How to Download Putlocker to MP4 in 2022

Putlocker has been the go-to website for many people who want to stream the latest movies or TV show episodes.

The legality of this site is a grey area (some videos have copyright protection whilst others don’t), but nonetheless, it’s a popular streaming website.

Like every other streaming platform, though, users find themselves trying to download Putlocker to MP4.

Unlike other websites, Putlocker is frequently shut down by the authorities. This results in the creators moving the website to a different host with a different domain.

If you’re a long-time user of Putlocker, then you’ll appreciate the frustration of this happening.

For this reason alone, downloading videos from Putlocker prevents you from having to search for the new site every other week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Putlocker to MP4

Before we get into the technicalities of downloading from Putlocker, we’ve seen a lot of people asking questions about actually downloading Putlocker to MP4.

To clear some of the details up, here are the five most common questions we see time and time again.

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Q1. Do video downloaders save the videos I download?

No – none of the videos that you download with the solutions below will store copies. The only copy is the one that you download.

Q2. Can I send the videos that I download to a friend?

It is fine to download videos and watch them yourself or use them personally. However, you are not allowed to share them via social media or with your friends.

Q3. Are downloaded videos compatible with my device?

Generally speaking, most smartphones and tablets are compatible with the MP4 format. As long as your device supports that format, you’ll be able to play the videos.

Q4. What if a Putlocker video won’t download?

For unknown reasons, some Putlocker videos refuse to download. If this is a problem that you experience, then you can use something other than a video downloader. Instead, you can record your display to save the MP4 video on your computer.

Q5. Is downloading Putlocker videos illegal?

This is the biggest question we receive and is the most important to clarify. Unfortunately, there’s no straight answer, and it depends on the video you’re downloading.

If the video has copyright protection, then you require the video owner’s authorization before you can download it. If the video doesn’t have that, then you can freely download it.

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Helpful Tips and Tricks to Download Putlocker Videos to MP4

Now that we’ve clarified some of the concerns we’ve seen, it’s time to look at the best methods to download Putlocker to MP4.

#1 – Download Putlocker to MP4 via iTubeGo Video Downloader

iTubeGo Video Downloader repeatedly impresses us and has proven to be among the best video downloaders on the internet.

All it requires is an internet connection and the URL of the Putlocker video you want to download – a few minutes later; you’ll have the MP4 file.

  • Capable of downloading videos from over 10,000 websites
  • It can also be used to convert videos to other file formats
  • Allows users to download videos in bulk (up to 1,000 videos at once)
  • You can decide which video quality you want to download videos in
  • Includes a screen recorder so that if a video can’t be downloaded, you can record it
  • Transfer videos to your device after downloading it

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Other Ways to Download Putlocker to MP4

Both of the methods above that use iTubeGo are excellent. For some people, though, their computer might not be compatible with this program, or you just can’t get the hang of using it. In this case, here are a few alternatives that you can use to download Putlocker videos.

#1 – Video Keeper

Video Keeper is a video downloading solution which is developed by Acethinker. It isn’t limited to downloading videos from Putlocker and can download videos in various formats too.

If you want to download multiple videos from YouTube, then you can create a playlist and download them all at once.

Putlocker to MP4 with acethinker

Just like iTubeGo, if you aren’t able to download Putlocker to MP4, then the built-in recording feature will capture the video in just as high a quality. Sound like a program you want to use? Follow the steps below.

  • Step #1 – First, you must download and install the Video Keeper software on your computer. This can be the free or paid version; either will work.
  • Step #2 – Launch the program and click the “Detect” tab at the top of the window.
  • Step #3 – Using the program’s built-in browser, go to Putlocker and locate the video you wish to download.
  • Step #4 – After opening the video’s page, at the bottom-right of the program window, click on “Enable detector.”
  • Step #5 – Video Keeper will automatically detect the Putlocker video and will then start downloading it. You can click the “Download” tab to track the progress of the video download.
  • Step #6 – Once the download is complete, you can view the video by going to “Download > Completed.”

Downloading Putlocker to MP4 with Video Keeper has the added benefits of allowing you to queue videos for download and manage your downloaded videos.

#2 – Flash Video Downloader

Another video downloader tool that you can use is Flash Video Downloader, a Google Chrome Extension. Unlike Video Keeper, you won’t have to install any programs, just a simple add-on for Chrome.

So, what does this solution provide? It’s free to everyone, you can download virtually any video, and all you have to do is click the extension icon. Flash Video Downloader is incredibly simple, and here’s how to use it to download Putlocker videos.

  • Step #1 – Open your Chrome Browser and click this link to visit the extension page.
  • Step #2 – Click “Add to Chrome” and read the popup that appears, then click on “Add Extension.”
  • Step #3 – Now that the extension is installed, head over to Putlocker and find the movie or TV show that you want to download.
  • Step #4 – Press play on the video, and within a few seconds, the extension’s icon will glow at the top-right of Chrome.
  • Step #5 – Click the icon, and you should see the video listed. Press “Download” to continue.Note: the video’s file size will also be shown on the button. If you have a bandwidth cap with your internet provider, then make sure this file size won’t exceed this limit.
  • Step #6 – After the download finishes, you will be able to watch the video.

Having an extension for downloading videos is slightly easier than using a program to download Putlocker to MP4.

While you won’t get the additional features like being able to convert video files, it’s still a great solution that gets straight to the point.

#3 – Video DownloadHelper

Another Google Chrome extension is Video DownloadHelper. Like Flash Video Downloader, there might not be anything special about this extension, but it gets the job done.

  • Step #1 – Launch Google Chrome and go to the Video DownloaderHelper Chrome web store page.
  • Step #2 – Click “Add to Chrome,” followed by “Add Extension.”
  • Step #3 – Once the extension finishes installing on Chrome, go to Putlocker and find the video you wish to download.
  • Step #4 – Play the video and at the top-right, click the extension’s icon.
  • Step #5 – Details of the video, including the file size and resolution, will be shown. Hover over the version of the video that you want to download, click the arrow on the right side of it, and select one of the options.
  • Step #6 – After you select a download option, the video will now download to your computer.

When you download Putlocker to MP4 with the Video DownloadHelper extension, you have several options. One key feature is that you can download a video and convert it to a different format.

On top of that, you can choose “Copy URL” and send the video link to someone else. Overall, this simplistic extension has much to offer.

To Conclude

Downloading videos from Putlocker allows you to watch them offline, on the go, or even make short clips out of them.

With Putlocker’s popularity, it’s no surprise that people are looking for efficient ways of downloading videos from streaming sites.

By grabbing a copy of iTubeGo or using one of the alternate solutions in this article, you’ll be able to get Putlocker to MP4 easily and in no time at all.

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