How to Add Watermark in Lightroom on Mobile in No Time

“Can someone explain how to create a watermark in Lightroom? I just started using this application and still wondering about some of the features including adding a watermark. Thanks a lot!”

If you have the same question, you are not alone. There can be quite a few individuals who wonder how to add a watermark in lightroom mobile. To make things easier for you, we composed this article explaining the most practical methods. Let’s go ahead and learn about this process.

Using Adobe Lightroom for picture editing is a great tool. It is widely used by experts since it is capable of taking image editing to a new level. It is possible to make your photographs more appealing and captivating.

Lightroom contains a built-in watermark function in addition to all of its other features. Watermarks are used by photographers and graphic editors to prevent their content from being stolen. Also, the same is used to transmit the file for inspection to any client. You may add a watermark to your photographs using this built-in tool.

You may add a watermark to your photographs using this professional tool, and we explain the method here. How to put a watermark in Lightroom will be covered in this article. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. If you don’t like how complicated Lightroom is, we’ll also explain to add watermarks with an alternate, easier tool. Let’s get started right now.

Part 1: iMyFone MarkGo – the Best Alternative to Adobe Lightroom

As a picture editing program, Lightroom does not have the ability to add a watermark to a photo. The built-in functionality comes with some limitations. There are just nine places where the watermark can be placed. Adding a watermark takes some effort, and beginners may find it difficult.

To replace Lightroom, iMyFone MarkGo is the best option. First and foremost, it’s designed specifically for watermarks, so it contains all the features you’ll need. Adding a watermark to numerous photographs at once is the finest part. MarkGo allows you to apply a watermark to any photographs you’ve imported. Plenty of time is saved. It’s also possible to customize the watermark. If you wonder How to remove the watermark from Camscanner, MarkGo is your best choice.

Beginners can utilize MarkGo, which is a simple tool with amazing results. Images can be watermarked in bulk, and that’s a very impressive feature in terms of saving time and effort. Adding or removing a watermark couldn’t be easier using this method.

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How to Use MarkGo Instead of Wondering How to Add Watermark in Lightroom on Mobile 

Now that you have a good idea about iMyFone MarkGo. Let’s learn How to Create a Watermark in Lightroom by MarkGo.

  • If you wish to add or remove a watermark, you can use MarkGo easily. You should that it is compatible with both Videos and photos. Add a watermark to the image by clicking on the option called “Add Watermark to Image“.
iMyFone MarkGo
  • The watermark editor will be opened. Make sure that the Add Image button is centered on your screen. Open the image by selecting it from your device. After that, click on the option called “Add Image“.
  • Once you have done that, choose a good watermark image that doesn’t have a background. In addition to that, you should make the selection by choosing a file on your computer.
  • The text box will appear above the picture when you click on the Add Text button. Edit the text by double-clicking on the text box.
How to Add Watermark In Lightroom On Mobile Using MarkGo
  • Once the watermark has been added, you’ll need to tweak it. You have complete control over the location of the watermark with MarkGo; thanks for its smart functionality. Adjusting its size is also possible. The size can be changed by dragging the corners.
  • If you want to see the output image, click the button labeled “Preview“. The option to apply a watermark to all photos is available if you have a large number of images. To complete the process, use the Export button at the bottom. Then, you can save the watermarked image in your local storage.

Part 2: How to Create a Watermark in Lightroom 

In fact, there are two ways to add a watermark to a photo in Lightroom. You can apply a watermark in the form of a text or a picture. We’ll walk you through both and describe the step-by-step procedures to make it simple. Also, it is possible to erase the watermark from a video or photo using an online watermark removal tool. However, we will get into that after explaining this method.

Please note that for a graphical watermark, you must use a watermark image that does not have a background.

Besides, let’s figure out how to Remove Filmora Watermark from Videos effortlessly.

01. Creating a Textual Watermark using Lightroom

Now, let’s take a look at how to add a watermark in lightroom mobile (this means a text watermark).

  • Open the Lightroom application on your personal computer. You will begin with a clean slate. To apply a watermark to an image, you must first import it. The Import button is located at the lower-left corner; click on it. Make your way to the folder where you’ve saved the picture. If you don’t want to pick all of the files in the folder, click on the option “Uncheck All“. The Import button is located at the bottom of the screen.
Adobe Lightroom
  • The image will appear in your library once it has been imported. To open the image, simply double-click it. Export may be found in the File menu.
How to Add Textual Watermark In Lightroom
  • The Export window will pop up. Locate your watermark by dragging it down. Add the watermark by clicking on the radio option on the watermark. Click on that down arrowhead and select Edit Watermarks.
  • When you go for this option, you will receive the Watermark Editor. The default watermark style is text. The watermark will also be visible on the image. Your computer’s name will appear as a watermark on your screen. There’s no limit to what you can do with the content here. You can also move the text around on the image simply by dragging it.
  • Everything you need is at your fingertips in the Watermark Editor’s right-hand panel. If you want to change opacity or offset or angle or size, you can do that as well. Finally, press the Save button. Moreover, the watermark can be saved as a preset as well.
  • Export the file to your computer by clicking Export. In the respective folder, you’ll find a watermarked image.

02. Use Adobe Lightroom to Add a Graphic Watermark

Now, let’s see how to create a watermark in Lightroom using a graphic. The eariler section explained how to add a watermark in Lightroom on mobile using text. So, let’s go ahead and learn it.

  • At the lower-left corner of Lightroom, click on Import. Importing the picture from the computer is the next step in the process of adding a watermark. Uncheck all the boxes in the folder. Import the file by selecting it and clicking on the “Import” button.
How to Add Graphic Watermark In Lightroom
  • To modify the image you’ve just imported, double-click on it in the tab labeled “Library“.
  • Select Export from the File menu. The Watermark option can be found in the export window. Select the option and then press the downward pointing arrow. You can change the watermarks here.
  • You’ll be able to edit the watermark. By default, you’ll see a text watermark. When you’re in the watermark editor, select Graphic from the menu at the upper right. Pick a picture from your computer to use as a watermark. Remember that the watermark image should have no background.
  • The watermark will appear on top of the image. There are a variety of options available to you now that you’ve made your selections. Upon completion, press the Save button. If you choose, you can set up a watermark preset.
  • To save the output picture on your computer, click the option called “Export” on the right.

Frequently asked questions on how to add watermark in lightroom on mobile 

Is it possible to change a watermark’s color using Lightroom? 

It’s not possible to adjust the watermark’s color. All your photographs need is a little text applied to them. Watermarking your photographs using the default watermark tool is simple and effective.

Can I add a watermark to a batch of photos using Lightroom?

Unfortunately, No! Watermarking numerous photos at the same time is not possible. iMyFone MarkGo is the ideal tool for this job. All of the photographs you’ve imported can be marked with a watermark in a few clicks. The watermark can simply be added to a single image and then applied to all other photographs. This is a time- and money-saving method.

Can I move an image’s watermark to any different place using Lightroom? 

No. The watermark can be placed in one of nine predefined spots in Adobe Lightroom. This means that you cannot set the watermark where you want. You can place the watermark wherever you want with iMyFone MarkGo, however.

What does Lightroom’s Watermark Preset mean? 

Presets allow you to preserve your watermark settings. Lightroom will prompt you to save the image as a preset once you’ve applied a watermark. Use this preset at any time in the future, if desired. It helps you use the same watermark on many photos.

The Bottom Line

It is absolutely true that Lightroom is a top-notch image editor. It’s capable of making your photographs pixel-perfect. To apply a watermark to the video, there’s a built-in watermark tool. You can go through the process mentioned above step-by-step—the tool aids in protecting the intellectual property of creators. However, there are a few drawbacks. For starters, adding a watermark is a laborious process that might be difficult for novices. You’ll also need superior software if you intend to apply a watermark on multiple photographs. It’s possible to remove watermarks on your iPhone by downloading an iPhone watermark removal program.

So, those who wonder how to add/create watermark in Lightroom on mobile with minimal effort can try iMyFone MarkGo. It has a simplified process that saves your efforts and time. In addition to that, it allows you to add watermarks on batches of files as well.