Forgot Screen Time Passcode? Here’s The Best Fix For You

“Hey guys, I just forgot Screen Time Passcode, and I have no way of recalling it. Can you help me to recover it? If not, is there another solution to it?

All I need is the Screen Time password because there is no issue with the unlock screen. Please help me out. Anybody!”.

Have you seen such queries? Or do you have a similar type of question? If so, this article is a must-read for you. Apple offers timely updates to its iOS versions.

With their iOS 12, they have introduced a special feature called Screen Time to iPhone users. With this option, you can use a password and restrict the settings of your Screen Time.

However, a considerable number of users have complained that they forgot their Screen Time Passcode and became helpless often. They have tried everything, including entering their screen lock passwords, but nothing works unless they enter the Screen Time passcode.

It is needless to mention, how annoying it could be if you have forgotten the Screen Time passcode. If you happen to encounter such a situation, you must find a solution to it as soon as possible.

Well, the good news is that we intend to explain effective solutions in this article to address it. No matter what type of iPhone you are using, we will help you how to overcome the situation. So, keep reading.

What is Screen Time?

Screen Time is a special feature introduced by Apple with its latest iOS versions. In fact, the main purpose of introducing this feature is to address various concerns about excessive device usage.

Thereby, they expect to prevent social media addiction and smartphone addiction of the individuals. Over the past period, health experts have revealed the negative impacts of excessive usage of smartphones. So, Apple has decided to offer a solution to that by introducing Screen Time.

With iOS 13.3, you will be able to see a new Screen Time feature. For instance, you can even set limits pertaining to certain contacts. It could be useful if you happen to talk to one person without a limit.

The same feature is useful to limit the smartphone usage of your kids so their studies won’t be disrupted. Using Screen Time, parents can set a limit to the contacts stored on their iPhones.

For instance, you can set 20 minutes per day for the contacts. If not, you can only allow them to call to close family members during the night.

Apart from restricting the calls, the same feature can be used to set limits for FaceTime and messages.

Basically, Screen Time is a way of controlling a particular iPhone’s usage.

  • Screen Time is a very important feature linked with iOS, and it works with all the apps. Moreover, you don’t have to make any special changes to apps for Screen Time to affect them.
  • You can access Screen Time in the ‘Settings‘ app. It is located alongside the options called ‘Notifications‘ and ‘Do Not Disturb.’ This feature always monitors the way you use the device. Also, it tells you everything about the duration you have used the device. Moreover, it tells you how long you have used a particular app or an app category.
  • Screen Time can tell the number of times you have picked up your device within a certain period.
  • The connected data can be viewed in the form of a chart to make things clearer. That will give you a clear idea about the general usage of the device.
  • You can see a weekly report (which will be sent in the form of notification to you). As a result, you can see exactly what you were doing with the smartphone. In other words, it tells you how much time you have wasted.

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Methods to try if you forgot Screen Time Passcode

As we have mentioned before, there are several solutions to overcome a forgotten Screen Time passcode. In this part, we will explain them one by one, so you can choose the best.

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Method 01: Use your default Screen Time passcode

This can be the most basic option you can try once you forget your Screen Time Passcode. You can try the possible default passcode and see if the Screen Time gets unlocked.

In fact, this is not a new method, and many users have tried this and succeeded. In this case, you should choose a combination of four digits that don’t necessarily match device passwords.

Well, if the device unlocks code is 454545, you cannot succeed with a combination like 4545. If the device’s unlock code is 121212, you cannot use 1212 as the Screen Time passcode.

So, you must choose any random passcode that doesn’t match your device’s unlock code by any means. Please note that you should try a different passcode than your iCloud or lock screen passcode.

Method 02: Get rid of the Screen Time Passcode without restoring

If you haven’t synchronized your iOS device with iTunes, you can use a special tool to address the situation. The best and most effective tool you can use for such a situation is Tenorshare 4uKey – iTunes Backup.

With this tool, you can easily remove the passcode on the iOS device without any trouble. In addition to that, it can even remove the iTunes backup passcode with a very impressive success rate.

The best thing about Tenorshare 4uKey is that it doesn’t cause any data loss during the repair process.


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