How to Figure Out Someone’s Instagram Password Easily?

Well, this article aims to explain how to figure out someone’s Instagram password and hack someone’s Instagram account without them knowing with the professional spy apps easily.

Is There A Way to Find Out Instagram Password?

One of the best ways to keep your kids away from potential dangers associated with Instagram is monitoring.

You should monitor whom they interact with using social media platforms like the Instagram app.

If you notice that your kids communicate with a dangerous or inappropriate party, you can take immediate action.

However, the problem is that your kids don’t want to show their Instagram profiles & Instagram messages to their parents.

This is when it would be handy if you knew how to figure out someone’s Instagram password.

How to Figure Out Someone’s Instagram Password?

KidsGuard Pro – Top 1 Instagarm Password Hacker

To figure out a way to hack someone’s password on Instagram or hack Facebook online, you should find a professional tool first.

One of the best tools to hack someone’s Instagram account is KidsGuard. KidsGuard is filled with an extensive range of valuable features.

This tool can be placed as one of the best tools on the Internet in terms of monitoring kids.

Key features of KidsGuard:

  • With the assistance of this tool, you can easily hack into any Instagram profile used on any smartphone.
  • Apart from monitoring Instagram accounts & Instagram messages, this powerful software can monitor all the activities on a target smartphone.
  • You can use KidsGuard to figure out your kid’s Instagram password through its keylogger feature. The keylogger can capture all the keystrokes typed in the device (including the Instagram password).
  • If necessary, you can use KidsGuard to keep track of your employees’ Instagram accounts and spouses’ Instagram accounts.
  • KidsGuard can easily track activities like call logs, private messages, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, images, real-time location, and many other activities on Instagram accounts.
  • On top of all those features, KidsGuard works in stealth mode. The objective cell phone user will not be able to detect the KidsGuard app.
  • It works on both iOS and Android devices.

All in all, KidsGuard Pro is an exceptionally handy, powerful software that can monitor any smartphone.

How to Use KidsGuard to Monitor Instagram Account? (Most recommend)

1) Sign up for an Account

The first step is to sign up for a KidsGuard account. Visit KidsGuard’s official website and create your account.

You should enter a valid email address and a strong password. You should verify the account simply by going to your email and clicking on the link received.

Sign up KidsGuard

2) Configure the Account

To configure the account, you must provide the information related to the target mobile device. Now, you should download the KidsGuard APK file on your Android device.

To do that, you should visit through your smartphone and download the APK.

After the installation, you should open the app and provide the login information used earlier.

Install KidsGuard to figure out someones Instagram password
3) Start Hacking

After installing the APK on the target device, you can leave the device alone. You can now sit in front of your computer and visit the KidsGuard login page through a web browser.

To track the password of the respective Instagram account you are tracking. You should click on the option “Keylogger”. Under this “Keylogger” option, you will be able to find all the keystrokes typed on the smartphone.

How to figure out someones Instagram password with KidsGuard

That’s it! You should now see the passwords and the other keystrokes typed on the device.

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Wait, before you leave: There are other super helpful functions of KidsGuard that provide even more benefits.

Besides figuring out someone’s Instagram password, KidsGuard has even more functions that you can utilize.

Though you may have already achieved your goal, it’s still important to look at other app functions that just solved your problem.

In this section, let’s take a look at some of the beneficial functions of KidsGuard Pro to hack and control others’ Instagram accounts secretly (NOBODY will notice).

1) Keylogger Function

A keylogger is one of the best features associated with the KidsGuard app. With this tool, you can easily track the passwords, and other keystrokes typed on the smartphone. That means you can easily track even the passwords of accounts such as Instagram app, Facebook, etc.

2) Call Monitoring

Call monitoring is yet another helpful feature integrated into KidsGuard. Through this feature, you can access the entire call history of the target smartphone.

3) Real-time Location Tracking

As a parent, you will love this tool as it lets you know the real-time location of your child. If your child approaches an area where she shouldn’t be, you can take immediate action.

4) Online Dashboard

The online dashboard of KidsGuard lets you monitor your goal from any computer through a web browser.

5) Track all the Activities

KidsGuard tracks virtually every action that takes place on the objective smartphone. Some examples are intercepting text messages without an objective phone for free, monitoring text messages, photos, social media apps, videos, other social media platforms, etc.

These are some of the extra useful functions of KidsGuard. Getting to know them beforehand is worth the effort, and it’s likely that KidsGuard will help you solve your problem in the future.

Hacking Instagram Account Using mSpy

How to figure out someone’s Instagram password? There are other awesome apps you may use if you are having problems with the previous one.

mSpy is another powerful yet user-friendly Instagram Account Hacker app with many features to impress you.

This particular Instagram account tracker app can perform the Gmail password hack, track intelligent devices remotely, hack LINE passwords, and give you a complete overview of the target device’s activities.

Monitoring Instagram passwords is yet another feature associated with mSpy.

This advanced, comprehensive, and powerful app lets you monitor iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices and computers.

Read more about it from the full mSpy review.

Features of mSpy

Here is a shortlist of features integrated with mSpy.

  • Monitoring an objective device from a remote location
  • Stealth mode operation for optimal discreetness
  • Can track a variety of activities, including calls, text messages, images, videos, apps, browsing history, Instagram accounts, and many other
  • Powerful keylogger to trace the passwords and other keystrokes typed on the goal device
  • Convenient UI with the powerful feature

How to Hack Instagram Password with mSpy?

Here are the steps to follow if you wish to find out how to figure out someone’s Instagram password.

1) Sign Up for mSpy

As the first step, you must sign up for a mSpy account simply by visiting their official website. Make sure that you provide a valid email address and a strong password.

2) Install mSpy

Now, you can download and install mSpy APK on the Android device where the target Instagram account is.

3) Monitor

Once the installation of APK is completed, you can start monitoring the objective phone. You should open the mSpy login page on the phone using the login details used earlier.

4) View

You can now start viewing the activities that take place on the device. To do that, you should visit the online dashboard. To track the password of the Instagram account of the target, click on the “Keylogger” option.

You will now see all the keystrokes typed on the smartphone, including the Instagram account’s password.

How to figure out someones Instagram password with mSpy

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Hacking Instagram Password Effortlessly by Cocospy

Cocospy is a professional Instagram account tracker tool for Android users to watch over kids & protect them from online predators, pornography, cyberbullying, and other threats.

With its help, except knowing how to figure out someone’s Instagram password, we can monitor & spy messages, call logs, social activities, contacts, Instagram account data, etc.

Read more about it from the full Cocospy review.

Simple Steps via Cocospy:

1) Registrate a Cocospy account

Please open the internet browser & type to create your Cocospy account with the email/password.

Now, please install Cocospy on your goal and finish some settings for preparations.

Please put a name to identify your phone on the first page of the Setup Wizard. And select the OS of your target device. Then select the ‘Android’ option to proceed.

Prepare Cocospy installation now, go to the ‘Settings‘ and then ‘Lock screen and security,’ and enable the ‘Unknown Sources‘ then tap ‘OK.’

After that, go to the ‘Settings‘ and ‘Google,’ then ‘Security‘ and ‘Google Play Protect.’ Now disable the ‘Improve harmful app detection‘ and ‘Scan device for security threats.’

2) Now, Please Install Cocospy App

Please visit the download page on your target phone, which you can find on the Setup Wizard page. Just download the app and find the APK from the ‘Notifications’ pop-up windows or the ‘Download‘ folder. And tap on the ‘Install‘ and then ‘Open‘ to start the app.

Open the app and agree to the Privacy Policy and EULA. And then sign in to your account.

Now, please follow up on the wizard to finish the settings on your phone. It would help if you allowed all permission requests to do that.

After that, you can hide the app on the phone. And the tool will work in stealth mode. Now, dial 001 to evoke the app.

3) Track Other’s Instagram Accounts on the Control Panel Now

After you have finished the above installation & settings, please turn back to your computer or phone to complete the setup process.

The wizard page will now be redirected to Cocospy’s login page.

It will take several seconds to sync all data from the target phone for the first time. Click the refresh icon to sync the latest files for the second time.

Please note that if the target phone is not connected to the Internet or powered off, Cocospy could not sync any new data for you.

how to figure out someones Instagram password with CocoSpy

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By the way, when after knowing how to figure out someone’s Instagram password, click to learn more about the significant threat of adult social media to kids here.

What If I Don’t Want to Download Any Tools? (Luckily, There’s an Online Tool As Well)

The three Instagram password hack methods above are convenient when tracking someone’s Instagram account.

However, if you don’t like to download any Instagram Account tracker tool, here’s an online tool for you if you wonder how to figure out someone’s Instagram password.

Although this Instagram hack method’s reliability may be less than the previous two methods, you can try it. In this case, we will be using an online tool called Instaleak.

Here’s how to use it:

How to figure out someones Instagram password with Instaleak
  • 1) Open your favorite web browser on a computer and visit
  • 2) On Instaleaks’ homepage, click on the “Start Hack” option.
  • 3) Enter the Instagram username of the account you intend to hack and select the “Check Account” option.
  • 4) Wait for a moment, and the password of the target Instagram account will be available for you.


Those are the methods we present to you for those who wonder how to figure out someone’s Instagram password.

The first Instagram password hack method mentioned in Part 1 via KidsGuard is the most reliable and efficient option for anybody.



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