How to Erase iPhone Completely by iPhone Safe Eraser

After having an iPhone for a few months, the majority of iPhone users will begin to notice that their storage space is becoming smaller and smaller, and eventually, they’ll receive a “Storage Almost Full” notification.

This can occur for some reasons, the most well-known reason being that the user has installed too many applications. However, a little-known reason which is the most common is that junk files have taken up a large amount of storage space.

With this in mind, our focus for this article will be discussing some of the different iPhone Safe Eraser tools and teaching users how to erase iPhone & wipe all personal data on iPhone completely with as little hassle as possible.

Part #1: How to Wipe an iPhone with dr.fone – iOS Data Eraser

For this method, our focus will be on the world’s number one iPhone Safe Eraser: Dr.Fone – iOS Data Eraser program and how you can adapt its features to wipe an iPhone.

#1 – Once the iPhone Safe Eraser is installed and launch, from the main menu select the “Data Eraser” option on the right side and then choose “Erase Full data“.

Dr.Fone - iTunes Repair
dr.fone iPhone Data Eraser

Note: if your device isn’t already connected, connect it to your computer now.

#2 – On the display which follows, you will be briefed on the process and will be warned that the data cannot be recovered. Click “Erase” when you’re ready to continue with the process.

#3 – A notification box will then appear, again warning you. Simply type “delete” in the entry box, followed by clicking on “Erase now“.

#4 – The iPhone safe eraser process will then begin, and you will be able to track the process through the display.

#5 – It’s worth noting that while a “Stop” button is shown, it’s never a good idea to stop a data erasing process as it can impact your device’s iOS platform and cause further issues.

How to Erase iPhone Using dr.fone Data Eraser

This method is incredibly simple to use, incredibly quick, and lets the user get back to using their device in as little time as possible. In comparison to some of the other methods that we’re going to discuss, this method is definitely worthy of the top of the list.

Part #2: How to erase iPhone with Dr.Fone – iOS Data Eraser

For this method, we will be taking a look at how you can use the best iPhone Safe Eraser: Dr.Fone – iOS Data Eraser for erasing data from an iPhone, in just a few short steps. It can also delete Facebook messages in bulk.

#1 – Once you have installed and launched the Dr.Fone program, click on “Erase” and then choose “Erase Private Data”.

Dr.Fone - iTunes Repair
dr.fone iPhone Safe Eraser

Note: if you haven’t already connected your iPhone, do so now.

#2 – On the next display menu which is shown, you will be prompted to “Start Scan” and following the scan, will be provided with a breakdown of the date which has been detected on your device.

#3 – Take the time to go through each data type using the panel on the left, selecting the data to have erased, and finish by clicking on “Erase from the Device” at the bottom left.

#4 – A box will appear. Simply type “delete” in the entry slot, click “Erase now“, and the data will be removed.

How to Erase iPhone Using dr.fone Data Eraser

Along with the first method that we discussed, this method is incredibly viable and is one of the best available to use when looking at how to erase the iPhone.

Part #3: How to Erase iPhone with iMobie PhoneClean

With method number 5, we will be using Phone Clean to successful and easily wipe an iPhone device. There are multiple data removal features available although for this method, we’ll be using “Erase All Data”.

#1 – Start off by downloading the PhoneClean program, installing it accordingly, and launching it when you’re ready to move forward. Additionally, connect your iPhone using the appropriate lightning cable.

#2 – Now, by using the bar at the top of the program, click on the “System Clean” feature (the feature which is 5th from the left), and click on the large “Scan” button which is shown in the center of the program.

#3 – Over the next few minutes the scan will take place. How long it takes depends on both the computer which you are using as well as how much data you have no device.

Note: although we recommend not stopping this process at any point during the scan, there is a small “x” button located next to the progress bar which allows you to cancel it.

#4 – Once the scan is completed you will be able to browse the files which have been detected and selectively decide which data you’d like to have removed. After doing so, simply click on the “Clean” button at the bottom of the program.

Clean iPhone Data

#5 – After clicking “Clean” and allowing for the program to do its job, you will have successfully learned how to erase iPhone in just a matter of minutes.

How to Erase iPhone Using PhoneClean

If none of the methods which we’ve discussed so far have been what you’re looking for, this is one which is worth checking out. Not only are you able to erase all data from your device, but you are also able to selectively remove the data that you don’t want and also take a backup beforehand.

Part #4: How to Wipe an iPhone with iShredder

For this final method that we’re going to be looking at, we will be using the program iShredder program.

#1 – Install the iShredder program once you have it downloaded. After installing it and following the instructions accordingly, go ahead and launch the program for the first time.

#2 – Before jumping into the method, connect your device and allow a few moments for both the computer and program to detect that it has been connected.

#3 – On the program itself, you will be shown a breakdown of your devices information (including storage information and the iOS version which you currently have installed. On top of this, you will be able to change the “Preferences” of the program using the menu button located at the bottom left.

#4 – Before you can go through with the how to wipe an iPhone process, you must select a erase mode using the menu in the center of the program.

#5 – After selecting the erase mode, click on the large “SHRED” button located on the right, and after a few minutes your device will have been cleared of all data and will be as good as new.

All in all, this final method is the perfect one to finish the list. Along with the features which it has to offer, it’s definitely worthy of being on the list of programs that provide you with the means of how to erase the iPhone.

To Conclude…

Each of these programs is incredibly perfect for using as an iPhone safe eraser and has truly earned its place on this list.

If you’re looking to completely erase your iPhone & wipe all your iPhone data, or are even looking to get rid of specific file types, you can find the program which will get the job done from the list above.

If you aren’t sure about which program is for you, take some time to use them all and discover the best for you. No matter which program you decide to use, you’ll not regret giving it a shot.



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