How to Quote Someone on Discord on Smartphone or PC?

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The Discord application is a communication tool utilized by gamers all over the world. By building servers within the application, users may simply communicate with one another.

Discord has excellent features such as voice communication, videoconferencing, and a variety of formatting options for users to express themselves.

With regards to quoting texts on the app, some users are irritated because you cannot quote a message provided by another Discord user.

Nevertheless, with recent changes, it is now possible to quickly Discord Quote conversations.

Of course, we must remember that Discord was never intended to be a professional or business-focused network, and its origins were in gaming. As a result, the requirement to quote is oversimplified.

Even though it is convenient to be able to quote someone, it also makes it simpler to respond to what someone has said and gives a more direct manner to underline key messages throughout the conversation.

You may instantly respond to a specific message delivered by a user during a conversation by using the quoting tool. Sadly, many Discord users are unaware of how to quote somebody on the network.

As a result, in this tutorial, we will go over the strategies you may use to simply quote someone on Discord.

Continue reading to learn the easiest way to use Discord Quote, as well as a fresh alternative option.

Why Do You Need the Discord Quote Feature?

Quoting somebody may be quite beneficial, especially in a fast-paced setting like Discord. If you have ever entered a large channel, for instance, with 150 or even more individuals, you will understand what we actually imply. A large number of individuals talking at the same time might cause some essential texts to go unheard.

There will be a great deal of uncertainty when a web chat is not one-on-one and rather involves numerous individuals.

For example, the individual you are replying to may believe you are replying to somebody else. However, by using the Discord Quote, all unneeded uncertainty may be eliminated.

There are a number of causes why you could require to quote somebody else’s text on Discord when talking in a group conversation, including:

Respond to Other People’s Texts in A Group Conversation.

  • In case you do not wish to utilize the system’s built-in ‘Reply‘ option, you can respond to anyone else’s texts on Discord by quoting them.

Provide Context for Any New Texts:

  • When you quote a previous text on the website with your own reply, you are notifying everyone else on the platform precisely of whatever you are talking about.
  • Basically, you are providing context for your new text; this would save other server users time since they will not have to scroll back and actually read the full conversation to understand what you are talking about.
  • With the help of quoting, you will be able to introduce additional information or changes to the content in previous communications.

PS: let’s figure out how to appear offline in Discord and how to clear Discord chat.

Methods of Quoting Someone on Discord

Quoting people in a group conversation is a crucial function that should have been available from the start, but the Discord app just implemented it last year; nonetheless, it is better late than never.

Discord is accessible to users on various platforms, including macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows. The great news is that you can utilize the Discord Quote function across the platform; regardless of whatever device you are using, you would be able to use the function.

On Discord, you may quote somebody in a number of different ways. You will discover four alternative approaches to accomplish the same thing down below. Use any of the approaches that you are most familiar with to quote anybody’s text.

The instructions outlined here are applicable to Discord on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and the website version.

Discord Quote by Built-in Function

The simplest and fastest method to Discord Quote somebody is to utilize Discord’s built-in Reply feature. Simply hold your mouse over a text, tap on the three dots to open the menu, and thereafter press reply.

After that, all you have to do is compose your text and post it. That is all there is to it. However, there are a couple more other options we would like to discuss with you.

Block Quotes

This is Discord’s most recent technique, which was implemented last year. It is also one of the simplest methods for quoting a text in Discord. It can now be used in two different ways.

Although we are demonstrating the procedure on a smartphone, this approach is applicable to any device that supports the Discord software.

To quote a passage of text, you must utilize various block quotations. But it is actually rather easy. To utilize Block Quotes, just use the ‘>‘ or ‘>>>‘ sign accompanied by a space.

Single-line Quoting

To Discord Quote someone, single-line quoting can be used to quote a single line of the message which has no line spacing.

When entering a message, just use the ‘>‘ sign accompanied by a space to include the Quote. To acquire additional ideas on the matter, follow the procedures outlined below.

The following actions can be taken in a nutshell to accomplish this:

  • Launch Discord and then choose the server and chat to which you wish to deliver a quoted text.
  • Now, in the message box, enter the ‘>‘ sign accompanied by a space.
  • After that, the final text can be inputted. After typing the message, press the send option, and the text will be immediately sent.
line Quoting

Multi-line Quoting

When you need to respond with lengthier words and line spacing, multi-line Discord Quote blocks can assist. To do this, just place “>” before each of the quoted lines, then respond to each of the texts separately. Unfortunately, this may appear a bit irritating, and users may become confused as a result.

At the start of a text line, use “>>>” beside the message, accompanied by a space. Then, your message will be a portion of the complete quote text. Shift+Enter is used to split the line and then apply the reply to every line independently.

To acquire additional ideas on the matter, follow the procedures outlined below. The following actions can be taken in a nutshell to accomplish this:

  • Launch Discord and then choose the server and chat to which you wish to deliver a quoted text.
  • Just insert the more than (>) sign three times at the beginning of your message and then press the space bar to quote several phrases at once.
  • After that, the final text can be inputted. After typing the message, press the send option, and the text will be immediately sent.
Multi-line Quoting

Discord Quote by Code Block Feature

Although Discord does not have a specific quote feature, you may accomplish a fairly similar effect by using the code block functionality.

Usually, it has been used to emphasize code in a lengthy list of lines; however, since it is so easy to implement, it could just as easily be applied as a quote function. Simply surround the sentence you wish to quote with two backtick “`” characters.

Code Block Feature

The sentence will be placed into a code block as a result of this action. Although this is not suitable for those looking for a quote, the structure is very comparable. You may even make multi-lined ones for sentences that span several levels.

quote with two backtick "`" characters

Although there is not a standard means of Discord Quote, certain administrators may download a bot that allows quotes as well as other capabilities.

This bot will need to be introduced to each channel where it would be utilized, but it is worth all the trouble for people who wish to quote someone else. We will discuss this in the next section.

Quote Bot

There are several bots available that will assist you with quoting texts on Discord with a single swipe, even when playing games. There are both high-level and low-level pricey bots on the market.

However, this procedure is more complex and difficult than the others mentioned above.

Citador and Quote are two Discord Quote bots. The Bot account may be made as follows:

  • Sign in to your profile and navigate to the application page.
  • Create a new application by clicking on the ‘New Application‘ button and assigning it a name.
Discord New Application
  • Navigate to the Bot section, then select ‘Add Bot‘, and afterward, ‘Yes, do it‘.
Bot Settings
Add Bot
Discord Quote Bot
  • Then, set the public settings to ‘default,’ and the bot will then be formed.

It’s not necessary to utilize both the bots to quote; simply try both of them and then select the one you liked best and the one you believe is better for you to employ.

However, both of these are excellent and will assist you with quoting on Discord. Citador is an easy application that assists you in quoting by introducing a single click for it.

However, if you wish to be using citador, you must use BetterDiscod, a distinct custom client. Also, utilizing custom clients may violate Discord’s Terms of service, so use caution when doing so.

Tips for Using the Quoting Feature

To make the most of the quoting feature on Discord, consider the following tips:

  1. Use quotes sparingly: While quoting can be helpful, avoid excessive quoting to prevent cluttering the conversation.
  2. Be clear in your responses: When quoting, ensure your response or comment provides valuable input related to the quoted message.
  3. Stay on topic: Use quoting to maintain focus and relevance in discussions. Quote messages that are directly related to your response.
  4. Reply to multiple messages: You can quote multiple messages in one response to address multiple points or individuals at once.
  5. Format your quotes: Experiment with Markdown formatting to highlight quoted messages or add emphasis where necessary.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can quote effectively on Discord and enhance your overall communication experience.


Quoting messages on Discord is a valuable feature that allows users to reference and respond to specific messages. Whether you’re using Discord on a smartphone or PC, the process of quoting is easy to grasp.

By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can quote someone’s message with ease and contribute to meaningful conversations on the platform.


Q1: Can I quote messages in private conversations on Discord?

Yes, you can quote messages in private conversations on Discord. The process is the same as quoting in channels or group chats.

Q2: Can I edit or remove a quoted message on Discord?

No, once you’ve quoted a message on Discord, you cannot edit or remove it. It remains as a reference in your response.

Q3: Are quoted messages visible to everyone in a Discord channel?

Quoted messages are visible to everyone who can see the channel or chat where they are posted. They provide context to the ongoing conversation.

Q4: Can I quote images or files on Discord?

Currently, Discord’s quoting feature only applies to text messages. You cannot quote images or files directly.

Q5: Can I quote multiple messages at once on Discord?

Yes, you can quote multiple messages at once on Discord. Simply select the messages you want to quote and follow the respective steps for your device.


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