5 Most Amazing Free Keylogger for Android

Why Do We Need to Have a Professional Free Keylogger for Android?

A person uses a keylogger to monitor the activities of other individuals like children and spouses. Free keylogger for Android is used to keep an eye on the children so that we can be sure that they are safe and on your spouse so that you can know that your partner is honest with you. Additionally, a keylogger is used by employers to ensure that their employees are performing their job and not wasting their time doing anything else. The parties demanding the use of such applications are satisfied by using them.

The main reason behind using a keylogger is to keep track of the activities that a person is performing on the target Smartphone. Certain keyloggers send spy information through email, and some provide online reports. Moreover, a free keylogger for Android allows real-time tracking of the target device.

Waiting for 5 to 15 minutes can become very frustrating when you are perturbed about another individual’s activities. By using the keyloggers, you can actually view the things that are going on the target Android phone. Numerous keyloggers present in the market offer this facility. The best and the most incredible software for spying that is available in the market is KidsGuard Pro.

How Can You Find Keylogger Record for iPhone?

It is important for you to know that you cannot monitor an iPhone in real-time. There are certain keyloggers that can perform the spying function on iOS Smartphones, but that is only in case the application is jailbroken.

The technology of Apple iPhones is such that it keeps control over every aspect of the software and the hardware. Therefore, it is impossible to view the activities that are being performed on iOS Smartphones in real-time. A few keyloggers can do this, but they are reluctant to modify the restrictions imposed by the Apple incorporation. There are certain keyloggers available, and if you want, you can go for them to spy on an iOS device.

Now, we are going to talk about the best free keylogger for Android.

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Part 1: KidsGuard Pro Keylogger for Android

Our other favorite Android Keylogger app is KidsGuard Pro, as this powerful monitoring tool is packed with the Keylogger feature. It’s easy to use. You can track from the web portal using the keylogger provided by KidsGuard. Most important is that the app icon will disappear from the Home screen once the app is launched. It will be turned into invisible software.

KidsGuard Pro, the free keylogger for Android, can keep a record of all the activities that are being performed on the target Smartphone and that too through any device. Not only that, you can Hack Facebook without a survey and view private Facebook profiles & track the target device through a web browser by using this app. Nowadays, technology is coming up with vital solutions that can help you keep track of people. Keylogger apps are particularly helpful in case of a crisis situation.

KidsGuard Pro also has other useful features for remotely monitoring your kids: location history tracking, call log tracking, browsing history tracking, photos, message reading, screenshot capture, and video preview. And it also supports all social media monitoring, such as Kik, WhatsApp, Line, Instagram, Wechat, Facebook, and so on.

There is a free trial version available for three days. Regarding the price, it’s available for $29.95 per month. Just try it yourself.

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Part 2: Hoverwatch Keylogger for Android

Hoverwatch is a fantastic free keylogger for Android, but its functions are restricted. One of the most incredible features of this spying application is that it allows you to take a picture of any person using the target smartphone. Not only that, this app has been proved to be great for the security of other devices. Also, a free trial version of this app is available. This application cannot be used for spying on iOS devices. (Hoverwatch Review here)

Hoverwatch Keylogger for Android

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Part 3: KidLogger Keylogger for Android

This software is a bit contradictory in nature. It has a very simple interface, but it has certain limitations. The capability range of this app is also great. Additionally, it has the feature of voice recording and location tracking. Plus, this app is an open-source app, which is a great thing. The major issue with this free keylogger for Android is that it can be quickly uninstalled and can be detected easily. Another bad thing about this app is that it becomes unsupported at any point in time. Learn more about it from the full KidLogger Reviews.

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KidLogger android keylogger

Part 4: Spirix Keylogger Keylogger for Android

Versions of this free keylogger for Android, namely SpirixKeylogger, are available in the market for both Mac computers and Windows. In total, it has three versions, which are the pro, personal, and free versions. Moreover, it has a business version, which is an enhanced one. It is very difficult to determine what every version offers in exchange for the increasing price. This application is different from others as it does not consist of any models of subscription pricing. The pro version of this application offers bulk discounts, which is a great thing.

You can read further to know more about it via this full Spyrix Free Keylogger Review.

Spirix Keylogger for Android

Part 5: Shadow Kid’s keylogger

This application has been designed particularly to be used by the parents. Basically, this app helps you to spy on the user of the target device. This application is available for free on Google Play. Aroida has published this app on Google Play.

Shadow Kid's keylogger

The basic idea behind introducing this free keylogger for Android is to download it on your device so that if you give your Smartphone to another individual that you do not trust, you will be able to view what they did when they did take your mobile. It is a bit difficult to install this app on your Smartphone, but the application is available for free and has also received positive customer feedback.

Steps for Using KidsGuard Pro for Tracking Keyloggers on the Target Smartphone

If you wish to spy on any Android devices, you must use the application of KidsGuard. Although this application cannot be used as a direct iPhone keylogger, it can only record the messages shared on WhatsApp on an iPhone.

If your target device is an Android Smartphone, then KidsGuard Pro is the perfect keylogger application you can use. Nevertheless, the first thing you must do is install the application of KidsGuard on the target Android mobile phone.

The Further Steps to Follow Are Mentioned Below:

#1: The first thing you are required to do is create an account on the catch a cheater app – KidsGuard that is by completing the registration process. In order to do that, you have to visit the website of KidsGuard and make an account by typing in your email credentials. When the registration gets completed, download the application on your Smartphone.

Create KidsGuard Account

#2: In the next step, you are required to enter the details related to the device, which you wish to track by using the free keylogger for Android.

#3: Prior to moving any further ahead, it is important for you to understand how to install an unauthorized application. For that, you need to choose the option of the developer on your phone. Once that is done, the application will get installed smoothly.

#4: After that, visit the Boyfriend Tracker – KidsGuard website and download the Line hack, which you have to install on the target Smartphone.

#5: After completing the installation process, open the top Hidden Spy Apps for Android – KidsGuard program on your Android phone by entering your credentials, which you used to create the account. For using a free keylogger for Android, you will have to grant the permission by tapping on “Allow“.

#6: When completed, you will be required to activate monitoring on the target Smartphone. After that, you can either remove the app from the device to be hacked or leave it without making any changes.

#7: Now, you will be able to spy on all the accounts and apps of the target Android Smartphone by going to the dashboard on your own device.

KidsGuard Keylogger for Android

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Conclusion on Free Keylogger for Android

So, these were the amazing free keylogger for Android, which you can use for spying on another individual’s Smartphone. Every keylogger explained above is great for spying on an Android device, but the best one out of all is KidsGuard.