How to Convert Wired Speakers to Wireless With Easy Steps

Is it possible to convert wired speakers to Bluetooth? Well, the simplest answer is YES. With a little bit of tweak, you can accomplish the task of making wired speaker wireless. The very purpose of this article is to explain how to convert wired speakers to wireless.

As you might see, there is no shortage of speakers available in today’s market. The number of products tends to increase day by day, and each speaker comes with many features. However, some individuals still have somewhat older devices. While modern devices mainly rely on wireless connectivity, older devices are designed with wired connections. So, if you have an older speaker and intend to use it further, this article can be very handy. When you use an older device, you might wonder how to convert wired speakers to wireless. The good news is that it is possible to make wired speaker wireless with some tweaks. So, let’s go ahead and learn more about it.

Convert wired speakers to Bluetooth 

One of the most practical methods to convert wired speakers to wireless is using a Bluetooth adapter. You will also have to use an amplifier to achieve the same task successfully.

  • Do you have an Android phone or an iPhone? Then, it is very simple to transfer some music to another Bluetooth receiver device. The receiver should be connected to a device like a conventional amp or even a home theatre. That will then be connected to your wired speakers.
  • You can use a TV or other media players like DVD/Blu-ray/CD or even an Audio Cassette Deck. Such a device should be connected to a Bluetooth transmitting device. That transmitter will transmit the respective audio signal to another Bluetooth receiver. That should then be connected to an amplifier as well as to your wired speakers.
Important: Please note that you will experience Synchronization issues. That happens when you use a Bluetooth connection to listen to audio from video sources like TV. 
  • Assume that you use a Bluetooth receiver with an external amp. You’ll have to use an amplifier or even a home theater that comes with Bluetooth support by default. In other words, you can receive audio data in the form of signals through smartphones directly. If not, you can connect the same to a Bluetooth transmitter. Then, you’ll have to establish a connection with wired speakers to the terminals that are offered in Bluetooth amplifiers.
Convert Wired Speakers to Wireless Via Bluetooth
  • Assume that you have an iPhone along with Bluetooth. In that case, it is always possible to stream music through the option called Airplay. That can be done with the assistance of an Apple Airport Express. You should also have a device like a stereo, amp, or even a receiver of the home theatre system. That device should be connected to your wired speakers. In addition to that, the respective home theater should be compatible with the Airplay feature. If you can fulfill the above requirements, you can make wired speaker wireless with some effort.

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Connect Wired Speakers with a device like “Chromecast for Audio”

Here’s another method to convert wired speakers to wireless. In this case, you will have to use a dedicated audio cable to connect “Chromecast for Audio.” If not, you can consider Echo devices like “Dot,” “Plus,” “Link,” or “Input.” That should then be connected to an amp, home theatre, or a stereo device. That means a device that is not already equipped with internet. On top of that, even Echo Link Amp can be connected to wired speakers.

With this option, it is always possible to convert wired speakers to Bluetooth without much hassle. You can stream that music to “Chromecast for Audio” using the smartphone. Also, you can consider “Google Home” with wired speakers that are linked with the amplifier device.

When there are Echo devices that are compatible, it is possible to stream music from the smartphone. If not, you can directly stream music through Amazon Music. On top of that, you can consider using other music streaming apps.  Then, you can listen to those songs through wired speakers.

Convert Wired Speakers to Wireless with Chromecast for Audio

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You can convert wired speakers to wireless with the help of a wireless audio unit

You can connect your conventional wired speakers to a wireless audio system that is dedicated. For instance, you can consider devices like Yamaha MusicCast, DTS Play-Fi, Sonos, and so on.

All those platforms provide the option of using streaming apps. Those apps can acquire your audio signals through the internet (which is wireless, of course!). Also, those apps can synchronize both Android and iPhones. In addition to that, it can connect with home networks apart from traditional sources. Those sources, however, should be connected to a wireless network that is compatible. If not, you can consider connecting it to the amp straightaway. A bonus associated with this is that it offers other connection terminals that are compatible with wired speakers.

Wireless audio unit

With the assistance of those platforms, you can establish connections between wired and wireless speaker devices. However, both the devices should be placed in the same wireless network to make wired speakers wireless.

Convert wired speakers to wireless with a conventional source

You may be able to use conventional audio options like Blu-ray, CD, DVD, TV, VCR, etc., to do this. Those devices should be compatible with your stereo or home theater. With that, you will be able to make wired speakers wireless. You can easily use a wireless speaker conversion kit. They are also known as wireless speaker adapters. Such a kit comprises a transmitter as well as a receiver.

Convert Wired Speakers to Wireless with a conventional source

As per this, you can connect your audio output to the other audio inputs found on wireless devices. The transmitter will send your signals in wireless format from the respective source towards the wireless receiving device.

If you want to learn how to make wired speaker wireless using a conversion kit, go through the following. The below steps are applicable to the methods discussed above.

Steps to make wired speaker wireless

01. First, you should connect your output (audio) if a specific source to the inputs of a wireless transmitting device.

02. Pretty much all the transmitters offer RCA audio inputs or 3.5mm inputs as well. Also, some of those devices may even have wired connections for speakers. However, you should know that they may even offer digital optical input as well.

03. Then, establish a connection between your conventional wired speakers and wireless receiver with the assistance of a wire. That means the standard speaker wire.

If your wireless receiver doesn’t necessarily come with an inbuilt amp, use an external amplifier. It is possible to connect an external amp and get the job done to meet your requirement. On the other hand, you can consider a stereo or even a home theater for the same purpose. That will give you the option of connecting the speakers with a standard wire without any trouble.

04. Then, you should plug the wireless transmitting device with the wireless receiver directly into the AC connection. This is only possible if you find any amp is provided. Also, your audio source should be turned on. Then, you can start to listen to your favorite music.

Make wired speaker wireless (subwoofers)

Do you have a subwoofer at home? Is it linked to the home theater setup? If so, you can convert wired speakers to wireless using a conversion kit as well. However, this transmitter unit should be equipped with a subwoofer input. Also, there should be a subwoofer output integrated into the wireless receiver.

It goes without saying that this is a very impressive and convenient option to consider. To make it practical, however, you should find a powered subwoofer. Well, powered subwoofers are devices that are already equipped with built-in amps. They also have a plug to connect with AC.

In this case, you will have to follow only two steps. That’ll make wired speaker wireless – we will be making subwoofer wireless. First of all, you should establish a connection between the subwoofer’s output with a wireless transmitter. To do that, you can use an RCA cable. After that, you should establish a connection between the RCA stereo and wireless receiver.

Do you have a passive subwoofer unit? And, do you want to convert it to a wireless speaker? If that’s the case, you can use an external amp within the respective connection. That should be placed between the subwoofer and the receiver. This, however, is done if the wireless receiver doesn’t have an inbuilt amp.

What makes wired speakers different from wireless speakers

Be it a wired or a wireless unit, speakers should fulfill three requirements to function properly.

  • Audio signals
  • Enough power
  • Amplification

If you are using wired speakers, there are amplifiers, cables, and wires to match that requirement. When it comes to wireless speakers, they come with built-in amplifiers. Also, they don’t have any copper wires or cables. Instead, the signals are shared in wireless form. In this case, they use RF, Wi-Fi, or IR to transmit data. Also, many devices use Bluetooth as well.

The case with traditional speakers is that they do not come with onboard amps. They do not share wireless signals. However, you can convert wired speakers to wireless using external devices.

Why do you want to make wired speaker wireless?

  • To use them with Bluetooth and smartphones.
  • To use them with Chromecast and other similar devices.
  • And to utilize isolated or abandoned wired speakers again with modern technology.
  • To reduce the cluttered appearance.

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So, those are the steps to convert wired speakers to Bluetooth or other wireless methods. As you may see, it requires some workaround and some external devices as well. However, it is always worth checking this out.