Funny TikTok Memes That Have Become Popular in 2022

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Plenty of funny TikTok memes can make your day no matter what mood you are in. The purpose of this listicle is to list down the most popular funny TikTok memes you will come across.

So, continue reading and expanding your knowledge about this social media platform.

About TikTok

As you may have noticed, the content found on TikTok is evolving rapidly and constantly. Therefore, it can be somewhat tough for a novice to keep up with the latest trends.

In fact, 2020 was a very strange year for TikTok. It was filled with plenty of social trends, viral videos, and various events to swirl in your mind.

As a matter of fact, TikTok is gradually becoming a subculture across the globe. Plenty of celebrities emerged on this wonderful platform, and they have a unique range of followers.

Some of the TikTok celebrities have invaded the entertainment industry, and they are entering the movie industry.  

Memes show a great uprising, and the trend is only likely to grow when it comes to memes. Today, there is no shortage of meme-style videos on TikTok. In addition to that, they have text-based content that followers can like.

Those types of content have become incredibly popular across the globe, and the trend is still growing. As per the experts, this trend will not go away any soon.

Almost the entire world stagnated for about one year, so people are searching for new ways of entertainment. As a result, funny TikTok memes have become ever so popular and trendy across the globe.

People consider those funny TikTok memes to release their pressure and monotony. We all can see that powerful memes tend to stay for a long period after posting. Therefore, pretty much every individual who uses the internet appreciates memes big time.

List of Funny TikTok Memes 

To make things easier for those who are looking for funny TikTok memes, we composed this list.

It comprises an extremely funny, crazy, yet admirable collection of memes. You can go through the list and find a funny meme that matches your taste and passion.

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01. Wipe It Down

Funny TikTok Memes - Wipe it Down

This special funny meme started its journey on TikTok on April 26, 2020. The meme was launched by a well-known TikTok celebrity called Romina Gafur. In the clip she shared, she simply wiped her mirror. Her act appeared on TikTok momentarily, and suddenly, it became a challenge.

Quickly, it became one of the most popular and interesting challenges in TikTok in 2020. Per this challenge, the user should record a video of themselves in front of a mirror. Then, they wipe the mirror, and at some point, the user’s appearance changes. The more the contrast between the appearances, the better the video is.

Wipe It Down has become a trend overnight. A YouTube personality called Lian V promised to offer $1,000 to anyone who does Wipe It Down (#WipeChallenge). Soon, it became one of the most popular and funniest TikTok memes.

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02. Everything Is Cake

Funny TikTok Memes - Everything is Cake

During the past year, the entire world experienced some disturbing events. Well, to add more spice to it, how about finding cakes pretty much everywhere you come across?

Everything is cake” is a TikTok meme in which the performers find cakes in strange locations. This special, humorous yet awkward meme was started by a Turkish baker called “Tuba Geçkìl.”

The initial video became viral through the Alpha XR’s Twitter account. As per this meme, the household items you usually come across appear to be completely normal. However, when they are cut or smashed, realistic cakes appear.

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03. Da Vinky

Funny TikTok Memes - Da Vinky

The beginning of the Da Vinky TikTok meme happened due to an answer provided to a riddle. Back in September 2020, TikTok performers called Chris Vörös, and Patrick Vörös put the foundation for this meme. The question “Who painted the Mona Lisa” is asked in that riddle.

Then, the answer (da Vinci) appears on the screen. The twins, in response, say it out loud, and their answer is “Da Vinky.” Needless to say, how funny the answer was.

In fact, their video went viral across the globe, and more than 2.4 million individuals watched it. The number would be much bigger if you count the users who listened to the audio.

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04. But I’m Shy

Funny TikTok Memes - But I'm Shy

But I am shy” is another popular funny TikTok meme. This specific meme displays a pose of a specific timid anime character. As per this meme, the toes should be turned inward while their index fingers brush the cosplayers.

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05. It’s Corona Time

Funny TikTok Memes -  It's Corona Time

We should admit that TikTok is a pretty weird and strange place. However, some would say that it is an actual representation of the world we live in. “It’s Corona Time” is a famous, hilarious, and exciting meme that represents the pandemic the entire world faces.

As per this meme, someone should shout out, “it’s corona time. Hey, it is corona time right now“. It should be repeated while “don’t stop the rock” (a club track) is played in the background. The respective track is by a band called “Freestyle“.

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06. Hand Gesture

Hand Gesture

One of the most significant aspects associated with TikTok is the large range of filters and special effects. In this meme, a series of three hand signals is displayed.

In fact, this effect existed for more than a year, but it became popular in 2019/2020. Pretty much all the time, the users cannot get a fitting filter. Pretty much all the time, the users cannot fit that filter.

07. “Say So” Dance

"Say So" dance

In TikTok, there is no shortage of exciting dance moves. Some of those dances have mesmerized users across the globe. “Say So” is one of those dances that grabbed the attention of many users.

In fact, this dance move was one of the most popular ones during the last year. This dance was produced by a profile called Harley Sharpe. It was performed while Doja Cat’s hit song is being played in the background. Even if you are not a big fan of TikTok performances, you can learn these movements easily.

08. Never Seen Two Pretty Best Friends

Never Seen Two Pretty Best Friends

Back in October 2020, a special quote on TikTok became insanely popular. The quote is, “I have never seen two pretty best friends. One of them gotta be ugly all the time“. This statement was made by a model called Jordan Scott (who was a student).

Due to some reason or another, this specific statement became incredibly popular on the TikTok platform. As of today, a massive number of users have performed this funny TikTok meme and gained the attraction of their followers.

09. Mi Pan

Mi Pan

In fact, Mi Pan is pretty much a nonsensical video that went absolutely viral. According to many, “Mi Pan” is a pretty mysterious meme, just like the track. As per this meme, a red llama spins, and strangely, it received over a million likes.

It continued to become popular, and people started to grab the sound. Other users started to reuse the track and performed a variety of other videos. Even as of now, there’re plenty of other users who have no clue about the origin of the music.

10. POVs


POV (it’s the abbreviation for Point-Of-View). They are videos that gained immense popularity very recently. As per this concept, the maker of the video has a greater shape to show their faces. Also, it gives the freedom to grow as a celebrity.

In general, a TikTok POV should be taken from the viewpoint of the first person. As per this type of video, the viewers (AKA spectators) become the main character. This is exactly where new behaviors are introduced. Those who do new POV videos try to introduce newer videos with exciting views to attract the crowd.

One of the trendy POVs is to perform leisure activities. They also prefer monologs with a dramatic approach. Also, micro scripts are becoming so popular in this area.

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