special feature called a quiz log.

When it comes to the feature called Canvas Quiz Log, is used to identify cheating attempts. Students can use Google and find answers to pretty much all the questions in the exam. But if you do, examiners will be able to identify it through the Canvas Quiz Log feature.

Examiners will be able to identify if you’ve opened the exam in a browser and Google in another tab. If you do, the respective examiner will check the log and learn your cheating activities. In other words, all of your activities are recorded in that log. As a result, the respective student’s grading might affect.

Systems to Prevent Students from Cheating

In addition to that, there is another system in Canvas to prevent students from cheating. It is called exam proctoring. This method is exceptionally effective because it can use various tools, including webcams. It can monitor the student’s activities.

However, it is true that this method might affect the privacy of the students. It is already showing a great deal of success. That is why we call it one of the best cheat-prevention methods associated with Canvas. It lets examiners check the surroundings and also tracks if you get the assistance of Google for answers.

The other method that is used to monitor whether the students are cheating is using a custom browser. A custom browser provided by the system will not allow you to open other tabs. So, you cannot Google for answers. Respondus LockDown is one of those browsers. This is a very impressive browser with an increased anti-cheating mechanism too. Thanks to this browser, you cannot use Google to find answers to the questions that are presented.

Also, you cannot use notes or other files on the laptop. So, if you wonder how to hack Canvas quizzes, the above information might be bad for you.

But don’t worry. As we promised, this article explains how to hack Canvas quizzes. The remaining segments of this article will explain it.

How to Hack Canvas Quizzes

As you have seen already, Canvas quizzes are presented with various restrictions. So, those who wonder how to hack Canvas quizzes can get discouraged at once. But in reality, you can still find some ways to cheat on Canvas quizzes.

The methods you can try will definitely depend on the type of restriction you are facing. So, you should identify the restriction first. For instance, if your school doesn’t let you use Google, the answer is simple. To counterattack that, you can create a Word document in advance and read it, looking for answers. Just include all the notes and tips on your document so you can read it easily during the exam.

If the restriction is applied with the use of a custom browser, the approach should be different. In that case, how to hack Canvas quizzes? All you need is to take the exam with a classmate. You can study together and then exchange notes. Basically, you can help each other, and that’s another way to hack a Canvas quiz.

The last method is online exam proctoring. If that’s the case, how to hack Canvas quizzes? You can simply write out or print a note and place it somewhere near the laptop. In this case, you should use some short notes only so you can read them quickly without being noticed. What you need is a cheat sheet, and you know how to create them, don’t you?

So, those are the methods to try if you want to know how to hack Canvas quizzes. Hopefully, you will be able to get through your exam with one of these methods.

Is It Possible for Canvas to Detect Cheating?

The truth is that the Canva platform itself cannot detect cheating alone. However, there is one option included in this app to help examiners. That is Canvas Quiz Log. It lets the examiners check if the students are writing answers for each question. Also, it can check if the students have stopped viewing the test.

Moreover, it can detect if the student has opened a new tab or become inactive on Canvas. If the student is inactive on the Canvas platform for over 30 seconds, that will be considered cheating.

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Mentioned below are some of the most frequently asked questions by readers across the globe. These questions and answers will make things clearer for you.

Is it possible for Canvas to detect your cheating activities?

Well, if truth be told, Canvas doesn’t have the most sophisticated AI system to catch cheating students. But the feature called Canvas Quiz Log has some ability to detect potential cheating acts. For instance, it can detect if a student has opened a new tab during the exam.

Do online classes have the ability to tell if you are cheating?

Just like in the previous answer, online classes cannot specifically tell if you are cheating. But if something strange happens, your examiners will suspect you of cheating.

For instance, think of a situation where the entire class has got superb grades on a given quiz. Is it possible in reality? No! So, the examiners will take the extra step and check for the Quiz Log. Then, they will search for shreds of evidence.

If you copy and paste, can Canvas detect it?

Nope. Canvas cannot necessarily tell if you have done any copying and pasting for the exam. But there are a couple of things you should note. Your examiner will definitely check for plagiarism.

If your answers are plagiarized, that’s a bad sign, and you will be caught. That will eventually create an impact on your grading. Therefore, you should never do copying and paste on the exams.

Can Canvas know if you copy and paste answers?

As mentioned in a previous paragraph, Canvas itself doesn’t have an AI to check your answers for their genuineness. But the examiner can use plagiarism checking applications and find out if you have cheated.

Therefore, we strongly suggest not copying and pasting answers. If you do, you might end up getting a very bad grading for your exam.

Is Canvas equipped with the ability to record your activities?

Frankly, Canvas has only one monitoring tool called “Quiz Log.” It identifies whether you have opened a different tab and become inactive for 30 seconds. Apart from that, there is no monitoring feature integrated into Canvas.


So, that’s how to hack Canvas quizzes. We hope that the above information will help you in getting through your next online exam. Good luck!


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