How to Fix ‘iPhone Thinks Headphones Are Plugged In’ With Ease

iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in isn’t a new issue. It has spanned across all iPhone generations and can prevent the functionality of other iPhone features from performing as they should be. Features including your ringtones and alarms won’t be able to alert you, and you won’t be able to listen to your music. Needless to say, if your iPhone thinks headphones are in, then you’ll want to have it fixed quickly.

There are a lot of reasons for this error arising and there isn’t one simple fix for everyone. Each person who has this problem will have to try out a few different things to find the best solution for them. To help you with this, we’ve assembled a guide containing the solutions that we feel are most effective.

Part 1. Reasons for ‘iPhone Thinks Headphones Are In’

First One: Software Issues

The most common reason for an iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in is because of the software that is installed. A less common reason is the hardware, but we’ll get to that later on.

With all hope, you’ll have a software issue. If so, we can identify and fix it pretty easily and without running into any other issues. Don’t worry though – many people think that software issues mean a factory reset is needed, this isn’t always necessary.

One quick solution could be a simple restart. Hold the power button, swipe the slider, and after your iPhone has powered down go ahead and turn it back on. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, then our recommendation is to use iMyFone Fixppo (iOS System Recovery).

About iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery

This program is designed specifically for repairing iOS problems such as iPhone thinks headphones are in. But, it goes much further than this, and a few key features are:

  • Includes several data recovery options.
  • Compatible with all recent iOS versions.
  • Easy to use, safe, and reputable.
  • Fixes any iOS problems including being stuck in recovery mode, apps not updating, or not being able to send photos, apps not downloading on iPhone, or iPhone camera won’t focus.
  • Using Standard Mode to fix iOS issues will ensure your personal data is safe.

Given how flexible this program is, we recommend using it first. It’ll quickly repair your iPhone, has a lot to offer, and you’ll find that it’s useful for a lot of different activities.

Fix iPhone Thinks Headphones Are In with iMyFone Fixppo

Regardless of what iOS issue you’ve been faced with, follow the steps below. You’ll quickly find that iMyFone iOS System Recovery is easy to use and effective at fixing iPhone problems.

#1 – Download and install iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery on your computer.

Download iMyfone Fixppo

#2 – Launch the program and connect your iPhone via USB cable.

#3 – From the main menu, click on the “Standard Mode” option. If you complete this solution, but it doesn’t help, try “Advanced Mode” instead.

#4 – You’ll now be asked to put your iPhone into DFU Mode. If you aren’t sure on how to do this, then follow the on-screen instructions.

#5 – After iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery has detected DFU Mode, some information will be detected about the device.

#6 – Confirm that all of the information is correct then click on “Download” to proceed.

#7 – The iOS firmware will now be downloaded. Once the download is complete iMyFone will reinstall the firmware on your iPhone.

Fix iPhone Thinks Headphones Are Plugged In with Fixppo

You should now be able to listen to music without your iPhone thinks headphones are in. Provided that it is a software problem, iMyFone Fixppo can effectively fix most iPhone problems.

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Second one: Water or Condensation in the Headphone Port

Water and condensation could both be tricking your iPhone into believing that your headphones are plugged in. This could be as a result of spilling juice on the device or if you’ve had it in the bathroom while you shower, there may be a build-up of condensation.

If your iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in and has done for a while, it’s unlikely that this is the case. The liquid will have dried up by now and wouldn’t be causing you any problems.

To quickly dry up the liquid you can use a hairdryer, but don’t put it too close. Put the dryer on its lowest setting to prevent melting any components inside of your iPhone.

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Third One: Disconnecting Your Headphones Too Fast

If you’ve yanked your headphones out of your iPhone too quickly, then there’s a chance that it didn’t detect the disconnection. This would trick your iPhone into believing that your headphones are still connected, thus explaining the problem.

All you have to do to fix this problem is to plug your headphones back in and take them out again. Do this a few times, and with all hope, you’ll fix it.

Forth One: Unclean Headphone Port

Not everyone realizes this, but an iPhone’s ports get unclean very quickly. Take a look at your speakers and the headphone port using a torch – you’ll notice a build-up of dust.

You can try using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. A safer option would be to use the edge of a clean rag to clean the port. Make sure that you don’t use any sharp or metal objects as this could cause permanent damage.

Fifth One: Hardware Issues

If none of these issues has helped and your iPhone thinks headphones are in still, then it’s likely that there are hardware issues. This could be a damaged headphone jack or a deeper internal problem. It’s rare, but these cases do happen.

There are two ways to deal with this. First, you can contact an electronics store and see if they have any expertise with iPhones. Be aware that most stores that offer this are self-taught and this will void the device’s warranty if it has one.

Second, you can visit an Apple store. They will examine your iPhone to find out what is wrong with it and will fix whatever this may be. If you have an active warranty, then you won’t have to pay a penny to have it fixed!

PS: switch to fix them now if your iPhone microphone not working or iPhone flashing Apple logo issue.

Part 2. Take a Backup Before Fixing Your ‘iPhone Thinks Headphones Are Plugged In’

Whenever you try to fix ‘iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in’ or anything about your iPhone, whether it’s software or hardware, you should take a backup of your data. Now, when you visit an Apple Store, and they send your iPhone away, they don’t have time to back up your data and restore it after fixing it – this would be great, but they’re a very busy bunch!

Keeping this in mind it’s important to take a backup before you go to an Apple store. So, if you want to take a backup of your data quickly and with more freedom, we recommend using iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter.

What is iMyfone iTransor (formerly name: iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter)?

This part of iMyfone iTransor is to the best way to extract data from an iOS device. It offers a lot of management over your data, it’s very flexible, and it’s the best way to make sure your iPhone’s data is backed up properly.

  • Back up data directly to your computer to fix iCloud contacts not syncing.
  • Preview your iPhone’s data before you have it backed up.
  • Download backups from your iCloud account and extract data from them.
  • Capable of extracting a variety of different data types.
  • Compatible with the most recent iOS versions and iPhone models.

The flexibility that this program offers alone is fantastic. When extracting data, this is undoubtedly the best program that there is.

How to Use iMyfone iTransor iPhone Data Exporter

Before you attempt to fix iPhone thinks headphones are in, follow our guide below. These steps will show you how to backup your iPhone’s data as quickly as possible.

#1 – Download, install, and launch iMyFone D-Port Pro (Now is iMyfone iTransor) on your computer.

Download iMyfone iTransor

#2 – If you haven’t already got your iPhone connected, use a lightning cable to connect it now.

#3 – Click on the “Back Up & Export from Device” option and then from the following display, choose the “Export Data” option.

#4 – Browse through the different data types and either click “Select all” or choose the specific data types that you want to have backed up.

#5 – Click “Next” to proceed afterward. Your iPhone will be quickly scanned, and once the scan is complete, you can view a breakdown of data stored on the device.

#6 – Again, either check the box next to “Select All” or go through the files that were detected and select specific files to have backed up.

#7 – Lastly, click on “Export” and choose somewhere to save the data to on your computer.

Using iMyFone over iTunes is definitely ideal. You can select specific files to have backed up, preview the data before backing it up, and save it to wherever you like.

To Conclude for ‘iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in

We hope that by reading this article, you’re able to fix the headphones issue. It’s understandable that when iPhone thinks headphones are plugged in, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. As a result of this issue, you could miss important notifications and be unable to listen to your music. All in all, if you can fix the issue without the help of Apple, fantastic.