Top 10 Free Android Spy Apps to Catch Cheating Spouse

If you have been thinking of ways to resolve the emotional mess you have been in due to your partner’s suspicious activities, you can consider taking the help of the free Android spy apps to catch your cheating spouse.

These applications can present you with fast and real results to ascertain if your partner has been cheating or was unnecessarily lunatic.

Let’s know more about these apps and also explore the top 10 options.

Role of the Catching Cheating Spouse Apps

Who would have wondered that technology can be the way out in such personal situations? Well, believe it or not, some applications can help you to know if your partner is cheating on you or not.

The free Android spy apps are the reliable help you can take in finding out all the data on your partner’s phone and then analyzing it to know what is going on with them.

There are a lot of such applications in the market, and all of them have different advanced features for the purpose.

Now, this might make the picking of one application confusing for you. It is to help you out from this situation that we are here with a list of the ten best apps that can easily help you find out about your partner’s hidden life.

The list that we have curated is based on individual testing of all the apps and careful mention of all their advantages and disadvantages of them. So without wasting time anymore, let’s get down to see the apps one by one.

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#1 – Spyic

Out of all the Android spying apps in the market, Spyic easily wins the crown for all the right reasons.

We placed it at the top position in our list due to the amazing features it has got that are more than 35 and will help you to gain access to the tiniest bit of data in the target device. This is true to the core.


The app’s outstanding feature is that it doesn’t require any rooting for the target Android device.

Now, this is truly remarkable since it is rare to find such a free Android spy app to catch cheating spouses that can be so feature-full and still don’t ask for device rooting.

However, Spyic has been made possible due to the high-end technology from world-class developers.

Let us give you the details of this app and how it carries out the job.

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Features of the Spyic App

All the features of this spying application are designed to help you keep an eye on all the activities being carried out by your partner on their phone. Let’s see some of the things this app does for you:

Features of the Spyic app

Track the Social Media Activities

Social media apps are the most common platforms used by people to meet new people and thereby cheat on their partners.

The dedicated modules present in this app aim to trace the evidence of cheating on these platforms only.

It allows you to view the chats of your partner and their contacts too. Convenient enough, right?

Free Android Spy Apps Cheating Spouse - Spyic

Keylogging Function

It also has a keylogger function that is devised to record all the keystrokes made on the target device by its user. By all, we mean the searches made by them, messages entered, usernames, and even passwords.

There are separate logs in this function to show the results separately belonging to the different applications.

Spyic Keylogging function

Monitor Calls

This can be one of the greatest helps to catch a cheating partner red-handed. With this app, you can record every incoming or outgoing call on the target device and keep the recording safe.

Other details, like called identity, call durations, timestamps, and favorite contacts, can also be seen with this app.

The call recordings can easily help you to listen to the conversations of your partner and ascertain if they are cheating or not.

Spyic Monitor Calls

Track the Location

If your partner is cunning enough, they might not be having conversations over the phone but still meeting other people outside.

The location tracking service of this app can give you data on the whereabouts of your partner. This doesn’t mean that you would have to stay awake and monitor 24*7. You can view the recently visited locations by your partner.

Alongside this, you can create a boundary on the app’s map for the location tracking, and as the partner goes beyond the location boundary, you will get the alert.

Spyic Track Location

Aren’t these features cool? However, this makeup is even less than 10% of the entire feature set of Spyic.

Let us now check out the unique reasons that make Spyic the number one app among the free Android spy apps to catch cheating spouses in the tech world.

Advantages of using Spyic

Root-less Functioning

Spyic is one great app that doesn’t require the rooting of the target device to get able to function. It easily works whether or not the target device is rooted in the checker’s device.

This is very beneficial as rooting impacts the app security, and the final user might find out that the device is being tracked.

Stealth Mode

The design of the app is primarily responsible for the secretive functioning of the app. You just need to access the target device for once so that the Spyic app can be installed on it, and that’s all. It gets installed within seconds and isn’t bulky at all with just a 2 MB app size.

Upon installation, the app disappears from the main menu and can only be launched by the tracker with a unique code. The app will continue doing its job in the background without consuming much battery too.

All these factors will prevent the occurrence of any doubt about your partner. Further, the app can be easily uninstalled remotely from the target device from the dashboard of the app itself in one click.

Simple Installation and UI

You don’t need to be a tech wizard for operating this app as it runs over an auto-setup function, and you will be required to make some simple clicks only. The dashboard of the app is very easily navigable, and the features are neatly arranged in the left portion of the app.

Web Interface

The app functions independently and can be accessed over almost all of the web browsers and devices that you have. This means that you don’t need to download any software on the PC or mobile device to use the app.

Cheap Pricing

The app comes for so little that it will almost seem free of cost for the great services it offers. This is one of the biggest advantages of using Spyic as all the other apps charge so high without even giving half of the similar features and also require device rooting.

That isn’t all about this amazing app, and you can know more by visiting the official website of the app itself. It’s time that we look at the other free Android spy apps to catch cheating spouses too.

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Spyic for Android Spyic for iOS

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#2 – Cocospy

Although we started with giving the best in the first place, if you are curious to find out the other options too then, Cocospy is certainly the best second option that you have got.

It portrays a tough competition to Spyic with the feature set being almost as advanced as the former’s.

Free Android Spy Apps Cheating Spouse - Cocospy

This is also deemed to be another best monitoring app for different devices as it has got solutions for not just Android as well as iOS too.

You wouldn’t be required to root Android devices or carry out any jailbreaking in the case of iOS devices. This app has a web-based interface that allows you to gain easy access to all the features of the app.

The app is highly praised by millions of users across the world, and they vouch for the services offered by it. With the help of this app, you can get results within minutes and know if your partner is cheating or not.

We suggest that if you are not going with Spyic, then you definitely try Cocospy for the purpose. The pricing is not as cheap as Spyic but not much costly too. You may also get huge discounts if lucky enough.

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Try Cocospy

#3 – Spyier

Free Android Spy Apps Cheating Spouse - Spyier

Spyier is another great option in the list of free Android spy apps to catch cheating spouses available for use on Android and iOS devices. It gets the job of catching the cheating partners done effectively enough if not as good as the top two software listed above.

This app doesn’t require you to access the target device all the time and gives the services for free. The major pros of the software involve a web-based interface.

This means that the dashboard of this app can be accessed over any of the web browsers available. However, their dashboard can do better with a bit of improvement here and there.

The features of this app are primarily centered on the monitoring of social media platforms. However, it has certain other features to offer as well.

If it is called so, the main drawback is that the app works only after the target device is rooted. This puts a compromise on the device’s security and can also make the phone vulnerable to malware and viruses.

It’s not just that, but the user of the target device may also find out that they are being tracked. Another drawback of this app is that it is priced higher than even the best free Android spy apps to catch cheating spouses like Spyic.

#4 – Minspy


Minspy is another great spying app that you can use for catching cheating partners but its features are similar to the parental control apps. The main advantage of this app is that it doesn’t require target rooting, and only a few other features make it useful.

Since we mentioned that the app has the nature of the parental control app, most of its features are restrictive, like they allow you to restrict the use of unwanted applications of the target device, monitor the website usage, and block the ones that you want to.

These features are definitely not worth the price set up for this app.

#5 – Spyine


Spyine is another decent option among the free Android spy apps to catch cheating spouses that you may want to use on any Android or iOS device.

All the important features like call and message monitoring, social media records, keylogger, activity capturing, etc. are available in this app that will get you access to much data on the target device.

The drawbacks associated with it are a poorly designed user interface and high pricing.

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#6 – Mobistealth

The prime feature that is noteworthy here is that the app can track both the mobile and the PC of the target user and run on any platform.

Other than the large array of features of Mobistealth, the no-rooting technique is praiseworthy. You can track the social media activities of your partner, monitor their calls, and even view their browser history.

Free Android Spy Apps Cheating Spouse - Mobistealth

However, the drawback that comes here is that this app is available for a heavy price that is, in fact, the highest on this list.

#7 – iKeymonitor

iKeymonitor is one of those free Android spy apps to catch cheating spouses that can also be used by employers and parents to keep a check on their employees and kids simultaneously.

However, the tracking features can also be used to catch a cheating partner as they allow you to track the social media activities of your partner, monitor their messages, do keylogging, etc.

Free Android Spy Apps Cheating Spouse - iKeymonitor

The major drawback of this app is that it requires jailbreaking into the phone to be fully functional, which is strongly not recommended. The subscription cost of the app is also very high.

#8 – FlexiSPY

Be it tracking the PCs, mobile phones, or tablets, FlexiSPY can do it all. The numerous features of this app include location tracking, social media tracking, etc.

However, this app is not free of downsides like the rooting requirement that limits the functionality of the app.

The high pricing is another great disadvantage that makes it less preferable. Its monthly subscription fee is equivalent to the half-yearly subscription of Spyic.


#9 – HelloSpy

Like iKeymonitor, this app was also designed to help employers and parents with the monitoring job, but it can do the job of the free Android spy apps to catch cheating spouses well.

This is made possible by features like social media tracking, location monitoring, call log checker, etc.


#10 – Guestspy

This decent monitoring application can help you to catch a cheating partner with important basic features like call recording, location tracking, social media records, etc.

Still, there are so many other features that the app lacks, and this makes it a long way for it to go to become the top contender app.

The dashboard of Guestspy is also behind in term so refinement and need improvement. The affordable price of this app is still costlier than the top applications, which makes it less preferable.

Some FAQs

We know that to spy on anyone through their mobile phone is not an easy job today due to the highly secure features these devices come with.

There may be a lot of doubts coming up in your mind, and here we are going to address some of the common issues:

Q. Is it possible to spy on anyone’s Android device without having absolutely any access to it ever?

A. Unfortunately, this is not possible as you would need to access the phone at least once. The reason behind this it is mandatory to install the spy app on Android or any device that you want to track.

Q. Is it possible to spy on anyone’s device without bursting the secret?

A. Yes, this is possible with the free Android spy apps to catch cheating spouses like the ones listed above as they will allow you to gain full and secretive access to all the activities going on their phone without them having even a single hint.

Q. Are there any spy apps that give free services?

A. The development of Android spying solutions takes resources and effort. Thus, they don’t come fully free of cost. However, the great apps offer such amazing features that the price would feel totally worth it.

Q. Is it possible to get any hard evidence related to the cheating of my partner?

A. Many spy apps let you have details of the locations and conversations of your partner, and these can play the role of solid pieces of evidence against your cheating partner if that be the case.


Picking the best out of the many free Android spy apps to catch cheating spouses has to be based on a careful analysis, including functionality, features, pricing, etc.

While some apps had the perfect balance of all these factors, some excelled perfectly in all, and still others miserable failed.

Our pick would definitely be Spyic, followed by Cocospy. Both of the apps are effective, cheap, and loaded with awesome features like no rooting requirement.

Test them and know it for yourself.


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