How to Exit the DFU Mode When the iPhone Goes Crash

It is really troublesome when the iPhone goes crash during the upgrading process. After you tried all the available methods to solve this problem, you can think about using a third party managing tool to help you. For example, dr.fone Toolkit for iOS is a nice choice. The dr.fone for iOS is a tool specializing in managing data on the iOS device and it also offers functions to solve the errors on the devices too. So it can not help you repair the physical damages, and you need to send it to the store as soon as possible. But when it comes to the crash, you can totally turn to the dr.fone for iOS, which is a nice helper in this way.

Part 1. What Causes the iPhone to Crash During the DFU Mode

When you upgrade the operating system of your iPhone, iPad or iPod, your iOS device will be in the DFU mode, namely the device firmware upgrade mode. But sometimes your iOS device will be in the DFU mode because there are some errors in it. And at this time, usually, you need to solve the problems on your iOS device.

There Are Some Reasons Why Your Ios Device Goes to Crash in Recovery Mode, and You Can See the Reasons As Follows:

  1. Your iOS device gets a big fall on the floor from the high level, and something is damaged due to the fall.
  2. You give your iOS device a repair which by accident causes some physical damage on your device.
  3. Incompatible chargers make the chips to get damage.
  4. Damages on the USB cables can also cause further damage to the batteries or the whole devices.

All the situations above can be brought up when there is no damage to the hardware, but only stacking your iOS device in the DFU mode. And it is easy to solve the problem because you can simply do it on your computer in your room without going out to a repairing store.

Part 2. How to Exit the DFU Mode with Ease

In fact, it is easy to exit the DFU mode if you turn to some third-party tools. If you have heard about the dr.fone – iOS System Repair, a professional tool for recovering data on the iOS device, then you can easily use it to help you. It is easy to exit DFU mode with this tool.

And the iOS devices it supports cover from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 13 and other iPad (ex: fix iPad Keeps Freezing) and iPod. If you want to have your iPhone downgrade or jailbreak, the dr.fone can also be of help. What’s more, you can use the dr.fone to enter the DFU mode too, if you want.

It is easy to fulfill your goal, after reading this article. Simply use the “System Repair” function on the dr.fone for iOS, and then you can exit the DFU mode on your iOS device. All you need is a computer and a USB cable.

Now, Here is the Detailed Tutorial for Your Reference:

Step 1. Download and Install

There are two different versions of the dr.fone Toolkit for iOS on the Internet, both for the Windows users and the Mac users. Simply choose the right version for your computer and then download the installation package. And then install it on your computer with the instructions of the installation wizard.

Get dr.fone – System Repair (iOS)

Step 2. Launch and Connect

On your computer, find the start icon and double-click on it. And you can see the intuitive primary window of this tool on your computer. Then use a USB cable to connect your iOS device to your computer. Soon after that, the dr.fone for iOS will recognize your iOS device and show you some information about your iOS device on the primary window of it.

Step 3. Choose the “System Repair” Function

Then on the primary window of the dr.fone Toolkit for iOS, you need to find the “System Repair” button, and then click on it to start the process.

Step 4. Download the Firmware for Your iOS Device

Now, as the dr.fone Toolkit for iOS has recognized your iOS device, you can download the firmware for your iOS device on the primary window of the dr.fone Toolkit for iOS. Because the dr.fone will automatically choose the latest version of the firmware available according to the information of your iOS device. Simply download it.

Step 5. Wait for the Process Finishing

When the dr.fone for iOS is downloading the firmware for your iOS device, you can also do something else on your computer, but not on your iOS device. And the whole process will last about ten minutes. After the process, your iOS device will be restarted, in normal mode.

Exit the DFU Mode Using dr.fone System Repair


  1. All the data on your iOS device will not be deleted no matter what you have done to your iOS devices, such as the jailbreak and the downgrade.
  2. When you fix your iOS device to normal, you need to be aware that it will put your iOS device into the jails again if you have once given it a jailbreak.
  3. If your iOS device stays in a frozen state after you use the dr.fone – iOS System Repair, you can try to restart your iOS device by yourself. And then it may turn to the normal mode.
  4. If you have once restarted your iOS device in order to solve the problem of freezing, but nothing changed, you may need to approach the local support team of Apple, to let them solve the problem for you.

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