Two Solutions to Get Out of Recovery Mode of iPad

When I upgraded my iPad to the newly released iOS, I found it stuck in recovery mode.

So I called Apple after-sales service immediately, but I haven’t got any reply by far. Do you know how to deal with problems? If you have any solutions, please tell me. Thank you very much.

Actually being stuck in the Recovery Mode is a common problem for iPad when users try to update it to the latest version or reset the password.

However, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. We will show you two simple solutions to break the stucking situation. Go ahead with the suitable solution.

Method 1: Restore iPad to Factory Setting to Get Out of Recovery Mode

If you have backed up all the files or simply do not care about losing all the files on your iPad, you can try the method out. By using iTunes, you can restore your iPad/iPad Air/iPad Mini to factory settings so that everything will be back to the beginning.

Step 1. Connect your iPad with your PC with a USB cable and launch iTunes after that.

Step 2. When your iPad is recognized successfully, you will be reminded that your iPad is in the mode of recovery. If you are sure to restore the device, just click Restore to initiate the process.


Note: This is an official method offered by Apple to solve the stucking problem. However, we genuinely recommend you not to try this method out because you will lose all the data on your device. If you want to keep your data safe and sound, you can use the solution we offer below although it may take a while.

Method 2: How to Get Rid of the Recovering Mode Without Losing Data

Before everything, you should get Tenorshare ReiBoot downloaded and installed on your computer. With the help of this program, you can get out of recovery mode.

There is a free trial version of the program so you don’t have to pay for it when you are trying to exit the recovery mode.

Step 1. Get the ReiBoot downloaded and installed on your PC.

Step 2. Use a USB cable to connect your iPad to your PC and run the program after that. Your iPad will be detected and restarted. Click the last tap “Exit Recovery Mode” in the main window. Click “Start” on the main window of the program to make your iPad function normally again.

Tips: How to Get iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad Mini Into the Recovery Mode

  • Step 1. Shut down your iPad
  • Step 2. Press the home button and the power button of your iPad spontaneously. Let go of the power button when the Apple logo appears in front of you. Keep the home button still.
  • Step 3. Run iTunes first. Then use a USB cable to connect your iPad to your PC. Wait for the iTunes alert to appear on the screen of your iPad. It says that your iPad is now in recovery mode.

Try Tenorshare ReiBoot (iOS)



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